Effective homemade dark-eye mask: 6 recipes

If in the mornings your face is not fresh, you need a mask from circles under your eyes, which is easy to prepare at home. Learn how it works, what may be the causes of this scourge, the rules of application and the best recipes that will return the glow to your look.

One of the most pressing problems faced by women of absolutely any age is the bluish tint of the halo around the eyes. You cannot disguise it with foundation, because the skin in this area of ​​the face is too thin and sensitive. Even branded cosmetics for the care of this zone cannot cope with it.

The look takes on a tired look, the face loses its former charm, so I want to get rid of this misfortune as soon as possible by any available means. And one of the most effective is eye maskwhich is easy to prepare at home from the most ordinary food.

However, in order for it to have the desired effect, it is advisable to take into account several useful tips not only from cosmetologists, but also from ... therapists.

To help mask in the fight with circles around the eyes

Judging by the reviews, the mask from the dark circles under the eyes does not always work. It all depends on what the cause of the misfortune that has hit you. Think about the nature of the origin of these bruises: can it, even if it is an effective cosmetic, cope with them if the problem goes deep down into the body?

So before you turn your own kitchen into a miracle mask preparation lab, for starters Try to find out the reasons for the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. in your case and by all possible means eliminate them.

I. Diseases:

  • heart problems: circles under the eyes acquire a bright purple hue,
  • pathologies of the circulatory system: the circles become gray,
  • disorders of the kidneys,
  • enlargement of the thyroid gland
  • liver disease,
  • taking some medicine for a long time
  • vitiligo provokes the formation of white circles under the eyes,
  • allergic to household dust, animal dander, plant pollen: in this case, bruises frighten their bright red color,
  • heredity.

Ii. Wrong lifestyle:

  • lack of sleep
  • too much sleep
  • fatigue,
  • stress leads to the formation of brownish circles under the eyes,
  • lack of fresh air
  • sitting for hours at the computer
  • water imbalance in the body,
  • smoking causes the appearance of dark yellow circles around the eyes,
  • alcohol abuse: alcohol takes moisture from the tissues, resulting in black circles under the eyes,
  • regular presence in the diet of salty, spicy, pickled food,
  • very fast weight loss.

If you want your homemade mask from the dark circles under your eyes to save you from this misfortune, you will have to begin to find out the nature of this cosmetic defect. If you are not treated or continue to lead a wrong lifestyle, no means of external disguise, even the most effective, will not save you.

Therefore, deciding to try folk remedies to eliminate bruises around the eyes, tidy up the work of internal organs, nutrition and daily routine. Only in combination, all these measures will allow you to return to your look the former radiance and beauty.

And one more reason

There is another reason for the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, which you cannot cope with on your own. This is the age. He takes the elasticity of the tissue, resulting in the formation of these very unpleasant bruises. It is with them that our saving home masks cope effectively and efficiently.

Ingredients for whitening masks around the eyes

To mask the circles and bags under the eyes worked at 100%, it must have a whitening effect. It is possible, thanks to a variety of products that will restore the natural color, and the lymph circulation with blood circulation will adjust, moisturize and soothe the thin and overly sensitive skin of this area of ​​the face. When selecting ingredients, refer to the following list.

  • Fresh greens: dill, coriander, parsley,
  • fresh vegetables: potatoes, cucumber,
  • fresh fruits: peach, apricot,
  • cereals: oatmeal, white bread,
  • strong brewed tea: black, green varieties,
  • any dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir, cream,
  • decoctions of herbs: camomile, cornflower, mallow, sage, aloe, calendula, plantain, bird cherry, birch, wild rosemary.

If a home mask against circles under the eyes includes these ingredients, its effectiveness is guaranteed. After the first application, the skin of this area of ​​the face will once again shine with beauty and freshness.

And with regular use and additional measures to eliminate the root causes of this scourge, in 2-3 weeks you will generally forget about this problem. As auxiliary components to the main cosmetologists recommend adding:

  • honey,
  • egg white,
  • pharmacy vitamins,
  • oils: olive, castor, burdock, almond,
  • ethers,
  • citrus.

Including these products in the face masks from the circles under the eyes, do not forget about the proportions. Most should be the main ingredients.. Auxiliary should be calculated drops, ie, very small dosages.

And with the second group of components, be extremely careful: they are often a source of allergic reactions and swelling in such a sensitive area of ​​the face. This moment is connected with the rules for applying such kind of products at home, which cannot be ignored.

Additional beauty secret

Two full teaspoons of Cambrian cosmetic blue clay diluted in a glass of clean (preferably mineral) water. If you wet the cotton pads in the clay liquid and put them on your eyes for 5-6 minutes, the dark circles will go away by themselves.

Recipe Selection

  1. In the recipe that you liked, you must be sure that this mask, firstly, is really intended for skin care around the eyes. Secondly, there must be a reservation in the recipe that it solves exactly your problem, i.e.removes dark (black) circles (bruises) in this area of ​​the face.
  2. Do not use ordinary whitening masks just for the face: they can injure or burn the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.
  3. Somemask ingredients can cause an allergic reactionand you risk waking up the next morning with swelling or very strong irritation and redness of the eyes. To avoid this, having prepared each composition, be sure to check what effect it will have on your epidermis. Lightly lubricate the skin on the wrist with this mixture and track the reaction. If itching and irritation are absent, you can use a mask to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.

Cooking mask

  1. No need to take ingredients in large quantities. So you will get too much bleaching agent, and you will need to apply it at once. Since there are no preservatives in the home masks (and this is their huge plus), they have no shelf life. Mixture need to useimmediately after preparationwhile it is fresh.
  2. It is desirable to mix the components in a glass, wooden or ceramic container, but in no case in a metal, which will oxidize the products and can ruin the entire mask.
  3. Oils, herbal extracts, honey, any liquids that you use to prepare the mask should be warm. This will accelerate the effect of the miracle mixture: the active substances will penetrate faster to the cellular level and begin to work.
  4. If you include in your mask against dark circles under your eyes, pharmacy vitamins (in any form), esters or egg white,be careful with fluid temperature: if you get it too hot, there will be no sense from essential oils and vitamins, and the protein will be curtailed, and the mask will have to be prepared again.


  1. Before applying the mask from the dark circles under the eyes, clean the eyelids from makeup, sebaceous secretions, sweat and dirt particles. It would be nice to arrange a little face with a steam bath with the addition of chamomile, and then thoroughly wash.
  2. The best time for applying this kind of means - before bedtime, approximately in an hour, for the active substances to have time to perform their main function. butif dark circles appear with you only in the morningthen the mask will have to be prepared at this particular time of the day in order to appear in public without a cosmetic defect.
  3. If the mask turned out to be very liquid, do not try to thicken it somehow. It is enough to moisten cotton pads in the composition and attach their eyes. The same applies to the case, if the composition turned out to be very thick: you need to hammer it into the eyelids with the clapping movements of your fingertips. Such an unusual massage will positively affect the subcutaneous blood circulation, which will also bring its results: there will be no trace of the dark circles.
  4. The duration of the masks from the dark circles under the eyes -no more than 10 minutes. Since the skin in this area is very thin, this is quite enough for the active substances to start working.
  5. While the tool is working, no need to try to read, watch TV, play on the computer - in a word, strain your eyesight. It should be relaxed at this moment. That is the best option - lie down with eyes closed.

Final stage

  1. Sometimes an eye mask can be difficult to wash off the eyelids. Especially if oils were used for its preparation. In order not to suffer with them, it is enough not to immediately wash them under running water, and even use soap that will spoil the whole action of the mask. You must first moisten a cotton pad in warm milk or a decoction of medicinal (any) herbs and wipe their eyelids. And only after that, rinse (slightly!) The face without the use of any kind of store supplies (gels, tonics, milk, etc.).
  2. Now you can apply a cream to care for this area of ​​the face (well, if it is also whitening).

If dark circles under the eyes appear in the morning, then such masks can be used every time they spoil your mood. If they are permanent, then initially you need to find out the reason for their appearance and eliminate. In this case, a mask for circles and bruises under the eyes is recommended to apply 2 times a week. The same mask can be made for 1-2 months, but no more, otherwise the skin will get used to the active ingredients and stop responding to them.


A lot of whitening masks from dark circles under the eyes contain lemon juice. This is indeed a very effective remedy, but keep in mind that it is too aggressive for the thin and sensitive skin of this part of the face. Your body should be perfectly tolerate citrus fruits in any form - this time. The mask should contain only 2-3 drops of juice, not more - these are two.

TOP best recipes masks from dark circles

You will not have problems with finding a suitable recipe, because there are so many of them. The combinations of products are very different, so you will definitely choose something to your taste. The most important thing is that the components do not cause allergies. If a mask does not like its effectiveness from the first time, you should not immediately be disappointed in all such means. Try something different, and the perfect elixir of eternal youth and freshness will eventually be found.

  • Potatoes + Olive Oil

Freshly grated potatoes (1 tablespoon) diluted with a small amount of unrefined olive oil (incomplete teaspoon).

  • Potato + Oatmeal + Milk

Freshly grated potatoes (1 tablespoon) diluted with a small amount of warm milk (1 teaspoon), add powdered oatmeal.

  • Parsley + butter

Grind parsley, mix with melted butter to make a creamy consistency.

Chopped dill (1 tablespoon) mixed with sour cream (the same amount).

  • Morning mask after insomnia

1 teaspoon mix the juice of aloe, lemon and fresh potatoes. Add the same amount of cucumber puree, sprinkle the mixture with finely chopped basil and spinach (pinch).

  • Multicomponent mask

Mix tangerine juice (1 teaspoon), egg white, melted honey (1 teaspoon), unrefined olive oil (2 teaspoons).

Home masks for blue circles under the eyes are recommended for anyone with a heavy work schedule, who has to sit at a computer for too long during the day, who has problems with his kidneys or heart. Of course, they will not cure you of the underlying disease, but they will be able to help in the fight against this unpleasant cosmetic defect that adds more than one year to your age.

1. Mask with pink water and milk

Like rose water, milk also contains cooling properties that help in the treatment of any kind of irritation, burn, or even pigmentation. Pink water and milk combined together is the easiest and most natural way to reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Cooking time: 5 minutes
Application time: 20 minutes

The effect of the panda: from where under the eyes of dark circles

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than on the face as a whole. It is sensitive to external influences and changes in the state of the body. The blood, which does not receive enough oxygen, stagnates in small blood vessels and due to the small thickness of the skin, it shows through in the form of dark circles. High mimic activity of this zone causes stretching of collagen fibers in the skin and the formation of puffiness and bags. In addition, we can not exclude the genetic factor: the predisposition to dark circles in some people is caused by heredity.

In the fight against dark circles, any means are good

The root of the problem

The causes of the dark circles should be sought in our daily habits and the specifics of lifestyle. Overwork when working at a computer, stress and a chronic lack of sleep (less than 7–8 hours a day) are, unfortunately, constant companions of the inhabitants of the metropolis. Remember that due to stress and lack of sleep the complexion acquires unhealthy pallor and capillaries against the background of such contrast become more noticeable. This is especially true for people of the winter color type with light, sensitive and reddened skin, whose shadows under the eyes may appear as early as adolescence.

Normalize your daily routine, set aside enough time for sleep and rest, try to put your thoughts in order and relax. These primary measures will be the first step in dealing with the cause of the problem.

Cheap cosmetics, allergic reactions caused by its use, excessive enthusiasm for tanning and visiting a tanning salon not only lead to the appearance of circles under the eyes, but also contribute to the early appearance of fine wrinkles and pigmentation. Alcohol abuse removes water from the body, thereby provoking dehydration, and, therefore, bruises under the eyes. Consider, if the skin under the eyes is not sufficiently moist, it will become more permeable and transparent, and the eyes will seem hollow. Try to limit the use of alcohol, drink enough water throughout the day.


Cosmetic products that affect lymph circulation and cell metabolism will help protect yourself from fine wrinkles.Such tools perfectly tone up and restore the structure of the skin around the eyes. Choose water-based gels with herbal extracts and vitamins, including the ball. They are less fatty than regular cream and are absorbed within minutes.

Women over 40 years of age with mature skin, in which wrinkles are visible not only with lively facial expressions, moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, antioxidant complexes and natural oils are required.


Mature skin can not do without additional makeup, which compensates for the lack of natural lipids and stimulates the formation of collagen. These tools have a rejuvenating effect, which is also called lifting. The composition of the age of cosmetics, as a rule, include:

  • macadamia oil
  • Shea Butter,
  • avocado oil
  • biostimulants
  • phytoestrogens.

In the fight against dark circles at home, cold compresses come out on top. For them, perfectly suited cooled herbal infusions: for example, an infusion of chamomile, cornflower, sage, rosemary.

Chamomile is often used to combat the darkening of the lower eyelids.

Homemade masks

It's no secret that not all cosmetics can boast a natural composition. Often creams and masks contain many artificially synthesized chemical components: silicones, parabens, preservatives, fragrances. While the cream with a completely natural composition of the ingredients are expensive and not everyone can afford. If you are not ready to spend money on expensive cosmetics, you can always resort to popular recipes. In our case - to the recipes for homemade masks.

Cucumber Mask

Perhaps the most popular is the mask of cucumber. Prepare it simply: squeeze the juice from the vegetable, blot cotton pads put on the eyes. If possible, add whipped protein, a teaspoon of almond oil and a few drops of vitamins A and E to the cucumber juice. If the consistency of the mask is not thick enough, add a little flour.

Cucumber helps fight swelling under the eyes

Parsley mask

Clarity can give a mask of parsley. To do this, prepare an infusion of 2 tablespoons of parsley and wait until the mixture has cooled slightly. Dampen cotton swabs in a warm infusion, put under the eyes and lie down - in this position the disc is better fixed to the skin. Compress time is 20 minutes.

Potato mask

A proven home remedy that removes dark circles is potatoes. To prepare the mask is taken:

  • 1 medium potato, grated on a fine grater,
  • 1 teaspoon olive, flaxseed, coconut or other vegetable oil.

Instead of vegetable oil, you can use oatmeal, mixed 1 to 1 with grated potatoes and diluted with milk to the consistency of thick cream.

You can also try a mask of boiled potatoes: all you need is to make regular mashed potatoes with milk. The exposure time of such a mask is 20 minutes.

Soda mask

Few people know, but baking soda is a universal weapon in the fight against signs of fatigue, therefore, perhaps, all the care products contain it as a part. To get rid of swollen eyelids, you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon soda,
  • 1 cup fresh chamomile tea.

Dampen cotton wool in the resulting mixture and apply patches to the swelling. After 15 minutes you will notice a positive effect.

Soda will relieve traces of fatigue

Elena Malysheva about bruises under her eyes - video

Remember, if home remedies do not help you for a long time, think about medical diagnosis of the causes, because dark circles that do not disappear even after enough sleep and rest can signal the presence of serious diseases of internal organs: kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system . Take care of yourself and your health and be beautiful!

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One of the most pressing problems faced by women of absolutely any age is the bluish tint of the halo around the eyes. You cannot disguise it with foundation, because the skin in this area of ​​the face is too thin and sensitive. Even branded cosmetics for the care of this zone cannot cope with it. The look takes on a tired look, the face loses its former charm, so I want to get rid of this misfortune as soon as possible by any available means. And one of the most effective is eye maskwhich is easy to prepare at home from the most ordinary food. However, in order for it to have the desired effect, it is advisable to take into account several useful tips not only from cosmetologists, but also from ... therapists.

To help mask in the fight with circles around the eyes

Judging by the reviews, the mask from the dark circles under the eyes does not always work. It all depends on what the cause of the misfortune that has hit you. Think about the nature of the origin of these bruises: can it, even if it is an effective cosmetic, cope with them if the problem goes deep down into the body? So before you turn your own kitchen into a miracle mask preparation lab, for starters Try to find out the reasons for the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. in your case and by all possible means eliminate them.

Why appear

To remove such a cosmetic defect, it is first necessary to determine the cause of such a phenomenon. It may be:

  1. Constant stress. No woman will shine from eternal problems.
  2. Overwork and lack of sleep. Every person should get regular, healthy sleep so that the body is physically restored.
  3. Individual characteristics. Some of the representatives of the skin around the eyes are too thin, so blood vessels are partially translucent through it.
  4. Serious diseases. Bruises around the eyes may indicate a disease of the kidneys, heart, and endocrine system.
  5. Rapid weight loss. During this rapid process, the body loses not only the fat mass, but also all the necessary reserves of vitamins and minerals. And this is reflected on the face.
  6. Bad habits (smoking, drinking). Because of them, the natural complexion is lost, and the condition of the vessels deteriorates and they become dark blue.
  7. Improper nutrition.

Tips to properly care for the skin around the eyes

These are preventive measures for blue circles and puffiness of the eyes.

  1. Do not go to bed with makeup on your face. Eyes should also fully rest.
  2. To remove make-up, use high-quality cosmetics that easily erase all the paint.
  3. The skin around the eyes requires special attention. Therefore, moisturize it with a cream, serum in the morning before applying make-up and in the evening after rinsing.
  4. Massage daily with olive or castor oil.
  5. In very hot weather, apply anti-tanning agents.
  6. If you work at a computer for a long time, take 5-minute breaks every 40 minutes. At this time, you need to slightly remove the load from the eyes (for example, look into the distance).

6 effective recipes for cosmetic masks

We recommend to make masks from dark circles under the eyes to all beauties who work on heavy graphics, have to sit at a computer for a long time who have obvious problems with their heart or kidneys. Recipes will not help to cure diseases, but will improve your appearance and return a radiant look.

Mask compress

  1. Cambrian blue clay - 2 tsp.
  2. Mineral water - 1 tbsp.

How to cook: Dissolve blue clay in water. The main thing is to avoid lumps.

How to use: Take cotton pads (cotton wool), hold in a clay solution and place under the eyes. Hold for only 5-10 minutes and take off.

Result: The look will instantly improve, the skin will become lighter.

Whitening mask

  1. Nuts - 2 tsp.
  2. Butter - 2 tbsp. l
  3. Lemon juice - ½ tsp.

How to cook: Chop the nuts into flour. Mix with soft butter and lemon juice. The consistency of the recipe will be similar to liquid pulp.

How to use: Apply a prepared “potion” with your fingers to the area around your eyes that is cleared of cosmetics. Lie down for 20 minutes. After, wet cotton wool with warm water and remove the mask.

Result: Butter makes the epithelium soft and tender, and lemon juice whitens. After the procedure, the result is immediately noticeable.

Cucumber Juice Mask

  1. Cucumber juice - 2 tbsp. l
  2. Egg white - 1 pc.
  3. Almond oil - 1 tsp.
  4. Vitamin A - 3 drops.
  5. Vitamin E - 2 capsules.
  6. Oatmeal - 1 tsp.

How to cook: Grate the cucumber and squeeze the juice. Add protein to it and beat everything thoroughly until fluffy foam. Then mix with vitamins A and E. To make the mixture consistency thick, add oatmeal into it.

How to use: For application to the skin under the eyes, use a wide brush. Hold the mask for 15 minutes. Perform such procedures 2 times a week.

Result: Cucumber moisturizes, whitens and tones the skin. Due to its components, dark circles under the eyes disappear. The epithelium after the use of such masks gets the necessary vitamins.

Morning mask after insomnia

  1. Grated potatoes - 1 tsp.
  2. Lemon juice - 1 tsp.
  3. Aloe juice - 1 tsp.
  4. Grated cucumber - 1 tsp.
  5. Parsley - 1 tsp.

How to cook: Chop parsley very finely. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until they have a uniform consistency.

How to use: Spread your bruises and hold for 10 minutes. Use every time there is an undesirable cosmetic defect, but not more than 2 months in a row, so that the skin does not get used to the components.

Result: Removes the effects of a sleepless night. Helps to mask dark circles. Toning ingredients give freshness to the skin.

Multivitamin Mask

  1. Mandarin oil - 1 tsp.
  2. Honey - 1 tsp.
  3. Protein - 1 pc.
  4. Coconut oil - 1 tsp.

How to cook: Put the honey in a water bath. How will become liquid - remove from heat. Add pre-whipped protein, olive oil and tangerine essential oil.

How to use: Using a cotton pad, spread the mask on the desired area in the eye area.

Result: The mask removes fatigue, removes bags under the eyes and the blue circles become a little lighter.


  • Your main assistants for an attractive and healthy look - a full sleep and calm in any stressful situations.
  • Masks are best applied for an hour before bedtime. During this time, the nutrients already fulfill their function.
  • After removing the remnants of the mixture from the face, be sure to moisturize the skin with natural oil (olive, coconut), vitamin E or a special cream.
  • Do regular masks for 2 months, and do not use the procedure for the next 3 months. The skin will not get used to the ingredients and when you re-course they will also act effectively.

See you in the next article!


What are the reasons for the appearance of circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes can be the result of many factors, above all - features of the work of our body.
Often the cause of dark circles under the eyes is genetic predisposition. Roughly speaking, this is your physiological feature. Disturbances in the kidneys, cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders, allergic reactions also provoke unhealthy swelling of the eyelids and dark circles, cause bags and edema around the eyes. Before trying to solve this problem with cosmetics, listen to your body and find out the cause of the disease.

Causes of bags under the eyes.

Bags under the eyes, and, in principle, any swelling, not an independent disease, but only sign of cardiovascular failure. The accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues, mainly in the area of ​​the feet, legs, and, of course, under the eyes, mainly due to weakening of the heart. This phenomenon is accompanied by stagnation of blood in the venous vessels of tissues, organs and cavities.
Therefore, the removal of bags under the eyes and even just a decrease in the susceptibility to edema is part of a comprehensive treatment of the pathology of insufficient blood circulation.
In addition, bags under the eyes are very ugly and adds age, especially women, sometimes very, very young, suffer from it.

How to remove bags under the eyes at home.

First of all, you need to focus on changing your diet. To get rid of bags under the eyes, do not overdo food, drink less liquid - no more than 1 liter per day! It is important to remember that thirst arises primarily from the consumption of large quantities of salty, spicy and smoked food. As soon as the amount of salt consumed decreases, the process of reducing the fluid intake will be natural for your body.
Eat more foods that contain potassium: . Potassium is an essential element for our health. Potassium in sufficient quantities maintains the proper fluid balance in the body and normalizes the heart rhythm. Potassium preserves our nervous system, reduces the risk of hypertension. There is a list of 10 foods that contain the most potassium. Try to eat so that some of these foods are daily on your table. A lot of potassium in greens, especially fresh, bananas and baked potatoes. In addition, dried apricots and prunes contain a lot of potassium. In addition, a handful of these dried fruits are a healthy snack during the day. Avocados are just a storehouse of potassium. On the benefits of avocado already written whole treatises. Be sure to eat salmon, spinach, pumpkin and oranges.
Perhaps, to get rid of swelling under the eyes, the doctor will advise you take diureticsto increase the output of excess fluid.
Naturally, often ugly bags under the eyes are caused by obesity and improper lifestyle. Be sure to take time to do physical exercise and take a walk in the fresh air.

In most cases, the cause of the circles under the eyes lies within you or in your lifestyle. Long-term stress, severe overwork, prolonged computer work, chronic sleep deprivation, lack of vitamins, especially iron, or the presence of bad habits - all of these factors negatively affect the body as a whole.

How to reduce circles under the eyes at home?

The skin around the eye is thin and delicate, requiring a sufficient amount of moisture. To get rid of black circles under the eyes, drink daily enough for your body the amount of fluid (1-2 liters of clean non-carbonated water).
Healthy lifestyle and avoiding bad habits, walks in the fresh air, exercise, a balanced diet and adequate sleep - all this will positively affect your body in general and the condition of the skin around the eyes, in particular.
A large negative impact on the formation of ugly dark circles under the eyes and edema has improper care of the eyelids and skin around the eyes. Do not forget that with age, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner more and more, therefore, the cream and mask should be properly and correctly selected.
Around the eyes, nourishing creams should be applied daily in the morning and in the evening, since all people here have always dry skin. The upper eyelid is carefully lubricated from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, the lower eyelid in the opposite direction. If the cream is very thick, it is good to add a few drops of vegetable oil. For skin care, prone to edema, use gels and sticks with a cooling effect, but it is better to refuse fat creams. In the presence of “goose feet”, use moisturizers with vegetable fillers or coconut milk .. Very useful for the skin around the eyes self-massage: light tapping with the fingertips.

The mask from the dark circles under the eyes.

Grate a raw potato on a fine grater. Mix the mass with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Lubricate the skin around the eyes with olive oil and apply the mixture for 20-25 minutes. Wash the mask with a cotton swab dipped in green tea.
By the way, potatoes are an excellent remedy against black circles and fine wrinkles.

Effective mask for bags under the eyes

Crush the parsley leaves in a coffee grinder and mix with sour cream in equal proportions. Apply the resulting mass to the area under the eyes for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Parsley has an excellent regenerating effect. In addition, it improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Remedy for bags under the eyes at home.

1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers, pour 1 cup boiling water, cover tightly and let it brew for 30 minutes. Strain the infusion and divide into 2 parts. Freeze one often in the fridge, heat the other to a hot state. Moisten cotton pads and alternate compresses for 10 minutes before bedtime.
Very effective remedy against edemas and dark circles around the eyes.
Tip: for the same recipe prepare contrasting compresses of sage or dill.

Step-by-step recipe

1. Mix the rose water and milk thoroughly in a bowl.
2. Dip the cotton cloth into the resulting mixture of rose water and milk for about 4-5 minutes.
3. Apply a homemade mask of these cold and soaked with rose water and milk pieces of cloth on the closed eyelids and leave for 15-20 minutes.
This mask can be repeated 2-3 times a day to get rid of dark circles under the eyes at home.

4. Tomato mask from circles under the eyes with mint leaves

Tomatoes and mint are a good source of antioxidant properties, which makes this tomato mask ideal for treating dark circles under the eyes.

In addition, this mask can help in getting rid of small wrinkles, the so-called “crow's feet”.

Cooking time: 5 minutes
Application time: 10 minutes

5. Mask from the "bags" under the eyes with mint and lemon

Lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C, which makes it a natural skin whitening agent. Try this natural bleaching tool to visibly lighten dark circles around the eyes and reduce puffiness.

Cooking time: 5 minutes
Application time: 15 minutes

6. Mask with avocado puree and almond oil

This light and very effective mask makes the skin around the eyes more youthful, nourishes it and brightens dark circles. Oil is a natural moisturizer that with regular use will help reduce wrinkles under the eyes and swelling.

Cooking time: 5 minutes
Application time: 20 minutes

7. Mask of arnica and olive oil

Arnica is an ancient medicine used to treat edemas and bruises. Combining arnica and olive oil together makes this mask a delightful treatment for dehydrated skin and a darkened eye area.

Try to prepare this mask at home to deeply moisten the area under the eyes and reduce dark circles.

Cooking time: 3 minutes
Application time: 3 minutes

8. Coconut oil mask

Coconut oil is considered one of the best and most natural skin moisturizers. One of the main causes of dark circles under the eyes is dry skin. This remedy is a great way to deeply moisturize the skin under the eyes and thereby reduce dark circles.

Cooking time: 2 minutes
Application time: 3 minutes

9. Mask for the area around the eyes of castor oil and sour cream

Castor oil is a good source of fatty acids that help improve skin tone and rejuvenate it. Sour cream contains lactic acid, and this ingredient will help reduce wrinkles under the eyes and reduce puffiness.

Cooking time: 5 minutes
Application time: 15 minutes

10. Mask of fenugreek seeds, turmeric and milk

Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of vitamin C, potassium and protein. This tool helps to balance the pH level of the skin. These properties of this ingredient will help in the process of lightening the skin, and it also makes it the best ingredient for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes.

Turmeric contains a good amount of antiseptic ingredients that help naturally soften skin tone. Milk is a natural source of lactic acid, and it will act as a natural skin whitening agent in this mask.

Cooking time: 4 hours
Application time: 20 minutes

Seeds of fenugreek - 2 tsp.
Turmeric - ½ tsp.
Milk - 1 tsp.
Water - 1 cup

1. Fill the fenugreek seeds with water and leave for about 3-4 hours.
2. Drain and add turmeric and milk to the fenugreek seeds soaked with water, mix lightly.
3. Transfer all ingredients to a blender and stir for 5-8 minutes, until they turn into a smooth paste.
4. Apply this paste on the closed eyelids and the area under the eyes so that the mask begins to act. Leave for about 10-20 minutes.
5. Rinse your eyes later with cold water.

You can do this mask from circles under the eyes at home every day with a course of up to two weeks or until there are visible signs of brightening of dark circles.

Tips for preventing dark circles under the eyes

In addition to using masks, follow some tips to prevent dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

  • Occasionally place two cooled metal spoons on the eyes for 2-3 minutes - this will help to relax the veins around the eyes.
  • Be sure to give yourself exercise every day — what you like more — yoga or cardio workout or just brisk walking — every day for at least 30 minutes.
  • Strictly avoid using any abrasives for the face, chemical peels on the area around the eyes. The use of acne masks and any other cleansing masks on a delicate area under the eyes is also prohibited.
  • Wash your face with cold water every day, as it helps to soothe the eye area and also improves blood circulation around the eyes.
  • Every day, apply a deep moisturizer to the area around the eyes of good quality, because it helps reduce wrinkles under the eyes. Do not rub the skin under the eyes. Apply cream with ring fingers with light driving movements.

And remember that the best cure for dark circles is a healthy lifestyle and regular care of the area under the eyes. The above masks, which you can easily cook at home, will help you to ensure long-lasting and effective results in the struggle for beauty.

Reasons for the formation of circles under the eyes

Darkening of the skin under the eyes may indicate the development of dangerous pathologies of the kidneys or the cardiovascular system. But most often the appearance of stains provokes improper care, lack of sleep and abuse of salty foods. Sometimes the blue under the eyes is determined by individual features, for example, the proximity of blood vessels and a small amount of subcutaneous fat.

The main factors provoking the appearance of dark circles are:

  1. Incomplete sleep. Negative impact on both its deficiency and excess. You should go to bed before 23:00 and sleep at least seven hours.
  2. Improper nutrition. The lack of trace elements and vitamins leads to impaired blood circulation. Negative on the skin under the eyes affects the abuse of salty and spicy foods. Especially before bedtime.
  3. Excessive drinking and smoking are the main causes of under-eye circles in men.
  4. Stress and depression. During emotional upheaval, cortisol production is enhanced. It increases blood volume, which can lead to rupture of small capillaries.
  5. Eye strain due to computer work.
  6. Dehydration.
  7. Circulatory disorders, for example, vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  8. Injuries.
  9. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The skin becomes especially sensitive to the sun at a mature age.
  10. Allergies.
  11. Pathology of internal organs.

In most cases, dark circles under the eyes of women and men disappear after a person begins to take a responsible attitude to his health and adhere to the right lifestyle. Cosmetic procedures help to solve the problem faster, and the right care products and recipes of traditional medicine are selected.

The main ways to deal with the lack

In the event that the cause of the appearance of dark circles is not a pathological process in the body, means of modern cosmetology will help to quickly deal with the problem. The most effective are:

  1. Mesotherapy.
  2. Cosmetic massage.
  3. Introduction of hyaluronic acid.
  4. Laser therapy.
  5. Lipofilling
  6. Microcurrent therapy.

Massage is a fairly effective way of getting rid of dark circles. It should only be performed by a highly qualified specialist. Otherwise there is a risk of stretching the skin and aggravate the problem.

Women interested in how to quickly remove the circles under the eyes, without referring to a massage therapist, can independently perform this procedure. While applying the night cream or serum, you can gently tap the fingers on the skin, from the lower eyelid to the temples. Two or three minutes will be enough to improve the flow of blood.

The hollows under the eyes contribute to the appearance of shadows in this area. Visually, it looks like a bruise. The introduction of hyaluronic acid or its own adipose tissue into the nasolacrimal sulcus compensates for the age-related decrease in fiber. The deformation of the tissue is corrected, the skin and the furrow even out. The face looks rested and rejuvenated.

To get rid of bruises, you can use laser therapy. On average, it may take about four treatments. Immediately after the session, for two or three days, swelling may persist, which will pass on its own. The disadvantage of the procedure can be considered a complete ban on sun exposure. To go on vacation at sea will be no earlier than three months after the last session of laser therapy.

Microcurrent therapy provides lymphatic drainage and has a strengthening effect on the capillaries. The full course consists of 15 procedures that are performed every three days. Then, you need to maintain the result. It will be enough to perform the procedure once a month.

During the mesotherapy, the near-orbital area is cut off by various vitamin preparations. The composition of substances selects a beautician, depending on the needs of the skin. Cocktail may include:

  • amino acids
  • minerals
  • glycolic acid
  • vitamins
  • hyaluronic acid
  • extracts of medicinal plants.

Express methods

In life there are situations when you need to quickly put yourself in order, and time is sorely lacking. For this you can use proven popular instant remedies for dark circles under the eyes. The most popular and effective, and at the same time available, are the following ways:

  1. Teaspoons and freezer. Appliances placed in the cold for 15 minutes. Then, take out and attach the spoons to the eyes. Keep appliances until they become warm.
  2. Green and black tea. In a strong brew, moisten a cotton swab and put it on the eyes for 15 minutes.
  3. Ice cubes. Frozen mineral water or a decoction of any healing herbs can be used to attach to problem areas.
  4. Cucumber express mask from circles under the eyes. Place the circles of fresh fruit briefly in the freezer. Then, attach them for 10 minutes to dark circles.

Useful properties of clay

Blue clay is an excellent remedy for dark circles under the eyes. It is not an allergen and has an impressive list of useful properties:

  • promotes the resorption of bruises and edema, removes excess fluid from the tissues,
  • improves skin elasticity around the eyes,
  • smooths wrinkles
  • tones the skin
  • runs regenerating processes
  • improves color.

The mask with blue clay, applesauce and water or chamomile broth copes well with dark circles. All ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. The resulting gruel is applied to the lower eyelids. This mixture is not recommended to leave on the skin for more than 10 minutes, as it quickly hardens.

The mask from the circles under the eyes with white clay helps to quickly remove puffiness and brighten the skin. For its preparation will need to prepare two containers. The number of ingredients is chosen independently, the ratio should be one to one.

In one container, clay and warmed fat milk are mixed. In the second, crumb of white bread is ground with warm cream. Then, all ingredients are mixed and applied to problem areas.

The clay mask “vitamin cocktail” for the eyelids will not only eliminate bruises, it will also be an excellent prevention of wrinkles. For its preparation will require:

  • A teaspoon of asparagus juice. To get it, grate the pulp or chop it with a blender. Then, using gauze to squeeze the juice.
  • A teaspoon of clay.
  • Almond, olive and peach oil. In total, one and a half dessert spoons should turn out.

All the ingredients of the clay mask are thoroughly mixed and applied under the eyes. This mixture is recommended to be applied before bedtime.

Cucumber Masks

Cucumber is well known to cosmetologists for its tonic, moisturizing and whitening properties. In addition, it contains starch and pectin. These substances are great at eliminating edema. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood microcirculation.

Cucumber is not only suitable for use on the eye area. This affordable product is a true elixir of beauty. Cucumber facial masks at home provide a significant rejuvenation of the skin.

In that case, if there is a catastrophic lack of time to prepare a mixture of several ingredients, and vegetable gruel will help you to get yourself in order. For its preparation, you must grate the cucumber on a fine grater. The resulting mush is used for the problem area. After 15 minutes, rinse with water.

In the same way it is possible to cook gruel from cucumber and raw potatoes. Mix the mixture in equal proportions, put on the periorbital region. You can leave it for 30 minutes.

Cucumber masks at home can be supplemented with dairy products. Such compositions are ideal for the area around the eyes. Vegetable gruel is useful to mix with fat cottage cheese, as well as yogurt or milk. In all cases, the number of ingredients must be equal.

From cucumber juice you can make ice for daily use. To do this, chop a few fruits on a grater, squeeze the juice from the resulting gruel and freeze it. The resulting ice is used in the morning, after washing. Gently rub the area under the eyes, then apply the day cream.

Starch against dark circles

Effective masks from circles under the eyes are prepared from starch. In addition, raw potatoes, in which it is contained in large quantities, may be suitable. Starch fights skin pigmentation well and brightens it. The potassium in its composition allows you to quickly remove excess fluid.

The starch mask is prepared on the base of the kissel, which is then mixed with other ingredients. To create the basics you will need a tablespoon of powder and 100 ml of water. Having prepared the ingredients, you can start making the base:

  1. Starch is necessary to pour 50 ml of water and stir.
  2. Put the remaining liquid on the fire.
  3. Pour mixture into boiling water, make a small fire. Mix.
  4. As soon as the mixture begins to thicken, remove it from the fire.
  5. Store the starch base for the mask should be in the refrigerator, not longer than three days.

Banana puree, protein or oils are added to the prepared base. It is not recommended to use more than two ingredients in order not to overload delicate skin. If desired, they can be alternated.


Regular parsley contains all the vitamins necessary for the skin. It consists of mineral salts, rutin and vitamin C. All these substances help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, tone up the skin and nourish it.

To prepare a mask for dark circles under the eyes, you will need a teaspoon of chopped parsley leaves and 15 g of fat, homemade sour cream. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The mixture is applied to the skin of the eyelids.

From parsley you can make an infusion for lotions. To do this, a glass of boiling water must be poured 15 g of crushed leaves. After the infusion has cooled, it must be filtered. Dampen cotton pads in liquid and apply to problem areas. In addition, parsley infusion can be frozen. The resulting ice to wipe the eyelids after washing.

Milk-based masks

Milk fat has the same beneficial effect on the skin as vegetable oils. It becomes more elastic and resilient. Substances that make up dairy products lighten freckles and age spots. Because of this, butter, cottage cheese, cream and sour cream are often used to make masks for circles under the eyes.

You can lighten the skin around the orbital area with the help of cottage cheese. The mask requires the fattest product that can be found. Cottage cheese ground with milk. The mixture is applied for 15 minutes on the skin of the lower eyelids.

The mask of cream and raw potatoes will eliminate swelling, wrinkles and strengthen skin turgor. In that case, if the orbital zone is dry, add grape seed oil to the mixture. A quarter of the middle potato is rubbed on a fine grater. Then add a tablespoon of cream. The mixture is applied to the skin of the lower eyelids. The rest of the mask can be distributed over the entire face.

Effective mask from the circles under the eyes can be made from butter and parsley. Greens must be carefully chopped. Mix oil with parsley in the ratio of 2 to 1. Apply a mask on the area around the eyes.


The appearance of dark circles is easier to prevent than to deal with them. Keeping a fresh look is easy if you follow these rules:

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Avoid stress.
  3. Drink enough water, reducing its amount in the late afternoon.
  4. Get rid of bad habits.
  5. Eat well, avoiding overeating at night.
  6. Use high-quality cosmetics.
  7. Regularly use masks from circles under the eyes.
  8. Before going to bed do light lymphatic drainage massage.
  9. Use sunscreen.
  10. More often in the fresh air.

Mask from bags under the eyes

Brew 2 tablespoons of dried lemon balm leaves in half a glass of boiling water, leave to cool completely. Moisten two cotton discs in the infusion and place them on the area under the eyes, periodically wetting them again.
Tip: it is good to wipe the area around the eyes in the morning with frozen cubes of an infusion of lemon balm.

Simple remedies for bags under the eyes

Effective remedies are cooling effect gelas, for example, caffeine sticks. The use of such sticks gives an instant cooling effect, the contour of the eyes becomes healthy and fresh. In addition, such a “magic wand” is always at hand, because of its small size it will fit in any handbag.

Home remedy for bags and swelling around the eyes

Well helps against fine wrinkles around the eyes and tightens the skin of the eyelid mask from the apple. Apply two thin circles of apple on the eyelids for 7 minutes, rinse with water, and then apply a daily cream for the eyelids.
For the area under the eyes, use a separate cream, for example, a cream with herbal extracts and organic compounds.
The code around the eyes is thin and very sensitive. There are practically no muscles and subcutaneous fat under it, so wrinkles and signs of fatigue appear here in the first place. Naturally, skin care around the eyes should contain both home treatments and modern cosmetic programs, for example, intense collagen lifting of eyelid skin. Even after one procedure, swelling and bags under the eyes are noticeably reduced and the skin density increases, and after regular use (once a week) the wrinkles around the eyes will disappear.

Remedy for bags under the eyes at home.

From edema will help a simple home procedure. 1 teaspoon of ordinary chamomile (buy at the pharmacy), brew half a cup of boiling water, let it brew for 10 minutes. Insist strain and divide into 2 parts. One part is used hot and the other is cold. Moisten cotton pads and alternate compresses for 10 minutes before bedtime. In addition, frozen chamomile cubes perfectly cope with swelling of the eyes.

When applying masks and creams, be careful: any remedy may have individual intolerance, check it first on the skin of the hand! You might also be interested in this:

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