What are kefir masks for hair useful for?

Want to be the owner of healthy, lush, luxurious, silky and shiny hair?

I guess yes!

Folk remedies always help us out, but only in combination with mental, emotional health and proper nutrition. Today we will do kefir hair masks at home!

If you have tried almost everything and your curls by no means come to their original beauty, do not rush to blame genetics or the environment. I want to remind you of the importance of proper nutrition, staying out of a stressful reaction to events and a depressive attack. Think about it! Statistics say that 70% of hair stops growing, and after 4-6 months, it completely drops out due to severe nervousness and overstrain.

Therefore, kefir masks will be used along with taking care of emotional and physical health. Vitamins, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, sex, fresh air, pleasant communication. Use high-quality cosmetics for washing, care and styling. You can find here a great hair balm.

Refuse sandwiches, canned food, fatty, sweet, spicy, and include more fiber, fruits, vegetables, and, of course, dairy products.

Than useful kefir hair masks?

  • protect from external environmental influences
  • The unique composition of kefir with dairy bacteria positively affects the health of the scalp
  • possess cleansing properties
  • promotes the regeneration of hair cells, getting rid of free radicals
  • when interacting with different ingredients, kefir masks are able to suspend and contribute to the fastest growth
  • lighten up
  • safety due to the absence of contraindications, for the difference in individual intolerance
  • availability and simplicity

Keep in mind! Kefir hair masks are able to wash out the pigment! Therefore, these recipes are ideal for blondes as a light clarification! As for brunettes, this is an ideal option to wash out the natural pigment, for example, if you decide to lighten up or recolour to a lighter shade. All are better than hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals. Or let's say you repainted and the color turned out too dark!

Use a fatty kefir so that it does not flow from the curls to the shoulders! Its freshness is not discussed! Keep at least an hour and apply 1-2 times a week for 3 months! It is recommended to wash off kefir based masks with warm rather than hot water so that the kefir does not curl. Then you can wash your hair in the usual way!

Kefir hair masks

  • Treatment masks on the basis of kefir for strengthening and against loss

---- Kefir and yeast. 10 g of dry yeast dissolve in a small amount of warm water, add 3 large spoons of fatty yogurt, 1 teaspoon of sugar and put in a warm place for 10 minutes. Then add a teaspoon of honey and mustard, mix. A strong and very effective mask against hair loss.

---- Kefir + vitamins. Excellent tones, strengthens, makes it shiny and silky, and most importantly healthy. Take fresh nettle leaves, dandelion, mint, rowan and plantain-chop in a blender or meat grinder. Mix the herb with kefir-half glass- and rub it thoroughly into the scalp. Such a mask is more suitable for fatty, normal and mixed types.

  • Kefir masks for dry and dull hair

---- Kefir + oatmeal = nutrition and cleansing for damaged and dry hair. Mix the ingredients to the consistency of sour cream, add a little warm olive oil, apply on curls and wrap the head with a towel.

  • Kefir masks for greasy hair

---- Kefir + blue clay = freshness, shine and healthy appearance, volume, growth. To half a cup of yogurt, add 1CT. l clay, stir and put on the roots. Wash off after 30 minutes with regular shampoo.

You can add the following ingredients to 100 grams of kefir to get masks for oily hair — lemon juice, whipped protein, and grated potatoes.

  • Nutritious mask based on kefir

--- Add 2 capsules of vitamin A to a half cup of kefir, a few drops of orange, grapefruit and lavender essential oil and apply it over the entire length.

Apply kefir hair masks regularly! The main condition is a healthy lifestyle and emotional comfort for achieving the best results!

What are good hair masks for kefir?


  • Nutritional properties. Due to its bacterial composition, kefir nourishes and strengthens not only the hair, but also the scalp. When combining kefir with other components, it is possible not only to stop hair loss, but also to accelerate their growth.
  • Purifying properties. Kefir perfectly cleans hair from dirt and dust, helps to remove dead hair particles, frees from free radicals.
  • Protective properties. After applying kefir mask for hair, a kind of film is formed, which protects the hair from the negative effects of the external environment.
  • Security. Kefir has no contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance.
  • Availability. Kefir is affordable, easy to buy, use at home does not require special skills.

Disadvantages. The only drawback of a kefir mask may be its too thin consistency. Therefore, so that the mask does not leak, use high-fat kefir.

Attention! Kefir contains substances that can wash away the dye of dark tones from the hair. Kefir hair mask has a lightening effect and is ideal for blondes.

How to make masks of kefir

Before you start preparing the mask, you should know that kefir mask for any type of hair is done from fresh kefir.

Keep her hair should not less than an hourApply 1-2 times a week for several months.

Need to wash off the mask just warm, pre-softened water. In hot water kefir curled into lumps.

Treatment masks for kefir-based hair loss

Kefir yeast - This is the best mask for hair that is prone to loss. Dissolve a bag of dry yeast (10 g) with a little warm water, add 3 big spoons of fatty kefir and a teaspoon of sugar. Leave for 10 minutes. in a warm place for fermentation, then add a teaspoon of honey, the same amount of mustard and mix very thoroughly.

Kefir mask with vitamins for hair stops their loss, strengthens the roots, makes healthy and shiny. To make a mask, fresh leaves of mint, nettle, rowan, dandelions and plantain are ground with a blender or meat grinder. Mix the resulting gruel with kefir (half a glass), and rub it carefully into the scalp. Ideal for mixed, normal and oily hair types.

Nutritious masks on kefir for all hair types

Kefir mask for normal hair and hair of mixed type with the addition of blue clay powder It strengthens hair roots, gives hair volume, shine and silkiness, has a healing regenerating effect. Add a powder of blue clay (about 1 tbsp. L.) To the floor of a cup of kefir, rub it until the lumps disappear and gently rub into the scalp. After half an hour, wash your hair with neutral shampoo.

Hair growth mask with kefir, liquid vitamin A and essential oils (orange, lavender, grapefruit, ylang-ylang) will help to restore the hair structure, strengthen hair follicles. To a half cup of kefir, add a few drops of oil and 2 capsules of vitamin A, mix, apply to hair.
And in this article - even more masks for rapid hair growth.

Kefir masks for dry and dull hair

Kefir-bilious mask will help dry dull hair to gain shine and volume. Mix 3-4 tbsp. l kefir with yolk, add 2 capsules of castor oil (sold at the pharmacy), spread over the entire length of the hair. This mask should be kept warm by wrapping your head with a thick towel.

Kefir oatmeal mask perfectly nourishes and gently cleanses dry, damaged hair. Mix kefir and oatmeal to medium density, add a few spoons of regular mayonnaise. Instead of mayonnaise, you can take melted butter.

If you add fruits, chopped to a mushy state (persimmon, banana, melon pulp) to such a mask, then you will have an excellent tonic mask.

Kefir mask for oily hair

This oily hair mask may include various ingredients. For the preparation of any of the masks will need about 100-150 grams of low-fat yogurt. Add the whipped protein and you will get a degreasing mask. Adding potato starch or raw grated potatoes can eliminate greasiness. Lemon juice mixed with kefir will refresh and give a beautiful shine to hair. Crumb black bread will help to clean oily hair, relieve from excess fat.

Having experienced the beneficial effects of kefir, you will make your hair truly luxurious!

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Beneficial features

Affordable and inexpensive ingredient of the mask contains many useful substances that allow the curls to look healthy and be silky to the touch. Kefir abounds in lactic acid bacteria, vitamins E, B group, trace elements, proteins, yeast and a number of other substances.

All these elements have a positive effect on the scalp and hair, in particular:

  • lactic acid bacteria normalize skin greasiness, improve blood microcirculation and the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles, so the curls grow quickly, and dandruff does not appear,
  • proteins strengthen the hair structure, prevent stratification of the tips,
  • Calcium and potassium are among the most essential elements for normal growth and condition of hair,
  • B vitamins protect against aggressive external environment, nourish the follicles, eliminate excess fat and retain moisture,
  • Vitamin E is called living water for the outer skin of a person, so he is able to actively moisturize and nourish.

Dairy product is indispensable for people who have problems with increased secretion of blubber, so it is perfect for oily hair. If you use it regularly, you can easily get rid of oily seborrhea, and the greasy luster will disappear forever. Milk product has excellent protective properties. It forms a film on the surface of the hair, protecting its structure from the destructive action of aggressive factors of the external world. Because of this feature, kefir hair masks are recommended for holders of loose and dull strands.

Indications for use

Drink helps to cope with the following problems:

  • excessive greasiness
  • dryness
  • dandruff
  • baldness (with diffuse type),
  • split ends
  • slow growth of curls
  • dullness.

Kefir hair mask can be used regardless of the type of hair. It is often made with a mixed type, when the roots quickly become fat, and the tips are dry and stratified. Sour milk has a brightening property that blondes will enjoy. The use of this product will eliminate the yellowness and give shine to curls.


Kefir as a care for the scalp is suitable for everyone, as it does not appeal to adverse events. The exception is made by persons who have an individual intolerance of a dairy product. Burning brunettes who do not want to lose their color saturation should carefully use this drink because of its brightening properties.

Kefir Hair Mask: Rules of Application and Review of Recipes

If the hair has lost its shine, the ends of the strands look like a sponge, and the scalp is covered with dandruff, then it's time to use a fermented milk product. Kefir can be used as a single component, or make a multi-component composition, with the addition of other ingredients.

There are many recipes with this product. It is mixed with honey, yeast, rye bread, liquid vitamins, bran, vegetable oils, egg yolk and other components.

Rules of application

When making a mask for kefir hair, you should follow simple rules:

  • Apply the treatment composition to clean or slightly soiled curls,
  • Before use, the drink should be slightly warmed: in the summer in the sun, and in the winter near the radiator,
  • when preparing healing mixtures, it is better to use glassware and plastic or wooden spatulas,
  • to create a greenhouse effect that enhances the effect of the mask, it is necessary to wrap the scalp first with polyethylene and then with a warm cloth,
  • to get rid of greasiness you need to choose low-fat dairy products, and to eliminate dryness - high-fat kefir,
  • the medicinal composition must be applied to the curls in accordance with the problem, for example, with dandruff on the roots, and with split hair - on the ends,
  • The average procedure time is one hour, if irritating ingredients are present in the composition, for example, mustard, then the mixture is kept on the head for no more than half an hour.

For cosmetic purposes, it is better to use homemade sour milk, as the finished products are often made from powder, that is, they are less useful. Sour-milk drink needs to be prepared from whole milk with the addition of a starter, which can be replaced with sour cream or shop biokefir.

It is forbidden to use sour milk, or expired kefir. The effectiveness of the procedures will be most noticeable in the course application of a healing drink. Care for hair with sour milk is done from one to three times a week and for at least one month.

Homemade recipes

Choosing a mask for kefir hair recipe should be based on the peculiarities of the hair and the presence of a particular problem.

The following medical formulations are most common:

  • To boost growth. Rapid hair growth contributes to a mixture of 100 ml of yogurt, one chopped onion, one egg and 7 ml of burdock oil. The composition is rubbed into the scalp, as it is necessary to act on the hair follicles. The procedure takes one hour.
  • From falling out. Stop the process of baldness can be a composition of half a cup of yogurt and crumb of black bread. Bread should be soaked in a drink, and then grind into a homogeneous mass. The healing ingredients are applied to the roots and rubbed into the skin with massage movements. After forty minutes, the composition is washed off. In addition to combating alopecia, this mask eliminates dryness and improves the growth of curls.
  • To strengthen. Strength and elasticity of the strands will give the composition of one hundred milliliters of dairy products, liquid vitamins E and A (ten drops of each), two tablespoons of bran and one spoon of henna. All components are mixed and applied to the curls from root to tip. The procedure takes about an hour.
  • For moistening. To cope with dry strands will help a mixture of a quarter cup of yogurt, five milliliters of castor oil and chicken yolk. Most of the composition is applied to the tips, which are more affected by the problem. The remaining mixture is distributed over all curls. A moisturizing mask for kefir and castorca hair should remain on your head for at least an hour.
  • To reduce fat. Normalize the sebaceous glands by using the juice of half a lemon, half a glass of yogurt and two tablespoons of oatmeal. The last ingredient is required to pre-grind in a blender or coffee grinder. A thick mixture of lubricate the root part of the hair and skin.A light massage while applying the composition will help the components to be better absorbed. To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to repeat the procedure twice a week for a month.
  • For density. Burdock oil, egg and sour milk will help to give hair a pomp and volume. Chicken yolk, ten milliliters of the first ingredient and half a cup of the second are mixed and distributed throughout the length of the strands. The mixture is kept on the curls for an hour. The greatest effect can be achieved if the nutrient composition is applied to the scalp after two to three days for four weeks.
  • For split ends. Split hair will become smooth and silky when using the composition of a quarter cup of yogurt, ten grams of gelatin, decoction of burdock and nettle. How to cook? In the capacity add one tablespoon of each herb and pour boiling water (100 ml). When the liquid has cooled slightly, it is filtered and then added to gelatin. After the last component is dissolved, kefir is poured to the mixture, mixed and applied to the damaged parts of the strands.
  • From dandruff. To combat seborrhea will help the composition of two slices of black bread crumb, fifteen milliliters of olive oil, one hundred milliliters of yogurt and dessert spoon brandy. Folk remedy is applied to the roots and hold about half an hour.

Application Methods

Wash. Molokoprodukt will help prepare the hair for the next painting, as it has a brightening effect. The product is preheated and applied to the curls. We should not forget about the greenhouse effect, which will enhance the necessary action, so you should prepare in advance the plastic film and a warm hat.

Healing drink must be left on the scalp for at least three hours. In order to get rid of the old paint you need to perform procedures every day for one to two weeks. In this case, you can not use shampoo, as the drink perfectly cleans curls.

Lightening. Kefir for hair is an excellent tool for brightening strands. To this end, it can be used by owners of blond hair, since a dark-haired brunette cannot be turned into a blonde by this means. Brown hair after using the mask can be a few shades lighter. The composition is made from sour milk, a spoon of brandy, yolk and juice of half a lemon. The average procedure time is one hour. Noticeable changes will be if you make masks at least three days during the month.

Lamination. Kefir for hair can be used for the lamination procedure, due to which the curls will be shiny, elastic and smooth, without split ends. The healing composition is prepared from pre-steamed gelatin, yogurt, eggs and castor oil. The resulting mixture is evenly distributed over the strands, and after forty minutes, rinse with warm water. It is important not to wash your hair with shampoo for at least one day after the procedure.

Coloring. Henna and kefir for hair coloring are an excellent combination to achieve the best result. Dyeing with henna is carried out in the usual way, however the paint is diluted not with water, but with dairy products. Sour milk added to henna instead of water enhances the color and gives a beautiful shine to the curls.

On the forums on the Internet you can find numerous reviews about the benefits of kefir for hair. Women praise a folk remedy for availability and ease of use.

Some ladies write that they use molokoprodukt instead of shampoo, as it perfectly cleans curls:

  • Irina, 45 years old. “I have been using moisturizing mask of kefir and castor for many years now and I am not going to replace it with expensive shampoos. Fermented milk copes with dry hair. "
  • Tatiana, 27 years old. “I had dandruff, and my grandmother advised me to wash my hair with kefir. After two weeks, I noticed an improvement, the dandruff almost disappeared. It turns out that there are a lot of kefir masks, I will be happy to use them. ”
  • Elena, 30 years old. “I really like to use kefir for hair care, as they really become soft, smooth and silky. I tried to put different compositions on the curls, and they all work just fine. ”

Why kefir is good for hair?

Kefir, of course, makes the hair more healthy and strong, but at the expense of what is this happening?

In fact, this is possible due to the chemical composition of the drink:

In kefir there are lactic acid fungi that contribute to the normalization of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, with the help of kefir, you can get rid of oily scalp, seborrhea and dandruff. Hair begins to grow faster, increases the basal volume, hair looks more neat.

As part of kefir has protein, which allows you to strengthen the hair shaft, make it more durable, flexible and soft. In this case, the hair will be less broken and split.

Kefir is rich in calcium, which is necessary for women of any age. External application of the drink allows you to deliver a useful trace element directly to the hair and their roots.

The use of kefir mask allows you to create a nutrient medium that will help moisturize the scalp. Therefore, this tool can be applied to women with dry and normal hair.

In kefir there are vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, B12, E, PP, as well as biotin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, potassium and molybdenum. All these substances are necessary to maintain the beauty of the hair. They contribute to their recovery and nutrition.

After applying the kefir mask on the hair remains an invisible thinnest film that protects them from all kinds of damage.

It is worth noting that all the useful properties of kefir - this is not an advertising move by the manufacturers of an expensive hair care product. Information verified by time and years of experience. In addition, kefir is a completely natural product, in its composition there are no chemical components that could provoke allergies or other undesirable reactions from the body.

When do I need to use kefir masks for hair?

Kefir masks can be used for hair care with almost no restrictions. The drink is useful for owners of different types of hair, and age does not matter. However, if women who do not have problems with their hair, you need to use kefir masks as a means designed to maintain their health and beauty, that is, such representatives of the weaker sex, which kefir is recommended for the treatment of hair.

With it, you can solve the following problems:

Slow hair growth.

The strengthened work of sebaceous glands.

Dull, lifeless appearance of hair, lack of volume.

Brittle and split ends.

Exhaustion of strands by frequent staining or other adverse external factors.

When can i use kefir masks?

Kefir hair masks can be used at any age. The only limitation is the individual intolerance of the product, which is extremely rare.

To prepare the mask, it is required to take exactly natural kefir, and not kefir product. The drink with fillers may contain chemical components that can adversely affect the condition of the hair. Homemade drink, prepared at home, is also great for hair care.

It is necessary to use kefir masks with care for women with dark hair color, which they have appeared as a result of dyeing. The fact is that kefir, when applied to the hair, acts as a natural oxidizing agent, which means it will contribute to the speedy washing out of the coloring pigment from the hair shaft.

Do not use for the preparation of masks product expired. Lactic acid bacteria and yeast in such a drink will be much more, which can lead to irritation of the skin.

How to apply kefir on hair?

There are certain rules that must be followed when applying a kefir mask. They can be slightly modified in various recipes. However, these changes are minor and relate only to the time the mask is exposed to the scalp and hair.

Hair should not be too dirty. You can carry out the procedure on a clean head.

Before using the mask, kefir must be heated to room temperature. Cold drink should not be used.

For applying kefir mask on the scalp is very convenient to use a brush.

After the distribution of the composition on the hair they need to wrap with polyethylene and insulate with a towel. This will create a greenhouse effect and make the mask more effective.

If the hair is too greasy, then you need to choose kefir with a low percentage of fat. When the scalp is dry, it is better to use a product with a fat content of 3.2% or more.

For the most easy application of kefir mask hair can be slightly moistened.

The duration of the procedure varies depending on which components are included in the mask.

To kefir mask effect, it will need to use courses. One course lasts about three months, the frequency of application of the mask - 1 every 3-4 days.

How to wash the kefir from the head?

To completely remove the kefir mask from the hair and rinse them with high quality, you need to use shampoo. Water should not be too hot, but not cold. The best water is at room temperature. If it is hot, then the kefir on the hair will curl up, and it will take much more time to wash it off.

To make the hair soft and make them obedient, you can use a homemade rinse. To prepare it, you will need two liters of water and the juice of one lemon. It can be replaced with a tablespoon of vinegar.

Recipes kefir hair mask

The drink for making a mask can be used in its pure form, or it can be supplemented with various components.

Kefir mask. Classic kefir mask. For its preparation, you need only a fermented milk drink, which will need to be warmed to room temperature and distributed over the scalp and hair. After 1-2 hours, the mask will need to be washed off. This dandruff remedy helps very well.

Mask with kefir and clay. If the scalp and hair is very oily, then you can use a mask with the addition of blue clay. It is sold in pharmacies and cosmetic stores. To prepare the mask you will need half a cup of kefir and 2 tablespoons of clay. Adjust the density of the mask using a fermented milk drink. The final composition should fit well on the hair and do not flow over it. Exposure time means on the hair is 30 minutes.

Nutritious mask with kefir and oils. If the scalp and hair is very dry, then a kefir-based mask with the addition of various oils is perfect. For the preparation of therapeutic composition will need 3 tablespoons of oil (you can take a mixture of olive, burdock and castor oil) and 3 tablespoons of kefir. All components are combined and applied to the hair for 1 hour.

Kefir honey mask for hair. For its preparation you will need a tablespoon of liquid honey and a quarter cup of kefir. The mask is applied on the head for half an hour. The tool is great for nourishing hair and scalp. It can be applied to owners of dry and normal hair.

Kefir-onion mask. To accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss, you can use kefir-onion mask. For its preparation you will need the juice of one raw onion and a glass of kefir. To enrich the mask with vitamins, you can add fresh chicken yolk and a teaspoon of burdock oil to it. Leave the composition on the hair should be half an hour. Besides the fact that such a tool effectively fights against hair loss, it has another advantage - after the mask is washed off, the smell of onions is almost not felt. The fact is that it is neutralized by kefir. Therefore, no additional procedures will be required.

Mask with kefir for brunettes. Mask with kefir and cocoa. Traditionally, kefir masks are considered to be the prerogative of blondes. In fact, kefir can also be used by brunettes without fear for their hair color. To prepare the mask you will need a tablespoon of cocoa, 2 tablespoons of kefir, 1 tablespoon of warm boiled water and egg yolk. The resulting mixture should be applied to the hair roots and scalp. Leave the mask under the plastic wrap for half an hour. The effect of lightening from such a mask will not be obtained, but to achieve a healthy hair and scalp.

Kefir yeast mask. In order to accelerate hair growth, you can use kefir-yeast mask. For its preparation, you will need to chop 2 tablespoons of pressed yeast and fill them with 1/4 cup of kefir. The resulting mixture should be transferred to a glass beaker and put it for half an hour in a container with warm water. After this time, a yeast “cap” is formed on the surface of kefir. To the resulting mixture add a teaspoon of sugar, mix thoroughly and apply with a brush to the hair roots and scalp.

Kefir cognac mask. It is best used for owners of oily scalp, as well as with a tendency to hair loss. To prepare the mask you will need 20 ml of cognac, 50 ml of kefir, 2 egg yolks and 20 ml of burdock oil. All ingredients are mixed and applied to the scalp and hair roots for 40 minutes. It is necessary to drive in the mask with massage movements.

Kefir dandruff mask with rye bread. The mask with kefir and rye bread allows you to get rid of dandruff and saturate your hair with vitamins. To make it, you will need a piece of rye bread soaked in 0.5 cups of kefir. After half an hour, the mixture is passed through a blender and a tablespoon of castor oil is added to it. Apply the mixture to the hair for half an hour.

Mask with kefir and hop cones. For its preparation, you will need a tablespoon of dried hop cones to pour a glass of water and bring the mixture to a boil. Then the broth insist for an hour, filter and cool. To prepare one mask, you will need 100 ml of kefir and 50 ml of hops conifer decoction. The composition is applied to the hair and leave for 60 minutes. Thanks to this mask will be able to make hair stronger and accelerate their growth.

Tips on how to maximize the effect

There are not too many tips on the use of kefir mask, however, following them will allow you to achieve maximum effect and make your hair healthy and strong.

The use of kefir masks on an ongoing basis is not recommended. The components of any mask tend to accumulate in the hair and eventually weigh them. As a result, the hair will look tired, will begin to get dirty faster and may even start to fall out. Therefore, the break between courses should be at least 2 months.

Kefir masks are perfectly combined with almost any component. However, when adding one or another tool, you need to consider the type of hair and scalp. It is undesirable to mix kefir with any means of chemical origin.

The fatter hair, the less fat should have kefir.

The use of kefir mask will allow you to bring hair in order, without spending a lot of time and effort.

Effective remedies and masks for hair loss (home recipes)

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Hair follicles are not always in the activity phase - some of them are temporarily not involved, but wake up later when the activity of others stops.Their activity can also be stopped due to mechanical damage caused by trauma to the scalp, due to hormonal disorders and.

A mask with vitamins in ampoules B6 and B12 is an excellent tool for revitalizing hair, improving their appearance and for imparting density to them. Vitamins can be purchased at any pharmacy. They are sold in ampoules and have a liquid consistency, so it is very convenient to make masks based on them.

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What is the use of masks using kefir

Kefir - one of the most effective hair care products. First of all, it nourishes the hair follicles - the hairs become stronger. Kefir recipes accelerate blood circulation in the skin, and this contributes to rapid growth.

The product contains many proteins, it is useful not only for hair follicles, it penetrates the hair structure along its entire length. Curls become strong, split ends will disappear.

The fermented milk product is also a good protection of the hair from external factors, such as temperature drops, frosts. Due to this feature, the hairs are also less susceptible to mechanical damage, they are easier to comb.

Of course, no less pleasant effect for fair-haired girls is that fermented milk ingredients very gently brighten the locks, and do not harm them, like cosmetics with this effect. It removes yellowness, makes the color soft, smooth.

Kefir mixtures are suitable for all types of curls. It normalizes the sebaceous glands, which is useful for girls with bold type of strands. It nourishes the curls along the entire length, which is suitable for dry strands.

How to choose kefir and how to use it

Kefir for hair any one. It does not matter, bought in a store, or made with homemade milk. The ingredient will be effective, but you should know that the home product is considered stronger, the result will come faster. The ideal consistency of the component is thick, without excess liquid, odorless.

Before buying the main component, pay attention to the fat content. It should be chosen according to your hair type: 1 percent for oily, 2.5 for normal, and 3.2 for dry.

Kefir hair masks should be used no more than once a week. The course can last up to three months, then take a break. If you have healthy strands, and you just want to strengthen them, avoid falling out, brittleness, it is enough to use the recipe once a month.

Kefir mixtures should be applied along the entire length of the strands, it is desirable to massage the roots. To enhance the effect, put a plastic cap on your head, wrap it in a towel. It is necessary to hold the substance for 60 minutes, time may vary, depending on the ingredients combined with the dairy product.

Kefir mask from falling out

Helps from loss of mustard strand. Mix 2 tablespoons of mustard powder with yolk, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of any vegetable oil (almond, castor, burdock), add 100 ml of the main component. Drug must be kept for 30 minutes. Mustard can burn the scalp, it's not scary, so it acts. If the pain becomes unbearable, it is better to wash the substance off earlier.

If desired, add here a teaspoon of sugar, it will increase the effect of mustard. Add yeast and let them ferment to add a head of hair.

Mask for greasy hair

There are several ways to normalize the sebaceous glands, which will allow the hairstyle to stay fresh longer. Take 40 ml of brandy, half a liter of dairy product, a spoonful of honey. Then heat the honey to a liquid state and mix with the other ingredients.

After application, massage the skin. Keep the substance for a long time can not be due to brandy, it can damage the scalp. Do not increase the portion of alcohol, do not use cheap products. Wash it all off in half an hour. It is often impossible to use the recipe, there will be no harm if it is used about once every ten days.

Firming mask

The following drug is suitable for those who want to strengthen the strands, to make prevention against their loss. Make an infusion of herbs. Take in equal proportions several herbs (sage, nettle, burdock, calendula, chamomile). Boil, let it brew for 3-4 hours. Strain the herbal tincture, mix with the main component, two yolks. Hold 60 minutes. Repeat once a week.

The tool is suitable for those who want to prevent hair loss, who has damaged the strands after a perm, brightening, etc.

Mask on kefir for weak and dull hair

Kefir mixes are a real find for those who want to return strength and beauty to the strands. This ingredient nourishes the curls, and in conjunction with other components creates real miracles.

Mix gelatin with warm fermented milk product in a ratio of 1 to 3. It is not necessary that the main component is hot, it will turn into cottage cheese, and gelatin will harden. Then leave it for 15 minutes so that the gelatin swells. You can put it in a water bath. You can add almond, burdock or castor oil to the mix.

Kefir mask should be kept for about half an hour. After just a few uses, you'll notice a huge difference. Curls will look like after the procedures in the beauty salon.

Dandruff mask

Mix the crumb of black bread with a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. Add this to the glass with the main component. The mixture should be kept for 20 minutes. The ingredients are completely harmless, you can use this advice twice a week.

You can add a beaten egg to the mix. Protein will strengthen the structure of hairs, and the yolk nourishes the hair follicles. You should not then wrap your head in a towel, and rinse the substance with hot water. The egg can boil, and it will be difficult to remove it from the curls. Just put on a plastic bag so that the strands do not stain your clothes. In the bathroom, flush the substance with cool water. In the substance against dandruff, you can also add decoctions of burdock and nettle.

Hair wash kefir

Want to lighten curls? Hair masks with kefir will perfectly help. Of course, you should not expect that at one moment from a brunette you turn into a platinum blonde. The main component can lighten the strands by one and a half tones, and a special recipe - by three.

Take a liter of fatty dairy product and mix with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and the same amount of salt. Apply the drug on dry strands, create a greenhouse effect. Wash your head in an hour. Use shampoo for greasy curls: a substance with high fat content is poorly washed off, and the hairstyle will seem stale. Repeat the procedure is no more than once every two weeks.

Kefir hair lightening

Do you want to lighten the strands or to remove the yellowness after dyeing? Then the following recipe is for you. Take cognac or vodka. Mix alcohol with raw egg and lemon juice. Add shampoo and main ingredient here. Apply to hair, avoid contact with scalp and face. Put on a plastic bag. Substance can be held up to eight hours, just leave it overnight. In the morning you will see that you can lighten your hairstyle without harmful colors. Blends will not harm your hair, but you shouldn't do them too often. It will be enough to use the recipes every two weeks.

10 useful tips on how to make a mask more effective

Do you want to enhance the effect of kefir drug? To do this, follow a few simple rules. They do not require much time or money.

  • First of all, you need to choose the right fat content of the main component for your hair type. Of course, if you skip this point, then nothing terrible will happen, but this means that you did not use all of its features.
  • Also very important point is that the main ingredient must be fresh. Choose a component that is not more than three days.
  • Preheat the component slightly before use. This will not only be pleasant for the skin, but will also enhance the quality of the product.
  • To make a mask for kefir hair better penetrated into the structure of the strand, distribute the product well over the entire length of the curls. Before that, comb and lightly wet your head.
  • Do not forget the massage immediately after application. The components of the recipe better penetrate the skin.
  • After application, it is best to create a greenhouse effect. Put on a plastic cap and roll up with a towel.
  • Owners of dry-type strands should add a little bit of any vegetable oil to the drug.
  • To the contrary, remove fat from the curls and normalize the sebaceous glands, add a little clay.
  • Want to lighten your hair? Leave overnight.
  • To accelerate the growth of hairs add a teaspoon of butter to the drug.

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