Top 20 great exercises to increase potency in men and practice at home

The most significant impact on sexual strength and its preservation affects the lifestyle of men. And not the last place in this occupy exercise. Training helps to avoid many health problems, increase mental stamina, improve self-esteem, allow you to be more vigorous, improve mood. Exercises for potency certainly need to be included in the load plan, both for prevention and for solving the problem of an intimate nature, if it already exists.

Exercise to increase potency - when is it worth thinking?

From time to time, most men face a fiasco in sex, this happens with very young guys, and with those who have reached adulthood. One-off cases - not a reason to talk about impotence. There are many reasons for failure: anxiety, stress, physical fatigue, general malaise, recently brought illness, unsuccessful conditions. But if this unpleasant situation is repeated at least in a quarter of cases, then it is time to change something in your life. Namely - her image.

Another alarm is overweight. Most often in men, body fat is of the abdominal type. That is, the fat is located not under the skin, but inside the abdominal cavity. At the same time, its arrays put pressure on the internal organs, displace them, disrupt the blood flow and the normal functioning of the liver, stomach, intestines, etc. This type of obesity is popularly called “beer belly”.

Also, fat cells produce estrogen, which is a female hormone and its excess in the male body shifts the hormonal balance, the level of testosterone decreases, and with it decreases the libido with potency. In addition, excess body weight exerts an unreasonable burden on the heart, joints, blood vessels, lungs, provokes the occurrence of hypertension, diabetes, varicose veins, stroke, heart attack, arthritis and many other diseases, each of which cannot be combined with good potency.

IT IS INTERESTING! Particular attention to the exercises designed to increase potency should be paid to men who have stepped over a forty-year milestone. As anonymous polls show, it is from this age that half of the respondents experience some kind of difficulty related to sexual intercourse; among the 30-year-olds, 27% of the respondents understand this problem, and 21% have a group of men from 21 to 30 years old.

Looking at these figures, we can safely say that the earlier the exercise routine for potency will be included in the daily routine, the less chance men have of being in the same unpleasant situation that hurts by self-esteem.

What exercise increases potency?

Any exercise has a positive effect on potency due to:

  1. Increases testosterone levels in men - male sex hormone, synthesized in the adrenal cortex and testicles. During the load on the muscles and after power loads, the body actively produces it and releases it into the blood.
  2. Relieving tension from muscles and spinal column. A modern lifestyle is predominantly sedentary (well, or standing, if it’s work at the machine, a sales assistant, a security guard, etc.): at work, at the wheel, at home, at a computer, the person is in a practically static position for several hours in a row. For the body, this state of affairs is unnatural, the muscles become hard, wooden, the spine loses its flexibility, nerves are pinched, and salts are deposited. Regular exercise prevents such violations.
  3. Lymph overclocking. If the blood is chasing the heart, then the lymph has such a “motor”. Her stagnation leads to swelling of tissues, which prevents a good erection.
  4. Improving the psychological state. The best thing to do after a nervous day is to work hard. Exercise "burn" adrenaline and raise serotonin levels, and with it the mood.
  5. Enhanced blood circulation. Active training will make the heart work faster than normal, and the lungs - to drive more air, which in general will provide the best flow of blood and oxygen to the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Special exercises to increase potency

But besides general training, it is necessary to perform special exercises to increase potency. They affect mainly the lower body: legs, thighs, buttocks, perineal muscles, lower back. Strengthening blood circulation in the pelvic zone, these exercises contribute to quality erection.

The performance of any complex should begin with a warm-up. Rotations of the head, hands, pelvis, squats, bends will allow to work the joints, to disperse the blood and warm up the muscles. Only 5-7 minutes of such classes will save men from injury when performing more complex exercises.

Home exercise

  1. Squats. Feet shoulder-width apart, feet toes forward. Sit down gently until the knees form a 90 ° angle to the floor. In this case, the pelvis goes slightly back, as if a man sat on a chair. Then you need to straighten up smoothly and squeeze the muscles of the buttocks and perineum at the extreme upper point.
  2. Buttock bridge. Lying on your back legs are bent with support feet to the floor (for advanced - you can put them on a platform: the edge of the sofa, chair, a stack of books). Without lifting the blade and foot from the support, raise the pelvis as far as possible and lower it.
  3. Knee breeding. Lying on your back, bend your legs and pull your heels as far as possible to the buttocks. Hands are on your knees. Exhaling, knees need to be raised, and hands at this time to interfere with them, putting pressure in the opposite direction.
  4. Rolls. Lying on your back, arms stretched along the body or stretched to the side, raise your even legs on the exhale and bring your toes as close as possible to the head without bending your knees. In this case, the pelvis detaches from the floor. Each time you need to try as far as possible to advance in the implementation of this exercise.
  5. Buttocks touch. Standing on all fours, hands shoulder-width apart, hands-fingers forward, toes stretched, lift touches the floor, on the exhale start moving the pelvis backward until the buttocks lie down on the legs.

You can start with 5-7 times of each exercise, gradually bringing up to 20-30 times 4-5 approaches. They should be performed smoothly, without jerks, in a comfortable rhythm, avoiding the appearance of pain. When the body adapts, you can gradually add burdens.

Yoga: strengthening potency based on ancient teachings

There is an opinion that yoga is a women's business, and real men need nothing. In fact, for the stronger sex, yoga is needed even more. Regular asanas allow you to work out not only large, but also small, deep muscles, which are difficult to load with regular exercises.

In addition, the ancient teachings involve not only the physical body, but also increases energy tone, gives clarity of thinking, relieves stress. Literally 10 minutes of practice per day and an improvement in potency will not take long to wait.

Pc muscles: exercises for beginners

A special role in long-term preservation of potency is assigned pc-muscle or pubic-coccygeal. Among women are very popular exercises Kegel, allowing to keep the crotch in good shape, but few know that there is a male version of the workout. It is very simple to find a muscle; it is enough to put fingers on the gap between the anus and the beginning of scrotum growth.

Sitting on a chair you need to squeeze Kegel's muscle, as if pulling it inside. If done correctly, you should feel as if the pelvis was raised. In this case, the hips, abdomen, buttocks should be relaxed and not take part in the exercise.

Tension should alternate with complete relaxation of the pc-muscles. You can start with 10-15 exercises, each of which includes 3 seconds of tension and 3 - relaxation. Then the number of exercises can be smoothly increased. Perform daily, no more than 10 minutes.

Exercises that increase potency for the lazy

If you do not have enough willpower to force yourself to do the exercises, then a complex that you can do without getting out of bed will come to the rescue. Doing better in the morning when the member is in a “raised” state.

  1. You need to make him rise with the help of muscle work. During the week, the number of "jumping" should increase every day, but without fanaticism. Exercises should not cause pain, burning.
  2. When the number of exercises to be performed reaches 30, it is necessary not only to raise the penis, but also to keep it in this position for 1-3 seconds.
  3. Having mastered such a technique and increasing performance up to 40-50 times, you can add weight, for example, cover a member with cowards or a small towel and try to perform lifts with a hang maximum number of times.

Symptoms that are removed if you exercise daily

All these unpleasant symptoms can be removed if you follow our advice, carry out our tasks and gradually increase the load every day.

What we face:

  • the lethargy of your tool even during the process of intercourse,
  • in the morning there is no raised state of a cowboy (talking about serious problems),
  • low testosterone, stopped pulling to the opposite sex,
  • spouse unhappy
  • the duration of mating games has decreased,
  • It takes a lot of time to achieve rigidity.

1. How to download your boyfriend in the morning

  1. In the morning we swing your boyfriend. When you first woke up, as a rule, he is upbeat. And you start your day with the fact that you make your body jump.
  2. Smoothly every day you need to increase the number of elevations. No need to do super jerks.
  3. Make 15% more for starters compared to previous days. Thus, we do raises every morning.
  4. Keep a diary and track your height, record the number of squeezes every day, watch your growth.
  5. Do not force yourself, or you can hurt. Listen to your body. If discomfort occurs, reduce the number of compressions. Otherwise, the exercise for the potency of men at home will be to your detriment, and not to your benefit. Know the measure.

If your cowboy is not worth it in the morning, you will have to raise it yourself.

If you are in the morning, it means serious violations. This is equivalent to as if a woman had lost her period.

For advanced and experienced

  1. Now for those who at a time easily and naturally shakes 40-50 times, begins to put something easy on the gun (for example, their underwear) and continues to swing. All the same but with easy by load.
  2. Who is easy to raise with shorts, puts a small towel.
  3. For those, who does not swing 40 time for the approach, continues without load. Do not need fanaticism.

pros Such a practice is that in your body there will be a lot of qi energy for the whole day, the blood flow will improve, testosterone will increase, which together will provide an opportunity to preserve the working state of the organ several times longer.

2. Technique for training the muscles of love and prostate

Let us examine the following physical exercise to improve the potency at home in men.

What is its essence: we put our fingers on the area between the rear opening and the beginning of the growth of the balls and strain this area. At first, put your fingers there just to feel the muscle itself.

The muscle that contracts is called "muscle of love"Or otherwise LK-muscle. Its other name is the Kegel muscle in honor of the doctor.

We make these 10 approaches:

  1. Tense up
  2. Hold for 3 seconds, not a drop without reducing the force of compression.
  3. Relax and so 10 times

The main thing is to maintain the strength of the voltage, and not just strain it.

For advanced people with experience

  1. We gradually increase the duration of the voltage hold up to 10 seconds (without fanaticism again).
  2. We make such 10 approaches, where we compress this area and hold for 10 seconds, and then relax.
  3. The most effective is to keep it in such a way that all other parts of the body are relaxed. This is Kegel gymnastics for men.

3. Rotate the pelvis and twist the eights in different planes.

  • Superstrong and super magic technique - these are circular movements with your pelvis! If you practiced Jedi yoga, then they call this practice "winning dance".
  • We twist the pelvis in different planes. What for? Then, that blood supply to the groin area would be better.
  • And if you still do not know, then the intercourse must be performed by different movements. And to be able to do it cool, you first need to twist eights pelvis.
  • Twist the eight to overclock blood stasis and be handsome with your beloved in bed.

Here you can see the implementation of all these exercises for the prostate and potency in the pictures and also in the video. Our recommendations on the video and tips from the article will need to be applied in practice.

4. Walking on the buttocks

  1. There is a very cool way to train from Jedi Yoga again, which is highly recommended by urologists.
  2. Boarded on the back point, stretched forward legs.
  3. Hands can be extended or bent in the elbows, as it is convenient to whom.
  4. And in this position we are trying to go on the buttocks at least 2 meters forward and as much backward.
  5. Alternately rearranging the buttocks, walk back and forth. With each movement of the buttocks try to step as far as possible.
  6. At first it seems impossible, however, man’s health is very cool. This is such an old proven method. We talked about other similar methods from the people in another publication.

5. Raising the legs behind you while lying on your back

  1. Lying back on the bed, head half a meter from the wall.
  2. Raise legs up gradually and begin to lower to the head, as if trying to get the socks of the wall. Hands can hold the waist.
  3. This is a bit like a birch tree, but the difference is that the legs bend further than the head to the wall.
  4. Hold such an inclined position is 13 seconds. If pain occurs, return to the original position.
  5. Take a breath, relax and resume the procedure, repeat it about 6 times. Here is an exercise to increase potency at home to do.

  1. Initial position: you are lying on your stomach, relaxed.
  2. Now start at the same time raise arms and legs, pulling them up, but in opposite directions. Stretch your hands forward and feet back with a maximum stretch.
  3. This tightens the buttocks. Hold on so about 4-5 seconds and return to the original position.
  4. Such a posture resembles a boat swinging on the waves. Hands do not necessarily close, most importantly, pull them forward and up.
  5. Special load goes on buttocks (their tone improves your skills in bed) and the lower back. For those who asked about what to do to prolong sexual intercourse, let him also adopt the “boat”.

7. Raising and lowering the pelvis when lying down

  1. Lay, for example, spreading a mat on your back.
  2. The arms are along the body, resting on the floor, and the feet also rest well on the floor. Knees half bent.
  3. Carefully and slowly raise the pelvis as high as possible, and return it to its original position.
  4. Repeat 6-7 times.

What are the 5 levels of technology perform

  1. Representation in my head intimate pictures and parallel soft stroking myself in the groin area.
  2. Now with an empty head, concentrating on my sensationsdoing the same thing.
  3. With empty head, concentrating on your feelings, stroke the cowboy, but only with the back of the hand.
  4. At this level we stroke ourselves and direct blood from the knees to the groin, from the chest to the groin, without touching the genitals, but concentrating on them.
  5. We sit down, do not touch ourselves at all, translate the friend into a raised, hard state already with the help attention forces.

Try to start immediately with level 3-4.

Slowly, gradually, go from one level to a higher level, but remember that the transition from 4 to 5 may take a minimum half a year.

Our next video includes a training system for those who have an erection during sex.

These training methods are feasible for people of any age. As for those who are already dealing with male menopause, about which we have already spoken here, so for the younger generation.

9. Knee elevation to shoulder level standing

  1. The bottom line is that we raise our knees to shoulder level alternately different feet standing.
  2. We lift the right knee to the right shoulder, the left knee to the left shoulder.
  3. Someone convenient to do it all in a jump, moving slightly forward, and it is convenient for someone to stand still and jump.
  4. Keep your back straight. The main thing is to raise the knee as high as possible.
  5. Can be done intermittently 3-4 approaches 10 lifts on both legs in turn.

Let us proceed to the analysis of the following exercises to increase potency in men and restore their libido.

11. Jumping out of cross-fit

  1. Initially, you are in a standing position, legs are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Squat in such a way that your knees touch your breasts, your hands with your palms resting on the floor.
  3. Now move your legs back as if taking a position push upsbut not wrung out.
  4. Come back to the previous position, closing his knees to his breasts.
  5. Now from this position bounce up as high as possible.
  6. Repeat the procedure ten times, taking 3 such approaches with interruptions. We also wrote about such techniques here.

12. Birch

The essence of birch is that:

  1. Lie on your back and lift your legs straight up, support your waist with your hands, having a support in your elbows and shoulders.
  2. Keep your legs straight for about 15-20 seconds and lower them. Repeat the procedure for 3 minutes.
  3. The neck should be relaxed.
  4. For advanced, you can complicate the task, taking the right position and starting to spread your legs to the side, rotate them.

13. Separation of heels from the place, imitation of running

Consider another good exercise to strengthen the potency of the male sex, which can be performed as a warming up of the muscles.

  1. Cost Hands can be rest on the wall. Buttocks relaxed.
  2. Socks can't tear off the floor.
  3. Alternately, tear off only heels from the surface one by one.
  4. Move more here knees and heels. Hips and buttocks are relaxed and dangle by inertia of movements.
  5. Speed gradually increasing. Here is an imitation of running on the spot. Take two approaches for a minute.

We have already described similar methods for training in another manual.

14. Closed ring

  1. We lay down on the stomach.
  2. Bend your knees and reach the ankles with your hands.
  3. We hold the ankles stretched out behind our backs and bend our torso back with maximum strength.
  4. You need to hang in a position where you maximize backward, about 30 seconds.
  5. Relax and then repeat it all over again.

15. Frog

  1. Take the position of push-ups - resting prone on hands. Hands straightened or slightly bent in elbows, lean on the floor with your palms. Legs stretched back.
  2. Now we start one by one to pull to the stomach the knee of one leg, put it back, and then the knee of the other leg.
  3. Make 3 such approaches with breaks by 10 times. At one time it is considered 2 pull-ups of the knees at each leg.
  4. Gradually, you can increase the rhythm.
  5. Good practice to overclock blood in the inguinal muscles, in the pelvis.
  6. This tightening of the legs and knees is taken not only from a set of physical exercises for potency and erection. He also performs cross-fit and warm-up on martial arts.

16. Scissors

  1. Lie on your back. Hands can be put along the body or take the lock for the head.
  2. The legs lifted and stretched forward as much as possible, socks too forward. Knees do not bend, legs straight.
  3. Starting with the maximum amplitude to cross straight legs in the air. Hence the name scissors.
  4. Make such 3-4 approaches with breaks for 21 repetitions.

17. Perform squats

  1. Crouch preferably too since morningas soon as they woke up.
  2. Keep your back level, your legs can be placed slightly wider than shoulder width.
  3. Socks slightly look out. Feet do not break away from the floor.
  4. Drop your fifth point as low as possible.
  5. Pumped up buttocks always talk about the abilities of a person in bed. Squats improve blood flow to the pelvic organs.
  6. There is also no need for fanaticism, for starters about 14-20 will be enough, look at your feelings after squats.
  7. The load must be increased gradually. Now many people come to their doctors and ask: "What to do with weak erectile dysfunction?". And they will tell you that squats are excellent ways to deal with your disorder.

18. Butterfly

  1. Just like in the picture, in a sitting position, bend your knees, spread them apart and turn your feet over each other.
  2. By joining the feet, move them as close as possible to the groin. Palms hold the feet.
  3. Back should be straight, do not slouch, look forward, not down. For yogis, it is not difficult to take this position.
  4. Now we try to push our elbows on our legs so that our knees touch the floor.
  5. Hold pressure a few seconds to keep your knees from the floor, and then relax.
  6. This Eastern practice can be attributed to the Chinese physical exercise for potency, also seen by Tibetan monks.
  7. Choose ratewhere there will be medium stress and no pain, gradually increase the load. Without fanaticism. All this will stretch your groin muscles, improve blood flow into the pelvis.

19. For inguinal muscles

  1. Starting position - lie down on the stomach.
  2. Now with each foot in turn we make circular rotations inward and in the opposite direction. The leg should be straight, do not bend it.
  3. Try to make the maximum turn each foot, with the maximum amplitude. Do not hurry.
  4. Take these 3 sets of breaks between them.

Classes that are useful to perform

  1. Running on long and short distances. Running is very useful for distilling blood into the pelvis. Run every 2 days or 3 days at least 30-40 minutes.
  2. Pool. Swimming lessons can be combined with others. This is a great work with cardio and your endurance.
  3. Press training. Inflated press speaks of the great potential of a person in bed. Those who have a trained press, it is easier to compress the LC-muscle and it is easier to postpone the onset of a premature finish. We spoke about the reasons for the appearance of this incident in another article.
  4. Training in martial arts in nature, a fight with a shadow. Fights, wrestling very well affect the male energy and the male core.
  5. Yoga in nature. Enough to bring a rug and all. If you already have experience, then you have already identified for yourself some of the most effective exercises from yoga to increase potency. We have here in the article they are already described. Thanks to them, a lot of energy appears in the body, the chakras open.
  6. Push ups from the ground, parallel bars and work out occupations. To maintain the tone of the entire body.

Rules and notes

  1. Find the bar of your limit and add 10% each time compared to previous results.
  2. Overcoming yourself causes a sense of buzz and the feeling “I am satisfied with myself”!
  3. Yet again without fanaticism. Need moderate exercise and work with cardio.
  4. Think of something for yourself, to stimulate to play sports and actively breathe oxygen.
  5. If you choose between the hall and the street, choose the second. Because almost everything can be done on the street and at the same time breathe oxygen.

A few words about nutrition

After hard training, it is important to eat right.

What improves libido and positively affects the level of testosterone:

  1. Fish (perch, sardines, tuna, herring, halibut, carp).
  2. Raw fruits (orange flowers or yellow).
  3. Meat is lean.
  4. Nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews).
  5. Seafood (squid, shrimp, clams, oysters).
  6. Vegetables (cabbage, yellow pepper, pumpkin).
  7. Spices (garlic, onion, cardamom).
  8. Kashi (rolled oats, pearl barley, rice, pshenka).
  9. Berries (watermelon, cranberry, blueberry, pomegranate, raspberry, cherry, plum).
  10. Raisins.

This is the detailed answer to the question of which exercises increase the potency and improve men's health, we give you.

When to think?

Perform exercises to increase potency should be immediately after the detection of the problem. But how to recognize the disorder of potency? It is worth noting that one-time rare failures in bed can occur even in the most healthy and hardy men. After all, from banal fatigue, no one is immune. This is considered normal. But, as soon as cases of debacle become more frequent, they manifest themselves with enviable regularity, it is worth thinking seriously.

As a rule, the problem begins to manifest itself in the form of weakening potency, weak erection. Libido also suffers. Sex is becoming less common, as is natural sexual attraction. But, even with a strong arousal, an erection can be very weak, which does not allow you to perform a full sexual intercourse. A man begins to focus on the problem, closes himself. It is very important to share the problem with a specialist, or with your other half. So much easier to find solutions to its solution.

Very often, exercises for potency help to get rid of erectile dysfunction that has arisen on the psycho-emotional background. The main cause of disorders of potency is overwork. Exhausting labor does not allow the body and the brain to fully relax. In such conditions, all systems and organs are in constant tension. From this, first of all, the potency of men suffers. It is enough only to adjust the mode of work and rest. A prerequisite for improving potency is an eight-hour sleep.

Among other factors that have a detrimental effect on potency are the following:

  • Stress
  • Frequent conflicts
  • Excessive physical and mental stress,
  • Diffidence,
  • Dissatisfaction with the sexual partner
  • Depression,
  • General malaise,
  • Bad first sexual experience
  • Insomnia

Often, exercises to enhance potency help with the physiological etiology of erectile dysfunction. Often weakening of erection occurs against the background of poor vascular patency, poor circulation. Thus, blood simply does not reach the cavernous bodies of the penis, which makes full sexual intercourse impossible. Exercises for potency will help to strengthen the blood flow, to normalize all the organs and systems of the man’s body. For physiological reasons, disorders of potency include: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, overweight, endocrine dysfunction, hormonal failure, spinal cord injuries and spinal cord injuries, frequent pelvic injections, abnormal thyroid gland.

Effective exercises to increase potency

To help men regain their former strength, a whole set of exercises has been developed by sexopathologists that are aimed at improving the condition of the muscles of the anus and genitals. Such exercises will be even more effective than regular exercise. To improve the potency, you do not need to exhaust yourself with hours of training in sports halls. It is enough to conduct morning exercises, including this set of exercises.

The first popular exercise to improve potency is the Plow. A man needs to take a starting position lying on his back. Hands are along the body. First you need to raise the legs in the form of a birch tree, and try to lay them on the head. Legs should be kept level - do not bend your knees. If a young man managed to get his toes to the wall, you can try to lower them to the floor. Staying in this position should be as long as possible. Even if there is discomfort, in this position it is worth making 5-6 respiratory cycles.

And only after that you can slowly return to its original position. It is very important that all movements of this exercise are performed smoothly. A young man must feel every vertebra, every muscle. Such exercises help to establish blood flow in the pelvic organs, strengthen the lumbar muscles, and prevent inflammation of the prostate gland. Thus, an improvement in potency is achieved.

A series of exercises for men

Exercise for potency “Always ready” is distinguished by high efficiency. It can be performed both daily for prophylaxis and immediately before sexual contact. The dynamic is:

  • Lie on your back,
  • Legs spread shoulder width
  • Hands lay on the stomach, or along the body,
  • Rhythmically strain and relax the muscles of the perineum.

These muscles are also called potency muscles. With this voltage, there is a kind of convergence of the testicles and anus. These muscles are located precisely between these two organs. The principle of this exercise is similar to how a man tries to hold back urination. With regular exercise, the muscles of the perineum come in tone, which increases blood flow, and hence the potency. Also, such stress is an excellent prevention of prostate diseases.

No less effective is an exercise to increase potency called "Onions". A young man needs to take a starting position lying on his back. In this case, the legs must be bent at the knees. Further, the legs are lifted, and covered by the hands. In this position, the pelvis and the body are lifted. Exercise should be performed up to 5 times. Sharp movements should not be. Gradually, as the body gets used to the loads, the number of times increases to 12 approaches.

Good effect on the potency has exercise "Arc de Triomphe." A man lies on his back, legs bent at the knees. Feet should stand firmly on the floor. Hands are located along the body. When inhaling, you need to raise the pelvis as much as possible upwards. To stay in this position for some time, and as you exhale, gently lower the basin to the floor. Perform such an exercise is up to 5-7 approaches, gradually increasing the number. The exercise “Parade step” is very popular:

  • Starting position - standing exactly
  • The hands are located along the body,
  • Breathing is even and deep
  • Performed as high as possible knee lifts.

Very good, if the knees will reach the abdomen. In this case, the back should always remain flat and straight. Also, to increase potency, experts recommend doing an exercise such as “Sucker”. To perform it, you need to sit on a chair with your shoulders slightly bent forward. It is necessary as much as possible to pull against the chair in the area of ​​the body where the potency muscles are located. Such an action is similar to the principle of a sucker. So, cuddle and relax need at least 7 times.

Exercises for the prevention of disorders of potency

To avoid weakening of potency, it is worthwhile to regularly perform a preventive set of exercises. They will help a man to prolong youth, to maintain its strength. So, a young man should regularly perform such a simple and elementary exercise, like squatting. But, they are slightly different from simple squats. Such a complex has a whole range of positive effects:

  • Enhances testosterone production
  • Eliminates blood stasis in the pelvic organs,
  • Eliminate blood stasis in the legs,
  • Massage of the prostate gland,
  • Increases muscle tone.

To do the exercise correctly, you need to take a starting position while standing. The legs are placed slightly wider than the shoulders, and the toes are turned out. First you need to strain the gluteal muscles, and only then begin to perform squats. Without lifting your feet from the floor, you should slowly sit down, as far as possible and lower. In this position, it is important to linger for 3-5 seconds. Then, just as slowly rise to the starting position. It is very important that the buttocks are constantly in tension. This is the only way to have a positive effect on potency.

Simple, but regular rotation of the pelvis helps to maintain the potency at the proper level. The exercise is also provided by such exercise as “Bicycle”. Lying on your back, you need to bend your knees and make rotational movements, as when riding a bicycle. Thus, exercise enhances the blood supply to the muscles of the penis. Problems with erection will not occur.

You can also try an exercise to preserve and improve potency called “Cobra”. A man must lie on his stomach, straighten his legs, stretch his socks. At the same time hands should be bent, and palms should rest against the floor at the level of armpits. Elbows slightly raised above floor level. During inhalation, you need to raise your head, straighten your shoulders, leaning on your hands. The head leans back, and breathing is delayed for a couple of seconds. At the exit, the head and shoulders gently lower. A man takes the starting position. The number of approaches for such an exercise is 6-8 times.

For the prevention of potency disorders, running on the spot perfectly helps. Such an exercise not only preserves potency, but also strengthens the general condition of the body, enhances immunity. But, our usual run has changed a bit. Imitation should take place without separating socks from the floor. This will help even more strain all the necessary muscles. Also, experts recommend regularly engage in some kind of sport. The most effective are the most mobile among them: basketball, football, jogging, swimming, not long cycling.

With age, the question of potency began to rise more often than ... you know what I mean. For me, this is generally a sore subject, I already took different preparations and even sat on special diets, which, by the way, helped a little. Now I am thinking of supplementing this whole “course of treatment” with exercises to increase potency. They do not seem complicated and the effect on them should be.

The question of potency is very intimate, but important. I came across such situations where it was not possible to finish the “begun”. To put it mildly, a man is unpleasant at any age. Also, read about how ananism affects potency. By the way, this is good, and there is nothing ridiculous, this is like training before the start, keeps us in good shape. But I also read about a regular contrasting soul, physical activity, if possible, at least 3 times a week, stopped smoking and reduced the dose of alcohol. Believe it works. Be healthy.

Of course, if you regularly do such exercises, you can raise the potency no worse than the same smart-simple. The main thing is to have enough patience and health. Here I have a back from them brutally hurt.

Excellent advice, I will give my husband to read. He began to happen misfires, I think it's nervous or age. Now he drinks Effex Tribulus, trying not to smoke and eat right.

Looking for someone to blame?

A very common opinion: they say, stresses, the surrounding ecology, the frantic rhythm of city life, unbalanced nutrition, excess weight, even the appearance of a middle-aged companion is to blame for anyone and anything! Of course, not without it: the negative factors of modern existence contribute to the state of the male body and dull the basic instinct. But, as a rule, in many cases it is still possible to make a correction and try to rectify the situation even on their own, without consulting the appropriate doctor. One of these really working methods is exercise to increase potency, which will be discussed in this article. They are not too complex, the majority can even people who have long abandoned dumbbells and jogging, training and playing sports.

Exercise to increase potency at home

It would seem that all this is necessary: ​​start a regular implementation. But here, at the first stage, many men face their own laziness, inability to organize physical exercises to increase potency with sufficient regularity and efficiency. Various factors can interfere, including constraint, lack of time, and fear of ridicule of others. Here are some tips to develop a habit of exercising to increase potency every day, regardless of one's own mood and the slanting views of detractors.

Proven Tips

  1. Wake up one hour earlier (or at least half an hour). For this saved, taken away from sleep, time you can perform without haste all the necessary complex, and prepare for further work or service on weekdays.
  2. At the weekend, try to get out into nature and there, in solitude, with increased concentration of attention, you will be able to perform physical exercises to increase potency most effectively. And the result will not keep you waiting long!
  3. Drop some habits that are pretty bad for your body. Among them: smoking and excessive drinking (especially beer in large quantities), gluttony (especially at bedtime), sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Try to move more generally, to walk, not to freeze in place. And if you have to work for a long time to sit, for example, at the computer, then you need to constantly change the position or build a special device for standing.

Already such an insignificant, at first glance, change in the routine and diet, getting rid of bad habits, can lead to a significant increase in potency and desire for sex. A physical exercise to increase the potency of men will complement and consolidate the resulting effect. Now go directly to the method itself.

Swing PC muscle

This muscle in the human body stretches from the pubis to the sacrum, and performs the functions of supporting the anus and adjacent organs of the cavity. And this important muscle is subordinated to the nerve, which controls the genitals and the anus and is a kind of generator of sexual energy. Therefore, pumping it, we can add vitality to the genitals.

Exercise number 1 "Pulling up"

The original: you can sit on your heels, chair or pillow. The main thing is to keep your back straight and your body muscles relaxed. For visualization, you need to clearly imagine where this muscle is located (for example, look in the atlas of the human body through an Internet search engine).

Fulfillment: strain the corresponding muscle of a second for three, no more (for a start). If it does not work, then you can start with one second, anyway, the effect will be, and gradually you will increase the time.

Duration: do no more than 10 approaches. As a result of the performance, the impression should appear that the pelvic region is pulling up (feeling as if the muscle is pulling up on an imaginary horizontal bar).

When this muscle gets stronger, and this can happen after about a week of regular exercise, you can increase the duration of each set up to 10 seconds. But it is not necessary and then to reduce it sharply, it is better to increase the voltage gradually. For the most advanced: the course can be brought up to 300 pull-ups per day!

Variations: lying and standing

  1. For especially lazy or for those who can not sit exactly for health reasons, you can offer a variant of the same exercise in the prone position. It is necessary to lie on your back, and bend your legs slightly and move apart. The muscles of the body should be in a relaxed state. Otherwise, the recommendations for implementation are the same.
  2. Standing can also engage in pumping the PC-muscles (this is especially suitable for especially busy men). We put our legs apart. Strain the above muscle, as if we need to interrupt the process of urination. The member is approaching the stomach, the testicles are tightened higher than usual. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Breathing - do not delay, breathe freely and deeply.


Ordinary squats with outstretched arms have a good effect. In this case, only the feet need to be turned out a little, and the legs are slightly apart, and in this position you should do physical exercises to increase the potency (photo above). Another very important thing when performing this exercise is to strain the gluteal muscles. The feet do not come off the floor, and the very movement of the sitting is deep enough. In the lower position, linger for a few seconds with tense buttocks. Then - gradually straighten legs. Repeat up to 20 times. But unaccustomed to such a load can be overwhelming. Let's try to start with at least 5 full squats.

Holding stone

Imagine that between your legs - a stone or a soccer ball. Tighten the muscles of the legs, as if you are holding it (legs apart when standing), perform up to 10 sets of 3-5 seconds each. Over time, the duration of compression of an imaginary stone can be increased.

Lie on your back. Arms along the body. Raise and lower the pelvis above the floor surface. The back remains pressed. Perform first 10 times. Then the execution time can be extended.

Complex exercise to increase potency

In this article, we have given only a few of the most basic exercises for restoring male potential. They developed a great many in various health systems of the world. But advice: do not throw around, and start at least with the above. Believe me, for an ordinary man who has already forgotten what regular training is and this will be quite effective. And most importantly: all the exercises must be performed in a complex and regularly (preferably in the morning and in the evening). Only then will you feel the steady effect of the lessons.

Exercises for potency, developed by professional experts, can help in solving problems with sex life.
Sexual activity plays an important role in the life of any representative of the stronger sex. After a full-fledged sexual intercourse, the man’s self-esteem rapidly rises, his health and mood improve. In order for sex to always bring bright emotions, it is necessary to constantly monitor the health of the urogenital system, and this rule applies to all men, regardless of age. The realities of the modern world often become the cause of various disorders that can provoke the development of impotence. This disease does not allow you to have sex at all, because the erection is either weak or completely absent. This leads to nervousness, a depressed state and other consequences. In most cases, the return of male power is quite possible.

The benefits of the exercise complex for potency

A well-designed training program has a lot of advantages compared with similar courses of exercises to strengthen potency:

  • Large muscles are well developed, and keeping the body in good shape is considered a fundamental factor for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.
  • Special exercises to increase potency contribute to the intensive formation of the male hormone testosterone. It is he who controls the quality of erection and the activity of sperm production.
  • Elimination of all stagnant processes that occur in sedentary parts of the body. This is the coccyx region of the back and hip joint. Getting rid of stagnation ensures a normal flow of blood to the genitals.
  • Exercises to improve potency help to remove some of the adrenaline. If the hormone does not find a natural way out, it can cause serious stress. Emotional overload reduces the potency, so it is important to try to prevent their occurrence and development.
  • Overall health and condition of the body are significantly improved. A man feels a surge of energy, vitality, which contributes to the production of endorphins - the hormones of joy. They have a positive effect on the restoration of the basic functions of the body.
  • Exercises to increase potency relieve muscle tension in the body, which gives calm, relaxes, helps to cope with physical exertion.

It is worth noting that exercises for the prostate and potency have only one drawback - it is the need for their systematic implementation. Noticeable results are not immediately apparent. In most cases, a positive effect is observed after a month of regular training.

In contrast to taking medication drugs, the achievements in improving potency persist for a long time. Experts note that the exercises to enhance potency are able to provide a man with a full-fledged sex life for the rest of his life with the condition that classes will be held daily or with short breaks.

The complex of effective exercises to increase potency

What exercises are good for potency? In order not to lose masculine strength, the representatives of the stronger sex should, if they detect the first negative symptoms, contact a qualified specialist. The doctor will help restore sexual function by prescribing suitable drugs and exercises that increase potency. Sex therapists claim that special training programs are able to regain lost sexual opportunities, subject to a responsible attitude towards their implementation.

  • Exercise number 1 to raise potency
    It is necessary to sit on a stool, putting the foot wide shoulders. Arms should be bent in elbows and lowered down. When performing it is worthwhile to strain and then relax the gluteal muscles. Breathing is made necessarily through the nose, and inhale and exhale accompanied by a slight noise. It is necessary to perform 6 sets of 10 clutches - relaxation every 25 seconds. The implementation of this exercise to increase potency for men has a strengthening effect on the urogenital system and the state of the rectum. Occupation has another important advantage - you can heal your body in any place: at home, at work, while traveling.
  • Exercises that increase potency
    An exercise is performed to improve the potency in a standing position. Legs are placed at shoulder width and slightly bent at the knees, hands should be fixed on the belt. Exercise requires privacy from strangers, because the ideal option is to train in the nude. It is necessary to make jerky movements with the pelvis forward and then back. In this case, the genitals should swing in the rhythm of the movements performed. Total required at least 5 approaches, each of which lasts for 3 minutes. Between a series of exercises, take short breaks, about 3 minutes. Training helps to increase potency, suitable for full rehabilitation after operations.
  • Exercises to increase potency
    To perform it is necessary, just as in the previous case, to take off all clothes, then squat down and pull the scrotum up as much as possible. In this case, the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen should be dressed up. It is important to take a quick breath, and on the exhale - to relax the muscles. It should perform at least 7 approaches with a break of half a minute. Regular exercise to increase potency in men helps prevent the development of pathological processes occurring in the testicles.

Training to improve potency

Consider a few exercises from impotence in men, which also bring effect with regular performance:

  1. Smack
    A full stretch is necessary for the joints and the spinal column, because it greatly improves sexual opportunities, relieves nervous and muscular tension. This exercise for potency is performed as follows: you need to stand on all fours, leaning your hands and knees on the surface of the floor. Feet should be sent back. Inhale, and on exhalation, slowly lower the buttocks down and back a little until they touch the heels. After accepting this position, you need to stretch your arms in front of you, then slowly straighten your back, stretching each vertebra.
    Performing such an exercise to increase potency in men helps to eliminate nerve clamps, which often impede the normal passage of impulses in the lumbosacral area. In addition, exercise has a massaging effect on the prostate, which significantly improves erection.
  2. Buttock bridge
    Such exercises to increase potency in men help not only to improve sexual opportunities, but also to work out abdominal muscles, buttocks, lower abdomen. Exercise improves blood circulation in the pelvic area. A man should take a supine position on the back and put his feet on the floor. For comfort, use a comfortable mat. It is important to bring the legs to the pelvis. It is necessary to raise the buttocks above the floor, leaning on the feet and shoulders. At the same time it is necessary to push the pelvis upwards. While inhaling, one should go down and take the starting position. Repeating this exercise for the potency of men is done at least 10 times.
    After mastering the movement, you can complicate it a little. To do this, the pelvis must be moved alternately in different directions. Another way that helps to diversify exercises to increase male potency is the use of weighting. Additional load is located in the lower abdomen.
  3. Plye squats
    You must take a standing position and put your legs shoulder-width apart. Socks are bred to the sides at an angle of 45 °. Slowly squat, dropping the buttocks to the floor. It is important not to bend the knee at an acute angle. Return to the starting position while inhaling.
    When performing this exercise for potency for men, close attention should be paid to the depth of the squat. Consider your own capabilities, as well as the condition of the hip and knee joints. Men who want to increase the load, it is necessary to perform kihi legs on the sides with each lift.
    Squatting "Plié" - an effective exercise for potency, which helps to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area, improve the condition of the hip joints. In addition, such training tightens the muscles of the hips and buttocks.
  4. "Butterfly"
    To start the class, you should lie down on the rug, put your feet on the floor and bend your knees. It is necessary to create resistance with hands and at the same time spread apart bent legs. Do this must necessarily exhale. Such exercises for potency do an excellent job of opening the hip joints, developing the muscles of the buttocks, hips, and perineum. As a result, the blood flow increases and the sexual capabilities of men improve.
    When performing this exercise for a good potency, you should not try to reach the floor with your knees in the very first lesson. In men who are not very active lifestyle, the joints are not able to move fully.
  5. "Pendulum"
    Performing such an exercise to restore potency comes from the position of a half-seat. The feet should be set shoulder width apart. The pelvis goes forward on the exhale, then returns to its original position, and on the inhale - moves back. Such movements should be performed with different deviations and speeds. The number of repetitions should be at least 10-15 times.
    In order not to lose balance, hands should be kept on the belt or use additional support, for example, the back of a chair.
  6. Exercise to improve potency
    When conducting this exercise to strengthen and increase potency, to restore the functions of the penis, you should sit on the floor and bend your knees. On a quick breath, push your left shoulder forward and at the same time lift it up and then straighten your left leg. Take a quiet breath and straighten all the muscles. After that, you need to take a starting position and do the same with your right shoulder and leg. Exercise for problems with potency should be repeated 10 times.
  7. Exercise to increase libido
    Starting position - supine. Beforehand, rub your palms so that their surface becomes warm. You should put your head on your right hand and attach your left hand to the genitals. Tighten the muscles of the legs and anus, squeeze the genitals and gently pull them out. Performing exercises to increase libido should be repeated 20 times, making approaches no more than 7 times.
  8. Exercise to increase potency
    Take a sitting position on the floor, while the back should be straight. It is necessary to put the left foot on the right foot and produce friction. The same exercise for male potency is performed with the other leg. You should do 30 lessons using at least 5 approaches.
  9. Exercise to restore potency
    Take a comfortable position in any position: supine, standing, sitting. Initially, you should strain the anus for about 20 seconds. After that, relaxation should occur. Perform at least a dozen approaches with short intervals of 30 seconds.
  10. Exercise to raise potency
    One of the best exercises for potency is walking in place for 30 seconds. In this case, arms should be bent in elbows and keep your back in a straight position. Rest is half a minute. 5–6 such approaches will be enough.

The impact of exercise on the body of men

The most effective exercises for potency have a lot of advantages, which consist in the beneficial effects on the body of the representatives of the stronger sex:

  1. Exercises help to increase testosterone production. The state of potency and the quality of erection depend on this hormone.
  2. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles, which are responsible for the retention of feces, urine, the occurrence of normal erection.
  3. Increased tone, well-being.
  4. Elimination of tension, increasing endurance levels.
  5. Restoration of sexual opportunities.

To determine what exercises to do to improve potency, will help an experienced specialist. Self-medication is not recommended. This rule is especially important in the presence of running problems with the reproductive system. Remember that exercises that increase the potency in men instantly does not exist. They all require regular execution for a certain time.

Good potency is a sign of masculine strength, which is directly reflected in the feeling of self-confidence and, as a result, success in life. But not every modern man is satisfied with his intimate health and sexual opportunities, since bad ecology and other adverse factors make their own adjustments to the biological processes of the human body. Miraculous exercises that increase potency will come to the rescue in this case.

Exercises to increase potency at home

Who is shown to increase potency exercises

It is no exaggeration to say that exercises to increase potency will be useful in the arsenal of men of any age and lifestyle. Will help a set of exercises with the following common problems:

  • impotence and other diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • decrease in sexual desire (libido),
  • premature ejaculation,
  • low stamina during sex.

Premature ejaculation - indications for exercises to increase potency

Often the above problems are caused by impaired blood circulation resulting from physical inactivity and constant sitting at the computer. In such conditions, any physical activity will provide significant assistance.

If the problems with potency are caused by constant stress and nervous exhaustion, here too, exercise will be very useful. During and immediately after moderate physical exertion, the well-known hormone serotonin is actively produced in the body, helping to fight stress and eliminate its effects.

IMPORTANT! If difficulties with potency are the result of taking certain drugs, exercise may be ineffective. In this case, it is better to discuss the issue with your doctor.


ARVI is one of the contraindications to exercise to increase potency

Contraindications to exercise are:

  • urinary infections in the acute stage,
  • SARS and other conditions accompanied by fever and fever,
  • cancerous tumors.

Men who suffer from severe cardiovascular diseases will have to exercise with caution. In this case, you need to increase the load very smoothly.

Rules and features of the complex of exercises to improve potency

The main muscle on which the action of the exercise complex is directed is the pubic-coccygeal (LC). It is she who is responsible for the potency and male intimate health. When this muscle is strong and well trained, then problems with the prostate gland and urination do not occur, and orgasms become more intense. In addition, this muscle supports the organs of the small pelvis in the correct position, preventing them from being omitted. This sexual muscle is actively involved in the production of male hormones in the body.

Before you start training, you need to find this muscle. To feel the pubic-coccygeal muscle is easiest during urination. A man has two fingers on the area between the testicles and the anus and for three to five seconds stops the process of urination with the tension of that very muscle of sexual health. Under the fingers, a tense muscle will be clearly felt.

Location of pubic-coccygeal muscle

Another way to feel your pubic-coccygeal muscle is to shake the penis in an erect state slightly. At this point, the man will also clearly feel the desired muscle.

The main points of training the LC muscles:

  • the essence of training this muscle lies in its alternating tension and relaxation,
  • you can do the exercises and sitting, but maximum performance will bring performance in a standing or lying position,
  • to make the muscle more efficiently and quickly strengthened, it is necessary to do some exercises on a full exhalation and holding your breath,
  • inhaling while doing the exercises is done through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth,
  • it is necessary to increase the load gradually
  • should be engaged only on an empty stomach, after at least two hours after meals.

The release of the lungs from oxygen and breath-holding during the performance of certain exercises are necessary for a better enrichment of the body with easily digestible oxygen. At the moment of holding the breath in the phase of full expiration, carbon dioxide is strongly accumulated in the body, which is actively replaced by oxygen during the subsequent inhalation. That is, the more carbon dioxide in the body, the more oxygen it will receive. Such an exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen helps to strengthen the LK-muscle many times faster.

On exercise days, drink more water.

IMPORTANT! On exercise days, drink more fresh water (up to 2.5 liters).

During the exercises themselves, you should not drink water, nor should you drink immediately after the end of your home workout. It makes sense to wait half an hour before quenching your thirst, to avoid unnecessary stress on the heart.

A set of exercises to strengthen the pubic-coccygeal muscle

This training consists in alternating tension and relaxation of the sexual muscle. In addition to the development of strength and muscle tone and improve potency, the proposed exercises are performed regularly:

  • stimulate the release of male hormones into the blood,
  • relieve premature ejaculation
  • greatly enhance the pleasant sensations during orgasm,
  • improve sperm quality and sperm motility, increasing the likelihood of successful conception,
  • enrich the pelvic organs with oxygen,
  • develop immunity against urinary infections,
  • protect against impotence and other abnormalities in the genitourinary system,
  • are excellent prevention of cancer of the prostate and pelvic organs.

Regular exercise protects against impotence and other abnormalities in the urogenital system.

Training and strengthening of the LC-muscles must begin with the most simple exercises, increasing the load gradually. So, in the first two or three days it is enough to hold the stream of urine for several seconds during each urination by straining the corresponding muscle. It is advisable not to strain the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, although it is not easy at first. Compression and muscle tension during each trip to the toilet is done three or four times. Then you can go to the full exercise.

IMPORTANT! Too zealous when doing exercises is not worth it. Excessive number of repetitions or excessive compression can lead to overtraining of the LK muscles and problems with blood circulation.

Warm upPerform lying, standing or sitting. Quickly squeeze and unclench LK-muscle, counting from 1 to 60. It is necessary to have time to squeeze and unclench the muscle within one second. This means one approach of 60 muscle cuts will take exactly one minute. Then 20 seconds restThree sets of 60 compressions. Rest between sets for 20 seconds
BlinkingPerform lying, standing or sitting. Inhale through the nose, exhale sharply with the mouth, hold the LK muscle together with the facial muscles to hold the breath. Stay in this state for ten seconds, then relax for ten seconds, inhale and repeat the exercise from the very beginningDo three sets of ten repetitions. Between approaches, rest for one minute.
ElevatorExercise can be done lying, standing, sitting. It is necessary to count from 1 to 8. At the expense of “one”, the LK-muscle should be squeezed lightly and held in that position for five seconds, at the expense of “two” - slightly harder to hold and hold for five more seconds, at the expense of “three” - even stronger and also hold. At the expense of "eight" LC-muscle should be compressed as much as possible. Holding it in such a state for 10 seconds, they begin to move downwards on the elevator: seven - slightly unclench the muscle and hold for five seconds, six - relax the muscle tension a little more and linger for five seconds, and so on until “one” when the muscle is completely relaxed . Breathing calmly without delayTwo sets of five repetitions. Rest between sets is one to two minutes.
StairsPerformed while standing, lying or sitting. The technique is the same as in the “Lift” exercise, but you do not need to linger on the floors for five seconds, nor do you need to keep the muscle in a state of maximum tension for 10 seconds. Breathing calmly without delayRepeat the exercise ten times in a row without rest.

Exercise to increase potency is necessary daily for at least one month. In the future, you can reduce classes to two or three a week.

An integrated approach: the rejection of bad habits, proper nutrition, regular sex

It is difficult to maintain the potency at a high level if alcohol abuse, excessive smoking or even taking lungs and not very drugs are connected to daily stresses.Therefore, despite the fact that advice about the need to give up bad habits is already pretty trite with everyone, another reminder of this truism will not be superfluous. Suffice it to note that:

  • smoking, which causes regular vasospasm, complicates the process of blood circulation and nutrition in the tissues of the male genital organs,
  • drinking alcohol over time leads to a decrease in sexual desire due to the suppression of testosterone production, as well as to a significant deterioration in the quality (and, by the way, taste) of sperm,
  • even the “lightest” drugs are a direct route to hormonal disorders, and therefore to erectile dysfunction.

If a man is serious, you will have to adjust the food, abandoning the fast food products, richly seasoned with assorted chemicals. Even a partial replacement of such food with vegetables and fruits will quickly lead to positive changes on the part of the body, including the improvement of sexual functions.

Products to increase potency

But there are several time-tested products that positively affect the potency. Among them:

  • coffee (no more than three cups per day),
  • walnuts and hazelnuts,
  • seafood,
  • chicken and quail eggs,
  • honey,
  • lean meat and fish,
  • ginger root,
  • celery,
  • carrot,
  • bananas
  • dates,
  • bran, rye bread and bran.

Due to the large number of trace elements and vitamins contained in these products, they have long deserved the glory of aphrodisiacs that increase arousal and give strength. The daily inclusion of these products in the diet will make the effect of physical activity even more pronounced.

Chicory root has a beneficial effect on potency.

The wisdom of traditional medicine will also help strengthen male power. One of the most effective recipes is chicory root decoction. There is no magic here. The positive effect of the tool on the male genital sphere, due to the high content of vitamins A, B and C, valuable plant acids and trace elements.

The recipe is simple: a tablespoon of dried, chopped root is poured with a glass of hot water and boiled over low heat for five to seven minutes. The cooled broth is filtered and taken in a tablespoon twice a day one hour before meals. The course is a week.

IMPORTANT! The use of this recipe is prohibited with a tendency to allergic reactions.

In addition to exercise and nutrition, it is also important to maintain a regular sex life, which should not be as long abstinence, and exhausting sex marathons. Moderation is good here too.

Regular exercises, especially in combination with eating healthy foods and taking care of your health, will not only improve the potency and prevent any diseases of the pelvic organs, but also remain active and successful in intimate and other areas of life for many years.

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