5 most popular diets for quick weight loss

Description relevant to 12.07.2017

  • Efficiency: up to 20 kg in 20 days
  • Terms: 20 days
  • Cost of products: from 1500-2000 rubles for 20 days

General rules

The diet for quick weight loss of 15 kg is an innovative technique that includes the elements of healthy eating, cleansing the body and restructuring the regime of meals. She promises to get stunning results, up to 20 kg in 20 days, which especially pleases people with a large margin of excess weight. Allows you to lose at least 5-10 kg per week, and, as a rule, contrary to the prevailing opinion about fast diets, does not cause global problems and deterioration of health.

We are accustomed to the general statement that too rapid weight loss can lead to irreversible consequences, so the classic diet for fast weight loss is usually taken for a maximum of 3-7 days. After testing a fairly rigid diet for 3 days, you will have the opportunity to "understand" your body, debug problems with appetite, examine the reaction and determine individual preferences for choosing a longer-term diet.

Fast weight loss diets for 20 kg assume compliance with 2 rules


It is desirable to completely abandon one of the meals: in the first 4 days, for example, from breakfast, in the next 4 days - from lunch, and then from dinner, and so on. No matter how you alternate, it is important that you can reduce the amount of food you consume per day, learn how to control your appetite and reduce the volume of stretched stomach walls by about 20%.

Minimum calories consumed, including "harmful"

It is immediately clear that in order to lose 20 kg, you will have to give preference to the lowest calorie foods with the highest mineral content and of vitaminsthat normalize metabolism and give sufficient energy supply for the whole day.

Permitted Products

Especially for a diet of minus 20 kg made a list of 15 products from the field of diet, which not only low-calorie, but also have the maximum nutritional value and benefits, because a diet to lose weight quickly is mainly balanced diet, which inhibits the growth of fat folds and accelerates weight loss processes.

  • Broccoli is not only rich in minerals, vitamins, folic acid and β-carotene diet product, but also excellent prevention atherosclerosis, gout and tumors in the intestines, mammary glands.
  • Apples are richorganic acids and fiber, pectinand low calorie fruits contribute to a soft and safe weight loss, great for fasting days,
  • White cabbage has a stimulating effect on metabolism, useful components and fiber normalize the digestive tract.
  • Chicken fillet - one of the best types of dietary meat, contains the whole range amino acids animal origin, the favorite food of all professional athletes,
  • Green beans, despite their high nutritional value, are indispensable in the diet as vegetable protein, an excellent adsorbent that participates in the processes of splitting fats, excretion of protein breakdown products and, in general, in cleansing the body.
  • Buckwheat can be the main means for losing weight, many stars sit on buckwheat and green tea a few days before an important event, as it is an excellent low-carb protein product that has special properties to reduce sugar levels, cholesterol in the bloodstream, eliminate puffiness.
  • Hard-boiled chicken eggs are today recognized as the best way to normalize weight and tame a restless appetite, an integral protein component of a healthy diet.
  • Cucumbers are 90% natural mineralized water and fiber, you can eat them in unlimited quantities on fasting days and achieve excellent results, because hunger will not be present, and the forces will be replenished in full.
  • Sea fish is required in Mediterranean and Far Eastern diets. It is believed that without eating sea fish, the process of losing weight will not be so aesthetic, only fatty acids, easily digestible proteins, calcium and phosphoruswill make the skin taut and elastic, heal nails and hair.
  • Assorted herbs as an addition to meat and the basis of salads - a great way to form balanced dishes with a special exquisite taste, allows you to enrich the food selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron, sodium and other trace elements with a wide range of actions that increase the tone and enhance the metabolism.
  • Rice is suitable for everyone, even for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, will fill the required volume, satisfy hunger and create an excellent carbohydrate dietary basis for any meal, will give a lasting and long-lasting result for weight loss. It is best to give preference to red or wild rice, rice noodles or paper are also occasionally acceptable.
  • Tomatoes - this is primarily a food product that helps get rid of depressed thanks to the stimulation of production serotoninplus diuretic and choleretic stimulation.
  • Cottage cheese and dairy products, rich calciumand fermented milk bacteria, can be an excellent breakfast or snack, satisfy hunger and saturate with healthy proteins, fats and vitamins, due to the high content calcium- strengthen bones and improve the results of dropped kilograms by 2-3 times.
  • Green and white tea monitors health and tone, helps to prevent the appearance of extra pounds, antioxidant and excellent prevention of action stress.
  • Many diets ban sugar and salt, and here comes to the rescue fructose - easily decomposed sugar to glucose, which is contained in dates, figs, berries and kish-misha, is simply indispensable for a long distance of 20 days in the diet.

Diets for weight loss - the 5 most popular diets for quick weight loss

5 most popular diets for fast weight loss - Diets for weight loss

The most popular diets for fast weight loss are low-calorie nutrition systems, or, as they are also called, express diets. They are used in the case when there is a need in a short time to get rid of a few kilograms of excess weight. Such diets are very effective, and the result will be guaranteed. However, it is important not only to lose a few extra pounds, but also to ensure that they will not return again.

Diets for quick weight loss should not be long in time, as they affect the metabolic processes in the body and can cause harm to health.

Rules for choosing diets

Choosing a fast diet, you need to focus on the following rules:

  1. Products that are used in the preparation of the menu for the diet should be available. Most often, fast weight loss programs are mono diets, that is, they are based on the use of any single food product.
  2. A product that acts as a baseline should not cause rejection. Otherwise, it will be difficult to sustain such a diet.
  3. You should give preference to the diet that does not require the preparation of complex dishes. Otherwise, a person will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, where there are many temptations to eat something extra.
  4. During the diet should observe at least minimal physical activity. In the day you need half an hour to spend time walking, cycling, swimming or other sports activities.

6 petals diet

The diet of 6 petals is based on the alternation of several monodiets: vegetable, fish, chicken, cereal, fruit and cottage cheese. The main advantage of such a system of weight loss is that the body "does not get used" to a specific food product, so that the weight does not rise.

A day on a diet of 6 petals can lose up to 0.8 kg of weight. The technique lasts for 14 days, the final plummet is equal to 15 kg.

Boiled fish fillet with salt and spices

Baked fish with salt and spices

Fish-based soup, no added vegetables

Spiced Fish

Boiled fish.
During the day, in addition to water, you can drink fish broth and green tea

Grated carrots

Boiled potatoes in their skins

Stewed vegetable stew with salt

Vegetable salad from raw vegetables. During the day, in addition to water, you need to drink vegetable juices and green tea.

Boiled Chicken Fillet

Spicy baked chicken fillet

Chicken Soup Based On Chicken Meat Only

Grilled chicken fillet

Boiled chicken fillet.
During the day, in addition to water, you can drink chicken broth and green tea

Sprouted wheat in boiled form

Buckwheat porridge with spicy seasonings

Boiled Brown Rice

Oatmeal with seeds and nuts

Buckwheat with herbs. During the day, you can drink natural fermentation kvass, water and herbal teas

Cottage cheese with yogurt dressing

Cottage cheese with milk

Cottage cheese with 0% fat

Cottage cheese with milk

Low fat cottage cheese. During the day you need to drink water, green tea and milk (no more than a glass)

Sour apples. During the day, you can drink herbal teas and fresh-pressed natural fruit juices.

The 6 petal diet involves eating the following foods:

  1. Any fish.
  2. Any vegetables, except those that contain a lot of starch.
  3. Cereals, bran, raw sunflower seeds.
  4. Low-fat dairy products.
  5. All fruits except grapes and bananas.

Products that can not be eaten during the diet of 6 petals:

  • Sugar.
  • Bakery products.
  • Sweets.
  • Butter.
  • Spices, which are composed of flavor enhancers.

Contraindications to a diet of 6 petals:

  1. Diseases of the digestive system.
  2. Anemia.
  3. Any infectious diseases.
  4. Vitamin deficiency in the body.
  5. The period after childbirth (at least six months).
  6. SARS.

Kefir diet

Kefir diet is one of the most stringent methods for losing weight, but at the same time, is incredibly popular. You can find various options for kefir diet, for example, kefir-apple, kefir-cucumber, kefir-buckwheat, striped, kefir-cottage cheese diet.

If a strict kefir diet was chosen, then it involves the use of only one product - kefir, which has 1% fat. For one day they take a liter of fermented milk drink and divide it into five equal portions. In addition, during the day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water. For 3 days of such a diet, you can lose up to 1.5 kg of weight, for 7 days - 3 kg, for two weeks - 8 kg.

Experts do not recommend sticking to the kefir diet for more than two weeks, otherwise, the risk of developing gastritis and stomach ulcers increases.

The seven-day kefir diet is one of the most common weight loss regimens using this fermented milk drink. During this time, you can become lighter by 5 kg. In addition to kefir, you can diversify your menu with low-fat cottage cheese, oven potatoes, meat and fruit.

  • 0.4 kg baked potatoes, 0.5 liters of kefir per day.
  • 0.4 kg low-fat cottage cheese, 0.5 liters of yogurt per day.
  • 0.4 kg boiled chicken fillet, 0.5 liters of kefir per day.
  • 0.4 kg of fruit, 0.5 liters of kefir per day.
  • 0.4 kg of fruit, 0.5 liters of kefir per day.
  • Only non-carbonated mineral water - 1.5 liters.
  • 0.4 kg of fruit, 0.5 liters of kefir.

To compile the menu, choose kefir, the fat content of which is 1%.

During the kefir diet is allowed to eat the following products:

  1. All fruits that are not on the ban list.
  2. Vegetables containing little starch: Peking and Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, parsley, asparagus, sorrel, green peas, eggplant.
  3. Beef.
  4. Meat of chickens and turkeys, as well as fish: pollock, perch, flounder, hake - no more than 3 times a day.
  5. A liter of nonfat kefir per day.
  6. Cereals boiled in water. Under the ban is semolina.

During kefir diet the following products should not be eaten:

  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Cheese, the fat content of which is 17-46%.
  • Butter.
  • Confectionery, bread and other pastries.
  • Fast food.
  • Smoked meats and pickles.
  • Manka
  • Bananas.
  • Potatoes.
  • Grapes
  • Jam and jam.
  • Semi-finished products.

Contraindications to the use of kefir diet:

  1. Gastritis in chronic form.
  2. Increased acidity of gastric juice.
  3. Gastric and duodenal ulcer.
  4. Adolescence.
  5. Lactation and pregnancy.

Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet - a tough system of weight loss, which allows you to quickly get rid of impressive amounts of fat.

During the diet it is necessary to eat steamed buckwheat. Groats pour boiling water and insist for 8 hours. However, it can neither be salted, nor add any spices to it.

The standard scheme of weight loss on buckwheat is designed for a week. During this time, you can lose up to 5 kg. If necessary, the diet can be extended to 2 weeks, this will get rid of 6-10 kg.

During the day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of alkaline mineral water, you can also drink green tea and low-fat kefir (no more than a liter).

If it is difficult to cope with the feeling of hunger, or during the diet the state of health starts to deteriorate, then the menu can be varied with fruits. Allowed to eat an apple, grapefruit or orange.

Buckwheat porridge, carrot and cabbage salad with lemon juice

Boiled egg, vegetable soup in the form of mashed potatoes

Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Steamed buckwheat, cabbage salad with spinach and tomatoes

Fruit salad: kiwi and orange, a portion of cottage cheese

Baked under lemon juice pumpkin, steamed buckwheat

Vegetable borsch, fish fillet (white meat)

Braised Cabbage with Prunes

Asparagus, buckwheat, greens

Stewed vegetables, chicken breast

Two oven apples

Salad with tomatoes, onions and broccoli with olive oil dressing, steamed buckwheat

Ear and fish fillets (white low-fat fish)

Fruit salad: grapefruit, orange, kiwi, pineapple

Steamed buckwheat, cucumber, beans

Boiled egg, vegetable soup

1.5 liters of apple or orange juice, diluted with 1.5 liters of water, fruits and vegetables. This menu is for the whole 7th day.

In addition to buckwheat, throughout the week, the following products are permitted for use in various diet options:

  • Low-fat dairy products: cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, milk.
  • Sour apples.
  • Stewed vegetables, except potatoes, corn and legumes.
  • Dried fruits: dried apricots, prunes, figs, but not more than 2 pieces at a time.
  • Beef.
  • Skinny varieties of fish.
  • Chicken fillet.
  • No more than one egg per day.
  • No more than a teaspoon of soy sauce per day.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Various greens.
  • Sesame seed.
  • Green tea and unsweetened coffee.
  • Natural juices without sugar and salt.
  • No more than a teaspoon of honey 1 time in 3 days.

Prohibited foods during the buckwheat diet:

  • Fatty foods.
  • Flour products.
  • Spice.
  • Oils.
  • Sweets.
  • The sauce.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

Buckwheat diet can not be followed by people with certain diseases.

Otherwise, you can cause serious harm to your own health:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. A stomach ulcer.
  3. Disorders in the functioning of the intestine.
  4. Climax in the period of vivid manifestations of this state.
  5. Gastritis.
  6. High blood pressure.
  7. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Protein diet

Protein diet involves building the menu in such a way that up to 85% of the products in it are protein foods. This may be fish, meat, eggs, dairy drinks, seafood. The diet is designed for 14 days, during this period it will be possible to lose from 4 to 8 kg of excess fat.

On the day you need to approach the table at least 5-6 times. Also allowed to supplement the menu with such products as: soybeans, nuts, chickpeas, citrus. They all have a low glycemic index.

To the process of losing weight occurred even faster, you can combine a diet with the implementation of strength exercises.

Protein diet involves building the menu in such a way that up to 85% of the products in it are protein foods. This may be fish, meat, eggs, dairy drinks, seafood. The diet is designed for 14 days, during this period it will be possible to lose from 4 to 8 kg of excess fat.

On the day you need to approach the table at least 5-6 times. Also allowed to supplement the menu with such products as: soybeans, nuts, chickpeas, citrus. They all have a low glycemic index.

To the process of losing weight occurred even faster, you can combine a diet with the implementation of strength exercises.

Effective diet - it does not mean fast.

All women want to lose weight quickly, but few people think about the consequences. There are diets on which kilograms do not just "go away", but even "run away." A person loses weight, volume, but the body does not have time for dramatic changes. As a result, health is undermined, with a large initial mass, a shift of internal organs can occur. The most effective diet for weight loss is a technique that helps you lose weight without harm to health.

Frequent mistakes of slimming people:

  1. Reduced calorie to critical indicators. The woman's body can not fully function when entering 600-800 kcal per day. The minimum amount is 1200 kcal. Yes, the weight is rapidly decreasing, but with an energy deficit, stagnation is soon expected, the body will start to work in energy saving mode.
  2. The exclusion of fat. You can eat one cabbage or drink low-fat kefir. The weight will go away, but with it the hair will start to fall out, the nails will deteriorate, skin problems will appear, the female cycle will fail. The minimum amount of fat per day is 22 g.
  3. Refusal of tasty food. Full restriction of your favorite dishes leads to disruptions. If you manage to go through the diet to the end, then after it will be difficult to resist. It is necessary to change the feeding behavior and prepare tasty dishes from the products allowed by the system.

Many interfere with moral torture. To lose weight, even the most effective diet is not enough. In women, mood deteriorates, headaches, weakness appear. You can not take diet as a tragedy or deprivation. Let it be a joyful path to harmony and the shape of a dream, easy and desirable.

Diet Kim Protasov, or Protasovka

This is one of the most effective and proven over the years diets, which not only allows you to lose weight, but also has a lot of advantages. After “Ripping”, it is easy to switch to proper nutrition, weight will continue to decline, views on food and tastes will change. This system uses a lot of raw vegetables, which leads to bowel cleansing, improves skin condition, removes water from the body.

The essence of the diet of Kim Protasov:

  1. For the first 2 weeks, 1400 g of raw vegetables, 3 green apples, 1 egg and 600 g of fermented milk products, close to 5% fat, are consumed daily.
  2. From 3 to 5 week instead of 300 g of dairy products the same amount of meat, poultry, fish or seafood is used. Choosing gentle cooking methods without oil.
  3. Throughout the entire diet, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water, which will increase the effect of vegetable fiber, contribute to cleansing the body, reducing weight.
  4. Fighting lasts 5 weeks, but nutritionists recommend making an “exit” that will be equal in duration to the diet itself. Every week new products are added: cereals, broths, dried fruits, boiled vegetables. In these 5 weeks, weight loss continues.

In total, for a diet you can lose from 5 to 15 kg. It all depends on the original data. Volumes go very well. You can not use the technique more often 1 time in 6 months, it is better to take a yearly break so that the body has time to recover.

Contraindications: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy, breastfeeding period.

Interesting: Kim Protasov is a fictitious name, and there is no such nutritionist. This pseudonym took a journalist from a magazine in the 90s of the last century, which published a method that is still popular.

Diet for the lazy

This is the most effective, safe diet that has become popular recently. The fact that you can not drink after a meal, many people know. Liquid dilutes the gastric juice, inhibits digestion, interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Why not take advantage of this information! With the right approach to the use of fluid weight will go away quickly, without any effort and harm to the body.

  1. All water is drunk before meals. For 20 minutes before the main meal and immediately after waking up, 400 ml of liquid is required.
  2. After the meal, according to the rules you can not drink 2 hours or at least an hour, if light meals were used. During this time they must be digested.
  3. For effective weight loss, it is desirable to exclude high-calorie, fatty, sweet foods and not to eat 3 hours before bedtime.

Cunning is not only in the accelerated digestion of food. Water fills the stomach, portions are involuntarily reduced, which reduces daily calories. It also becomes impossible to eat salty, sweet dishes, as it will be difficult to endure for 2 hours without drinking. At the time of the diet is to forget about a cup of coffee with candy or cake. Supplement can be eaten only after a certain time rules.

Ducan's diet

One of the popular protein diets, which in a short time helps to lose a huge amount of weight. This system is only suitable for absolutely healthy people who are ready to follow all the regulations and not to deviate from the rules. The technique is based on biochemical processes in the body. Any minor violation can reduce the effectiveness, slow down the weight loss, harm.

There are 4 stages in the system with a clearly defined sequence and duration. All calculations can be made on the official website. Mandatory ingredient of the diet throughout the diet - this is oat bran. From the second stage, you can add wheat and rye fiber, but according to permitted standards.

The essence of the stages of the Dukan diet:

  1. Attack. Short stage lasting up to 7 days, calculated individually. The basis of the diet is 72 protein products. This stage is designed for fluid loss and increased motivation, it can take up to 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight.
  2. Alternation. The main stage of the diet, which is burning fat. 28 kinds of vegetables without starch in the composition are added to the proteins, the days alternate. The duration of this period can range from a few weeks to a year and even more to the desired weight.
  3. Fixing. Bread, fruits, cheese are added to the basic ration. This period allows you to go to a normal diet. Duration is determined by the formula: 10 days per 1 kg of weight.
  4. Stabilization. One day a week - protein Thursday. Observe the diet of the first stage. Additionally, bran is used daily.

During the entire period of the diet you need to drink vitamins. Allowed to use sugar substitutes with natural or synthetic composition. You can not eat any fruit, all dairy products should be fat-free, like meat. This is one of the few diets that allows you to eat sausages, crab sticks, canned food, but all products must meet the requirements of the diet, not have in the composition of prohibited spices, sugar, exceed a certain threshold of fat.

Important! In the diet, many subtleties and nuances, the system requires careful study. Pierre Ducane strongly recommends reading his book, which will clarify. You can also familiarize yourself with the system on the official website.

Contraindications: any chronic diseases of organs and systems, periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding, lactose intolerance, hormonal disruptions, children and old age. This diet requires mandatory consultation with a doctor.

Video: Elena Malysheva: how to lose weight in 1 week

When changing the diet in the direction of a healthy diet, increasing food intake rich in slow (complex) carbohydrates, vegetable fibers, nuts, discomfort from the gastrointestinal tract can occur: flatulence (bloating). This is due to the fact that cereals, legumes, vegetables - the basis of a healthy diet - are rich in hard-to-absorb oligosaccharides. In order to eliminate discomfort, without rejecting proper nutrition, it is possible to supplement the intake of such products with Orlix®. It contains alpha-galactosidase, an enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates to light for the absorption of monosaccharides. The dosage depends on the amount of food consumed, making it easy to normalize digestion, both during a snack, and at the main meal.

Secrets of an easy diet

Any diet will be easier and more interesting if you find an approach to it. The key to success is a thorough study of the rules and menus. Motivation is of great importance. If it is really strong, the feeling of hunger will recede, the temptation to break the diet will not, the pounds will go away quickly, easily and forever.

Assistants and secrets:

  1. Water. If you want to eat, drink water. Many people have heard this, but they use units. It is fluid that helps to cope with hunger, accelerates and facilitates weight loss.
  2. Vitamins. They are needed not only to preserve beauty and health, but also to eliminate hunger. If something in the body is not enough, he will ask for food.
  3. Motion. This is an easy way to get rid of hunger or eat something forbidden. At the first desire to "sin" you need to do squats at least 50 times. Or jump 5 minutes on a skipping rope.

Nutritionists consider purification as a modern sorbent Enterosgel as a necessary step in any weight loss program. It actively absorbs only harmful slags and toxins that enter the blood in abundance during the breakdown of fat deposits. It is these toxins that provoke dietary nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, abnormal stools, dull skin, acne and blemishes on it. This sorbent well fills the stomach, thereby creating a feeling of satiety, absorbs excess gastric juice and enzymes, neutralizing their irritating effect on the stomach wall. Suppose its reception by long courses, unlike other sorbents.

The path to harmony can be difficult or easy. Man himself determines his own way, much depends only on us.

Carbohydrate-free diet

The top 5 most popular diets for quick weight loss include a carbohydrate-free diet. Its rules have common features with the Kremlin methodology. A carbohydrate-based nutritional system that is popular with people who are losing weight is also based on the principle of burning fat due to the lack of carbohydrates. The following food is excluded from the diet:

  • starch products,
  • sweets,
  • porridge,
  • muffin.

Rapid weight loss occurs due to the breakdown of fat on the background of the preservation of proteins in the body. An excess of protein foods is dangerous for humans. For this reason, it is important to observe the following proportions:

  • 50% - proteins,
  • 35-40% - vegetable or polyunsaturated fats,
  • 10-15% - carbohydrates.

A lightweight version of the technique with the amount of carbohydrates up to 30-40 grams per day can be observed from 2 to 6 weeks. The plummet for this time is about 3-4 kg. Contraindications to a carbohydrate-free food system:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • pathology of the kidneys and liver,
  • avitaminosis,
  • depressed
  • pregnancy,
  • childhood,
  • digestive disorders
  • ulcerative colitis.

Kremlin diet

  • eat up to 20 grams of carbohydrates per day,
  • after 2 weeks, their number can be increased to 40 units per day, and after the end of weight loss - up to 60 g,
  • try not to overeat
  • in the evening to eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime,
  • exclude from the diet bread, rice, flour dishes, sugar, sweets, potatoes,
  • drink tea without sugar
  • eat meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese,
  • buy sausages, sausages and wieners quality.
  1. The first stage (up to 20 g of carbohydrates per day) - 2 weeks.
  2. The second stage (up to 40 g of carbohydrates per day) - until the desired weight is reached.
  3. The third stage (60 g of carbohydrates per day) - 2-3 months.

At stage 1, losing weight lost up to 10 kg. In the future, the weight decreases with a lower speed.

Watch the video: Nutrition and Weight Loss with Amy Lee MD. UCLA Center for Human Nutrition (December 2019).