How to apply Enterosgel to cleanse and improve the body

Enterosgel is an adsorbent that works like a sponge. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, it absorbs harmful substances and brings them out.

Enterosgelhas the ability to adsorb the following pathogens:

Food allergens and toxins.

Bacteria and their waste products.

Salts of heavy metals.

Excess bilirubin, urea and cholesterol.

The preparation, having collected all unnecessary, leaves the intestine in a natural way. It is not absorbed into the blood and has no systemic effect on the body. In this case, the drug does not absorb the vitamins and trace elements that a person needs for normal life. Reception of Enterosgel allows to normalize the work of the digestive system as a whole.

The basis of the drug is a substance called polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. This polymer, like a sponge, draws in all the toxins in the intestine.

The drug is available in the form of a gel or a sweet paste. Pasta can be found in the dosage of 15, 45 or 225 g. It has the appearance of a thin suspension consisting of 30% water. In fact, it is a molecular sponge that absorbs the weight of toxins. The metabolites absorbed by it have a molecular weight of from 70 to 1000.

From the drug does not emanate. Its color varies from pure white to white. The gel can be found in bags dosage of 22.5, 45 or 225 g. The gel looks like jelly. In it there are small transparent lumps. The gel has no taste or smell. The main active ingredient in the gel and in the paste is identical - it is polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. The main difference between pasta and gel is its sweetish taste and white color.

Drug action

Enterosgel is rightfully recognized as the drug of a new generation. It does not work like its predecessors. Habitual sorbents, such as activated carbon, along with harmful substances excrete beneficial trace elements and vitamins. Enterosgel absorbs exclusively toxins, toxic substances, preventing them from getting into the blood.

Healing Effects of Enterosgel:

Excretion of toxins from the body.

Reduced intestinal motility, stop diarrhea.

Cleansing the body of toxic substances.

Cleaning the intestines without penetration of the drug into the blood.

Excretion of excess bilirubin, lipids and cholesterol from the body.

The excretion of allergens, alcohol-containing compounds, salts of heavy metals and poisons.

Receiving Enterosgel allows you to get rid of dysbacteriosis, restore the intestinal microflora, improve the functioning of the kidneys and liver, improve immunity. The quality of the blood is getting better. The intensity of inflammation in the intestines decreases, and then completely disappears. This prevents the formation of ulcers on his mucous membranes. After 10-14 hours after taking it, Enterosgel will be completely excreted from the body unchanged.

Indications for use

Disorders in the work of the digestive tract often become the basis for the development of various diseases. It is therefore not surprising that Enterosgel is used in its practice by allergists, nephrologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, toxicologists and gastroenterologists.

Experts prescribe a drug to solve the following problems:

Intoxications that accompany severe inflammation in the body.

Food poisoning, poisoning with salts of heavy metals, alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, etc.

Kidney disease, accompanied by a violation of their cleansing function.

Gastritis with low acidity.

Dosage and administration

Depending on the goal that the person is pursuing, the methods of taking the drug will vary.

However, you always need to follow a few basic rules:

The gel is recommended to dissolve in water, and the paste can be taken in its pure form, but with a glass of water.

The drug is taken for 1,5-2 hours before meals, or one hour after reaching the table.

The dose of the drug should not be exceeded.

If a person develops constipation, flatulence or a feeling of nausea, then the dose should be reduced, or completely refuse to take the drug.

The dose needs to be adjusted according to the age of the patient.

Dosage may be as follows:

A teaspoon of gel (5 g) - for children from birth to one year.

Two teaspoons (10 g) - for the treatment of children 1-2 years.

A teaspoon of the drug (5 g) - for the treatment of children 2-7 years. The daily dose should not exceed 15 g.

Dessert spoon (10 g) - for the treatment of schoolchildren. The daily dose should not exceed 30 g.

Tablespoon (20 g) - for the treatment of adolescents and adults.

If there are indications, the doctor will adjust the dose depending on the individual needs of the person.

For prophylaxis

For prophylactic purposes, the following doses are prescribed:

For the prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, 1 sachet of the drug is prescribed three times a day. The multiplicity of the course - once in 30-45 days.

For the prevention of chronic intoxication of the body, 1 sachet of the drug is prescribed 2 times a day. The duration of treatment is 7-10 days.

To clean the body, prescribe 1 sachet three times a day for 10-14 days. The course can be repeated 3-6 times a year.

Enterosgel is not able to excrete toxins from the body, such as:

Alkalis and acids.

If one of these substances is poisoned, an ambulance must be called.

Enterosgel can be taken to cleanse the skin. It contains organic silicon, which allows the dermis to better absorb vitamins and trace elements, as well as remove harmful substances from it. It is no secret that toxins can accumulate in the skin and provoke acne and acne.

Perhaps the internal and external use of the drug. Inside it is taken for 10 days 1-2 hours before meals. The daily dose is 3 tablespoons,

You can also apply the gel on the face in the form of a mask. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day for 15 minutes. Before using the gel, the skin is cleaned with soap and water and rinsed with chamomile decoction.

For treatment of acne, 2 treatment regimens are effective:

Every month throughout the week you need to take a tablespoon of the drug per day.

Twice a year you need to drink Enterosgel for 14 days. The dose is 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.

To suppress the pathogenic flora and when symptoms of endotoxicosis appear, the drug is drunk for a month.


Enterosgel was designed to cleanse the intestines, not to reduce weight. However, especially the use of the drug can take it for weight loss. This is actively used by people on a diet and fitness.

Per day, adults and adolescents over 14 years old should take 4-5 tablespoons of pasta (67 g). They are divided into an equal number of receptions. The drug can be diluted with water (100 ml), or used in its pure form.

The regimen of the drug, depending on food:

Eating (one hour after taking the drug)

Morning on an empty stomach

2 hours after breakfast

2 hours after lunch

1-2 hours after lunch

1.5 hours after lunch

Two hours after dinner (before bed)

The dose should not be exceeded. You can take the drug for a long time, because it does not remove the nutrients from the body. If it is impossible to take the drug 5 times a day, then the frequency of intake is reduced to 3 times (before breakfast, lunch and dinner).

With allergies

Allergy is a reaction of the body to proteins foreign to it.

Provocative factors may be:

Poor development of the digestive system in children younger than a year.

Excess vitamin D and calcium deficiency.

The intake of Enterosgel allows the toxins to be brought out, to restore the work of the intestines, preventing the poisons from destroying its mucous membrane with antibodies that the body itself produces.

With the help of Enterosgel, it will not be possible to cure allergies, but it is quite possible to speed up the healing process. Detox is important for allergy sufferers, especially when bitten by poisonous snakes and insects, during food intoxication, during acute infectious processes in the organs of the digestive system.

Enterosgel prescribed for drug and food allergies, as it allows you to remove from the body triggers, irritating the immune system. Polymethylmiloxane polyhydrate is a substance that is odorless and tasteless, but does not cause disgust even in children. If allergies are recommended to take the drug for at least 14 days without a break. Between the use of Enterosgel and other drugs should take at least 1-2 hours.


The main substance Enterosgel binds alcohol and its decay products, which are deposited in the digestive tract. This reduces their blood levels.

Taking the drug in case of alcohol poisoning does not allow it to destroy the liver. The body is restored faster, the person is less disturbed concentration of attention, does not suffer the reaction rate.

It is recommended to take the drug before the feast. It absorbs alcohol, which does not penetrate into the blood and absorbs toxic metabolites from the digestive organs. As a result, the morning hangover will flow much easier.

Side effects

Side effects of taking Enterosgelya:

Enterosgel can be purchased at any pharmacy. Packaging in 225 g will cost 350-400 rubles. If a person uses Enterosgel for weight loss, then this amount will be enough for him for 5 days. The course of treatment is 4 weeks. During this time 5-6 packs will be spent. Thus, the monthly rate will cost 2000-2500 rubles.

Polysorb Its cost is 160 rubles.

Polyphepan at the price of 47-785 rubles, depending on the form of release.

Sorbeks at the price of 150 rubles.

Laktofiltrum. Its cost is 380 rubles.

Smekta at a price of 160 rubles.

Activated carbon for 39 rubles.

Enterofuril for 340 rubles.

Filtrum STI for the price of 130 rubles.

Enterosgel or Polysorb

The basis of the drug Polysorb is silicon dioxide. It comes in the form of a powder that can be taken orally or treats the skin covered with pustular rashes.

Polysorb, like Enterosgel, does not injure the mucous membrane of the digestive organs, but it is more often used for external skin treatment, for example, for mastitis, abscess, and phlegmon. Patients tolerate polysorb well.

Possible side effects from taking Polysorb: constipation, dysbacteriosis, impaired absorption of vitamins and trace elements. In addition, it can provoke an aggravation of ulcers and gastritis.

Enterosgel or Smekta

Smecta is a preparation based on aluminum-magnesium silicate, which has a natural origin. The drug does not injure the mucous membranes of the digestive system, but can cause constipation. If you take Smektu for a long time, then hypovitaminosis may develop.

Enterosgel or Polyphepan

At the heart of the drug Polyphepan substance called hydrolyzed lignin. Cleaning the intestines with it passes gently, the walls of the body are not injured. However, Polyphepanum can cause some side effects, among which are: delayed stool, worsening of absorbability of nutrients in the intestine, deficiency of vitamins in the body.

People who took both drugs, indicate that it is much easier to drink Enterosgel. However, the undoubted advantage of Polyphepane is its low cost. It is almost 2 times cheaper than Enterosgel.

Enterosgel or Enterofuril

Enterofuril allows you to destroy the pathogenic flora, but at the same time their own beneficial intestinal bacteria retain the ability to live.

The main active ingredient of Enterofuril is nifuroxazide, which is harmful for bacteria and some parasites. Therefore, the drug is prescribed for the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea. Which drug to choose a particular patient depends on the evidence.

Enterosgel or Activated Carbon

Enterosgel has several advantages over Activated Charcoal. The gel has the ability to absorb only toxins in itself, while coal removes not only harmful substances from the body, but also useful flora, as well as vitamins and trace elements. While passing through the digestive tract organs, coal can “lose” the collected toxins in the lower intestinal tract.

The structure of the gel is such that the size of its pores are not designed for the size of the useful flora. It is able to absorb only toxins.

Another important advantage of Enterosgel in comparison with Activated charcoal is that it does not stick to the intestinal walls and does not injure them. Therefore, it can be taken even for a long time.

Enterosgel, unlike Activated Coal, does not stain the chair black. This is dangerous because a person may not notice intestinal bleeding in time.

Enterosgel or Laktofiltrum

Lactofiltrum contains not only hydrolyzed lignin, which is an adsorbent, but also lactulose, which allows you to restore your own intestinal microflora. With its help lacto-and bifidobacteria begin to multiply more actively.

Therefore, if a person is diagnosed with dysbacteriosis and needs to clean the intestines, then it is better for him to choose Lactofiltrum. However, in terms of price, it exceeds Enterosgel.

In addition, Laktofiltrum has a significant drawback. This drug is non-selective. Together with toxins and poisons, it brings out vitamins and useful trace elements.

Enterosgel or Filtrum STI

Filtrum STI is a product of the latest generation, which contains only natural ingredients. It is based on hydrolytic lignin. It quickly binds and removes harmful substances that poison the human body. If you take the drug course, you will be able to improve the immune system.

Preparations differ among themselves in the main active ingredient. Enterosgel contains gel-like silicon, and Filtrum STI - lignin. Both of these substances, once inside, pass through the digestive tract, clean it and in an unchanged form are removed outside. Drugs do not penetrate into the blood, do not cause dehydration, do not adversely affect the qualitative composition of the intestinal microflora, are not able to provoke vitamin deficiency.

Both Enterosgel and Filtrum STI can be taken by pregnant and lactating women, as well as children.

Opinion of doctors

E. Rodicheva. “Enterosgel is an excellent sorbent that effectively cleans the intestines. In the complex treatment of diseases of the digestive system, it gives an excellent result. It can be taken for allergies, including children. Patients tolerate the drug well. However, if you take the drug for a long time, it threatens the development of constipation. You can solve the problem with laxative drugs. ”

Illarionov T. V .: “The drug has an excellent sorption capacity. It is convenient to take it, and the price is not too high. Enterosgel can be assigned to pregnant women and children. Although, in my opinion, the cost of the drug could be slightly lower. I prescribe it to my patients with food poisoning, liver disease, skin diseases. ”

V. Vinogradov: “Enterosgel does not smell and does not taste, therefore neither adults nor children refuse to take it. This is an excellent drug that I prescribe for poisoning, for gout, for alcoholism, for liver damage, as well as for urgent narcology. However, I note that patients already after 2-3 days from the beginning of his reception develop constipation. In addition, the cost of the drug increased by 2-3 times. "

Natalia: “I consider Enterosgel to be one of the safest and most effective sorbents. Our pediatrician always appoints him. In a year, the child had diathesis, we drank through Enterosgel as part of complex therapy. Only antihistamines are not beneficial. By the end of the 7th day of taking anti-allergic agents in combination with Enterosgel, my crumb's skin was cleansed. After another week of diathesis, there was not even a memory. Later I learned that the drug is in service with allergists. Therefore, he always lies in my first-aid kit. In addition to allergies, use it to clean the intestines. "

Julia: “I read so much information about Enterosgel that I decided to try it myself. Saw the drug in the smallest doses for 5 days. Horror what happened. The extra kilos not only did not go away, but even began to increase. I don’t know, maybe it happened to one of me. ”

Sergey: “In our home first aid kit in the past years, Activated charcoal always lay, and now I have replaced it with Enterosgel. We give it to children at the first sign of diarrhea, and the wife takes it to cleanse the body. I also take the drug, if suddenly I sort out with alcoholic beverages. This is a great tool, I recommend it to everyone I know. ”

About the doctor: From 2010 to 2016 Practitioner of the therapeutic hospital of the central medical and sanitary unit No. 21, the city of Elektrostal Since 2016 he has been working in the diagnostic center №3.

Properties and composition of Enterosgel

The drug is available in the form of a paste, gel. It is characterized by white color, gel form, lack of smell. Pasta has a sweetish taste. The action of the drug can be represented as a sponge. Enterosgel enters the gastrointestinal tract and begins to absorb toxins, radionuclides, foreign agents, bacteria, viruses, cleanses the body. The drug contains methylsilicic acid.

The main functions of drugs include:

  1. Covers irritated mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.
  2. Warns negative effects of toxins, hydrochloric acid.
  3. It removes excess cholesterol, fatty compounds, urea.
  4. Enterosgel removes toxic substances, salts of heavy metals, alcohol-containing compounds, cleanses the body.
  5. Neutralizes the negative effects of toxins, drugs.
  6. Oral medication is the main method of getting rid of toxins. The drug is able to remove pathogens from the gastrointestinal tract, their metabolic products, slags.
  7. The drug is not absorbed into the blood and excreted from the body unchanged.

Features of the application to cleanse the body

The gel is used to cleanse the body in various situations:

  1. Copes with alcohol poisoning.
  2. Used to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.
  3. Doctors prescribe the drug for drug allergies.
  4. Enterosgel is used to treat intestinal infections. Able to prevent the absorption of pathogenic microorganisms in the blood.
  5. The drug eliminates the manifestations of diarrhea syndrome in various diseases due to inhibition of intestinal motility.
  6. Joint intake of the drug with licorice gives a positive effect on cleansing the lymphatic system from toxins.
  7. After long-term use of the drug, an improvement in the functions of the digestive system and purification of the body are observed.

Application Instructions

The adsorbent has several effects on the digestive system: enveloping, anti-diarrheal, detoxifying, reparative, antiallergic. To achieve a positive effect of treatment, the drug should be taken according to the instructions.

The drug treats the following pathological conditions:

  1. Functional and structural disorders of the liver. These include viral hepatitis, the initial and advanced stages of cirrhosis, cholestasis.
  2. Diarrheal syndrome identified and unclear nature. The drug has an inhibitory effect on intestinal peristalsis. At the same time it keeps water inside the colon, prevents the development of constipation.
  3. Chronic kidney disease. Enterosgel is prescribed to reduce urea, nitrogen products in the bloodstream.
  4. Drug and alcohol addiction. With the help of drugs from the body are removed harmful substances.
  5. Gynecologists prescribe Enterosgel for varying degrees of toxicosis in pregnant women.
  6. The drug helps to restore the intestinal flora with intestinal dysbacteriosis.
  7. The drug cures allergic, septic, burn intoxication, cleanses the body.
  8. It contributes to weight loss.

Cleaning the body with enterosgel is carried out by courses. An adult drug is prescribed for 1 sachet 3-4 p / day. It is advisable to take the drug in the morning, before and after lunch, at night. Pediatric dosage is measured in tablespoons, depending on age. You can use the gel in unchanged or diluted form (with water 1: 3). The treatment course is from 5 days to 3 weeks.

There are several situations where the drug is dangerous for use:

  1. In acute, chronic insufficiency, severe, moderate degree.
  2. With the development of aversion to the drug.
  3. Acute conditions (gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal obstruction).

Treatment with a sorbent must be supplemented with a diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Course duration

Enterosgel to take to cleanse the body of harmful substances need a long time. The course depends on the degree of slagging, immunity, the presence of chronic pathologies.

With intestinal infections ranges from 5 to 10 days. After antibiotic treatment, Enterosgel treatment can last for several months for residual elimination of toxins from the body.

The enterosorbent can be used for months to cleanse the intestines, lymphatic and circulatory system from toxins. The course is determined by the dynamics of the patient.

To get rid of alcohol intoxication, it is enough 1-2 doses of the drug. A person feels better after 30-40 minutes after taking the medicine. Allergies of various kinds have similar treatment lines.

Cleaning efficiency

Enterosorbent is a safe and effective adsorbent. Patients report improvement in a few days after taking the drug. Due to the pronounced therapeutic properties of the drug is widely used in the practice of traditional and alternative medicine. It cleans the digestive tract from toxins, the lymphatic system from slags.

Shows high efficiency. 80-90% of infectious patients after 2-3 days after taking Enterosgel stop complaining of pain, bloating. Normalization of feces consistency, absence of tenesmus, body cleansing are noted.

Slimming patients reach the desired body weight with medication for a couple of months. Improvements in general well-being are noted (heaviness in the stomach goes away, lethargy disappears, efficiency increases).

Many people felt the power of the drug after indigestion. Festive feast, food dry meal disrupt the digestive system. Enterosgel removes toxic substances from the intestines for 1-2 hours, prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the digestive tract.

Great benefits, minimal risk of adverse reactions, no harm to the body make the drug indispensable for combating intoxication.

What is Enterosgel

Sorbent Enterosgel is sold in the form of a thick pasty substance without smell and color. When dissolved in water, a liquid suspension is obtained. It is used to cleanse the body of toxins, allergens, pathogenic bacteria and toxins. Detoxification occurs due to the sorbing properties of Enterosgel, which, like a magnet, attracts harmful substances, binds them and removes them through the intestines. Patients feel relief after the first use.

The composition of the drug

Enterosgel consists of one active ingredient - polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. For a complex name hides a chemical compound based on trace element silicon. Per 100 grams of gel accounts for 70 grams of the main active ingredient. In addition to it, Enterosgel includes pure distilled water, due to which the desired consistency, convenient for reception, is achieved. In the paste, produced specifically for children, are used sweeteners E952 and E954.

Benefit and harm

It is very important to know how Enterosgel works. Getting into the digestive system, the drug dissolves in the gastric juice, binds and removes toxins. This is due to the ability of the active substance to adsorb toxic elements of different origin, damaging the gastric mucosa. Among the substances that Enterosgel displays:

  • bacteria,
  • toxins
  • antigens,
  • medication
  • slags,
  • heavy metal salts
  • alcohol,
  • allergens.

Enterosorbent performs a protective function, enveloping the digestive canal, protects it from mechanical damage. If you learn how to use Enterosgel, you can understand why after using it, the immunity increases, the condition of the skin improves, the bowels work. The advantage of enterosgel over analogues is its ability not to be absorbed in the intestine, but to be excreted along with the stool, removing toxic substances after 12 hours.

Many drugs used for weight loss have side effects. In Enterosgel for weight loss their number is minimal. Very rarely there are violations in the gastrointestinal tract, constipation. With an increase in fluid consumed per day, this problem is quickly eliminated. The drug is contraindicated in patients with:

  • hypersensitivity to the active component,
  • acute inflammation of the stomach and intestines,
  • stomach ulcer,
  • intestinal obstruction.

Enterosgel for weight loss

Nutritionists advise to use Enterosgel for weight loss. Compared with peers for weight loss, the tool is completely safe. The annotation states that it can be drunk during pregnancy and feeding the baby for detoxification. Before taking, inform your doctor about your decision. He will tell you how much you can drink Enterosgel, in what doses, in order not to harm the body, to avoid overdose and not to disrupt the intestinal microflora. The recommended time of application is 4-5 weeks. If you stick to the scheme, the weight will quickly decrease.

Enterosgel - instructions for use for weight loss

The instruction allows you to use enterosorbent 5 times a day for 1 tablespoon without harm to health. The number of receptions depends on how much Enterosgel begins to act. The ideal option is to take the drug, which coincides with breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is recommended to switch to fractional five meals a day and take Enterosgel before meals.

How to drink Enterosgel for weight loss:

  1. Add a tablespoon of Enterosgel to half a glass of water, juice, fruit juice or compote, mix and drink.
  2. After 10 minutes to eat. Nutritionists advise to reduce the size of servings to 200 grams.
  3. It is desirable at the time of losing weight to maintain a sparing diet with a decrease in the amount of sweet and salty foods. The correct diet is one that does not exceed 1,400 kilograms of calories per day.
  4. You can not eat food cooked on the grill, the pan more often 1 time per week.

If you need to lose weight by 4-5 kg ​​in 10 days, a method of express weight loss on enterosgel is proposed. To this end, fasting days are introduced 2 times a week, when nothing can be eaten and drunk, except pure water with Enterosgel. Doctors believe that this method is suitable only for healthy people who have no problems with the kidneys and urine. In addition, you can not carry out unloading for the body of the thicket 1 time per month.

There is another method that helps slimming and cleaning the lymphatic system. To do this, together with Enterosgel need to take licorice root tablets or syrup. You should first take a licorice pill or a tablespoon of syrup. After 5 minutes, take 1 spoon of the gel, as indicated in the instructions. Lymph will become more liquid, toxins will leave the body much faster.

Enterosgel price

Another advantage of enterosgel over the means of other manufacturers for weight loss is an inexpensive price. It can be purchased at an online store and a simple pharmacy at an affordable cost. This makes the drug available to all categories of the population. Medication for weight loss is produced in different forms, so the price still depends on the volume and packaging. How much does Enterosgel cost at the pharmacy:

  • gel in a tube of 225 g - 370 rubles,
  • gel in a tube of 90 g - 220 rubles,
  • gel in a tube of 225 g, sweetened - 380 rubles,
  • 10 sachets of powder for dissolution of 22.5 grams - 350 rubles.

Enterosil is considered to be a popular analogue of the means to lose weight, it also belongs to the group of enterosorbents. The drug is released in pill form, but has a similar effect. Manufacturers claim that the drug is of high quality and helps with the same problems. However, the cost of the medication is slightly higher than that of Enterosgel.

Video: Enterosgel while losing weight

Alla, 34 years old Always used Enterosgel to cleanse the body after a rich feast. One day was enough to pass the weight in the stomach. When I learned that it was possible to cleanse the body and lose weight with the help of a useful tool, I began to arrange fasting days. Most of all, I like the fact that Enterosgel has no side effects during weight loss.

Yana, 46 years old I did not think that Enterosgel contributes to weight loss. I read reviews on the Internet, in which women talked about their experiences. I bought and did everything according to the instructions, but I had to completely change the diet in order to clean up even faster. After using a whole month, I was able to lose 12 kg, which is especially noticeable in the photo.

Marina, 30 years old For me, cleansing the body with Enterosgel is a mandatory weekly ritual. The doctor prescribed this medicine to rid the skin of acne, but after a course of treatment, she discovered that she lost 4 kilograms. I am glad that this drug works without any effort on my part. The skin becomes beautiful, as in the picture, and even lose weight.

General information

Enterosgel is produced in the form of a paste or gel. The paste is practically odorless, white in color, and the gel is gel-like, white and does not smell anything.

The drug is packaged in 15, 45 or 225 g. It is a mildly acting drug that cleanses the body of toxic substances and slags.

The drug penetrates into the gastrointestinal structures, neutralizes toxins and prevents their further spread and absorption into the digestive structures. Enterosgel is so safe that it can be successfully taken by babies and pregnant women.

The drug does not have an adsorbing effect on the substances and vitamins that are useful for the body, it improves gastrointestinal activity and restores the microflora of intestinal structures. Enterosgel is safe and can be used to cleanse the body of a patient of any gender and age.

What form is better to use the medicine?

As mentioned above, the drug is available in the form of a gel or paste. The paste is tasteless, but not very pleasant for the reception. The tool has a three-year shelf life, so you need to check it before use.

After the first opening, close the medicine as closely as possible. If the drug is dry, then you can not take it, because it loses its medicinal properties. Similar conditions and requirements apply to Enterosgel in gel form.

How to take Enterosgel to cleanse the body and intestines?

It is necessary to take Enterosgel approximately 1-2 hours before either after eating or taking medicine, dissolving the drug in water (1: 3) or taking it in its pure form and drinking water.

  • Adults need to take the drug and a half large spoons.
  • On the day you need to do three similar techniques.
  • With the preventive purpose of the drug must be taken a week and a half.
  • If severe intoxication occurs, the single dosage is doubled.
  • At the reception it is necessary to drink plenty of medicine with plenty of water.

Babies up to the year can take the medicine on the tip of a dessert spoon, babies 1-5 years old have a single dose of 1 dessert spoon, and 5-10-year-olds are given the drug in a tablespoon. Children older than 14 increase the dosage as an adult, i.e., 1.5 large spoons.


Enterosgel has practically no contraindications, but it is not recommended to be taken in case of intestinal obstruction, absence of peristalsis, atony or ulcerative processes in the stomach and duodenum.

In addition, the drug is not recommended for patients with hypersensitivity to the drug or its components. It is also not recommended to take medication to patients with gastric bleeding.

While taking the remedy, some patients have short-term constipation, flatulence and other minor disorders that quickly disappear after stopping Enterosgel.

The drug is actively used not only to cleanse the intestines and the body as a whole, but also for the treatment of poisoning, for the prevention of hangovers, etc. Patients leave a lot of feedback about the drug, and of a positive nature.

Yanina, Omsk:

I am familiar with Enterosgel, as with an effective adsorbent, perfectly cleansing the body from food excesses and alcohol, which are usually at a rich feast. But recently I learned that Enterosgel also helps to lose weight and cleanse the body from all sorts of nastiness. Therefore, now often arrange delivery days at Enterosgel, the effect is very pleased.

Sergey, Ekaterinburg:

Previously, we always had coal in a first-aid kit in reserve, then for several years our family has been using Enterosgel instead. If children have signs of diarrhea, the drug saves. My wife accepts it for general cleansing of the body, and I save them if I try a little with alcohol. Excellent, one might say, universal remedy. I recommend to everyone.

Antonina Emelyanovna, Moscow:

For several years in a row I have been taking courses of enterosorbent preparations for cleansing the intestines and the whole body. Most of all I like Enterosgel. It is convenient to take it, tasteless, so it does not cause disgust, but effectively removes all bad accumulations from the body. Good tool, although the price is a bit biting.

This will help to remove all the slag deposits, fat reserves will go much faster. And if you take the drug in the last days of the diet, it will soon help get rid of the split fat reserves.

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