Walker Complete Cleansing

Norman Walker is an American doctor and developer of a system of cleansing the body with the help of juices. He published several books on healthy nutrition, and also created a project of juicers, on the basis of which they are produced to this day.

A small digression on intestinal cleansing in the video material

Step-by-step system of cleansing the body of Norman Walker: the essence and benefits

Having published the book “The Contraction Against All Diseases,” Walker Norman became world famous.

He managed to prove that fruit juices are effective for cleansing the body, and vegetable helps to restore and build the proper operation of all its systems, since natural drinks contain vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts necessary for maintaining health.

The importance of consuming juices and using proper nutrition, doctor Norman Walker, explains by the fact that people are gaining extra weight because of their love for incompatible products, as a result of which the bowels work worse and delay of toxins and slags in the body. This in turn causes the proteins to rot. and increases the acidity of the juice in the stomach with the subsequent appearance of gastritis, and healing may require complete cleaning.

What benefits bring juices for different systems of the body:

  • Beetroot: stimulates the bowels, eliminates toxins and slags, reduces the risk of heart attack,
  • Pomegranate: speeds up the metabolism
  • Grapefruit: best for losing weight, because it is able to stimulate the burning of fat cells,
  • Cranberry: reduces the likelihood of tumors, cleanses, increases the protective properties of the immune system,
  • Cucumber: possesses diuretic properties, strengthens tooth enamel and stabilizes blood pressure,
  • Apple: positive effect on the respiratory system, relieves inflammation from the joints, is necessary for the proper functioning of the heart,
  • Plum: eliminates excess water and salt, it is recommended for those who suffer from constipation.

Walker cleansing of the body is carried out in several stages.

How to eat before and during cleansing:

    It is best to switch to vegetarian food before the end of the course and remove eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, as well as sweets, fatty and fried foods from the diet: they negatively affect the functioning of internal organs, and they also contribute to weight gain,

One week before using enemas, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits: they contain fiber and vitamins, which help improve immunity and enhance the effectiveness of Walker's methods.

  • After all the procedures are completed, you should not immediately return to the previous diet: it is desirable to eat vegetarian food for another week, then begin to introduce milk and kefir, eggs. Only from the third week you can eat a little fish and meat, but certainly low-fat varieties.
  • Complete bowel cleansing

    Here it all starts with the preparation of a special solution for enemas:

    • Boil 2 liters of water, cool. Grind a clove of garlic, pour cool water and stir,
    • Insist 20 minutes, then pour the garlic water after straining in the solution for the Esmarch cup, add 1 tbsp there too. l vinegar (apple).

    Next, from 5 to 7 in the morning, proceed to the procedure:

    • Kneel on the mat, elbows rest on the floor, put an enema,
    • We make 7 deep breaths and breaths, pulling in and pulling out the stomach,
    • With the appearance of pain we get up, without taking out the tip of the enema, we massage the abdomen and continue to inject fluid,
    • We hold water for 5-10 minutes, then go to the toilet.

  • We carry out such sessions up to 7 days every day, from the second week - every other day, from the third - every 2 days, from the fourth we increase the interval to three days, from the fifth - once a week.

  • Liver cleansing

    The duration of such cleaning should be chosen independently, because the first time it is used can be disturbed by pain caused by the removal of sand and stones:

    • To 150 g of boiling water pour lemon juice, drink every day before meals,
    • Squeeze ½ cup of juice from carrots, ripe beets and fresh cucumbers, combine and drink the same as the previous drink,
    • All week we take cocktails from 200 g of water, juice from whole lemon and 1.5 l of a mixture of juices prepared from the above vegetables.

    Norman Walker offers juicing in this case as follows:

    The first day: drink a drink from the juice of grapefruit and oranges (900 ml each), add 200 ml of lemon juice and melted water (2 l). After waking up in the morning, we do an enema, drink a solution of water with English salt (100 ml), take 200 ml of juice,

    On the third day do the same thing.

    There is another Walker cleansing option for the lymphatic system:

    • Squeeze out juices from lemons, cranberries, pomegranates, beets (2 kg each), add some honey and put in the fridge for 3 hours,
    • We drink 10 days on 50 ml, previously diluting drinks with water in equal portions. Next, do a five-day break and repeat everything.

    Doctors reviews about the method of purification of Norman Walker

    In general, doctors do not express negative opinions about the method of purification N. Walker, and even more: during his lifetime after the release of the books, he had a lot of supporters among physicians. It is worth noting that the doctor himself lived for quite a long time - 101 years, while he additionally managed to do business.

    The annual cleansing of the body according to Walker allows you to forget about various diseases for a long time, as well as maintain your weight in the normal way.

    The essence of the method of cleansing intestinal Walker

    Full cleansing is carried out with the help of citrus juice. A well-known American doctor Norman Walker took up a deep study of the citrus family at the time. He argues that with regular use of fresh juices from vegetables and fruits, health is fully restored. The study has been going on for years, and as a result, Walker has developed a unique system of cleansing the body of toxins using juices from lemons, mandarins and other citrus fruits.

    Walker is always against what is not grown by nature. Perhaps that is why he married in 102 years and he had a great son.

    The reason for the fullness and ill health of people

    Walker argues that the main reason for the fullness of most people is unhealthy diet, namely the use of incongruous mixtures, which lead to poor intestinal work. After all, the delay of harmful substances in the body slows down and stops the process of recovery, and even turns it back! If toxins are not excreted from the body, then protein rotting begins, which leads to toxemia or increased acidity. After this muck is absorbed into the bloodstream, and as a result the whole body is infected. This is where all our diseases come from. Therefore, the first step to healing the body is its complete cleaning.

    Walker cleansing. Stage 1

    Getting out of bed in the morning, immediately go to the kitchen and prepare yourself a solution of glauber's salt: add one tablespoon to a glass of water and drink everything. Thus, you cleanse your body of toxins accumulated overnight. I think it should be warned that this procedure leads to dehydration. But this is necessary, because after you need 2 liters of juice. Which citrus fruits to use depends on your taste, but it is best to use grapefruits, lemons and oranges, and drink grapefruits more. Make yourself one liter of juice and add one liter of boiled water, resulting in 2 liters of juice. Note that we dilute with water not for economy, but for better absorption of juices by the body.

    You need to start drinking juice in half an hour after taking Glauber's salt. Drink a glass or two depending on thirst every half hour. After a couple of hours, you should end up drinking all the juice. Eating is not recommended throughout the day. To satisfy hunger you can have some fruit. In the evening, before going to bed, it is best to make a two-liter enema with the addition of two lemons juice to the water. Enema removes all remaining toxins and toxins from the intestines. But that is not all! For the next three days, you should eat only raw fruit.

    Result of the first stage

    After all this, you will feel tired, but this is because the body has spent a lot of energy on cleansing, and not because you ate some fruit. As a result, you will feel several times better than you felt before the purification! You will have the ease and comfort. In addition, you lose a few extra pounds!

    Stage 2: Lemon Peeling

    A week after cleansing the body need to start cleansing the intestines. The best citrus fruit to eliminate toxins is lemon. It removes harmful substances from the most difficult places of the body, even from the most inaccessible, from which they almost do not appear! Plus, lemon removes salts of heavy metals. Therefore, having risen in the morning, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of boiled water. The solution should be drunk half an hour before meals.

    And if you add a few egg yolks to lemon juice, then you will have a fortified laxative. You can also eat 5–12 pieces of dried apricots and prunes with lemon juice. The effect will be the same. It is best to take a laxative before bedtime.

    Dr. Walker's warning

    Walker warns everyone that he should be treated with caution. In addition, if you have an increased acidity in the body, then you should generally start with vegetable juices.

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    Preparation for cleansing the intestines by Walker

    For cleaning you will need 2-3 liters of pre-prepared boiled water. Cleaning procedures are most effective at 5-7 am, but if there is no such possibility, then bowel cleansing can be transferred to the evening.

    For 2 liters of water, add 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, you can dissolve a pinch of citric acid. It will be great to add garlic water.

    How to make garlic water

    Crush 1 clove of garlic, pour cold water, stir, be sure to strain and pour into the enema solution, induced with apple vinegar. Do not be afraid of the composition - the acidic environment is needed to suppress the putrefactive germs that live in the intestines, and garlic water - to suppress the disease-causing microbes.

    Water, prepared in this way, pour into the Esmarkh mug. Dip the end of the hose or the tip into the sunflower oil. “Pear” is not suitable for cleansing enema - it produces only a mild laxative effect. For the purification procedure, it is the Esmarkh circle that is needed.

    Bowel cleansing

    We start the enema to cleanse the intestines. The mug should hang at such a height that the hose does not become tight when you enter the enema tip. Take a knee-elbow posture on a soft mat. One elbow remains free, since the other hand will support the tip, inserting it into the anus.

    The tip must be inserted slowly and carefully. For hemorrhoids, you must first consult with your doctor. Having entered a tip, raise a basin, and lower a head below that water from a circle began to come to intestines. Breathe deeply, drawing in the air and exhaling shortly through your mouth. Do 7 belly injections and rest. During vigorous intake of air, water flows into the rectum more quickly.

    If the water doesn’t come to the end, but at the same time you feel pain in the abdomen, hold the tap on the hose, rise to your feet and, without pulling out the tip, do a belly massage upwards, then kneel again and finish the procedure. Water must be used to the end!

    When the water in the mug is over, remove the tip, put the previously prepared gasket on the anus, hold the aisle muscle and try to hold the water for at least 7 minutes. Pain and a feeling of distention in the abdomen relieve stroking. If possible, walk a little or lie on your stomach. Perhaps for the first time, the urge to empty the intestines will be so strong that it will not be possible to keep the water for a long time. The feeling of strong distention during the procedure can be avoided by first achieving a natural bowel movement.

    During the release of the intestine from the water, palpate the abdomen with your fingers. If there is a gurgling sound, then the water still remains.

    Never do a cleansing enema if you have a limited amount of time. Better not to start at all bowel cleansingthan to rush and leave some of the water, which is then absorbed into the intestinal wall and will be harmful to health.

    The benchmark for the success of the procedure is a feeling of emptiness in the stomach and lightness in the body after its completion.

    But if you feel that there are still a lot of feces in the intestines, you should once again pour water into the mug and inject it into yourself to free the intestines from the remnants.

    In chronic constipation, before cleansing the intestines, it is necessary to inject half a liter of water and, without holding it, release immediately to prepare the rectum for a large enema. You can repeat this 2-3 times. Then pour water into the Esmarkh mug and make a complete enema, as described above.

    So that it does not turn out that you ran out of water at the most inopportune moment - always prepare chilled boiled water (37 ° C) a little more than is required by preliminary calculations.

    Scheme of cleaning procedures

    • First week: intestinal enemas are done daily.
    • Second week: enemas are done every other day.
    • Third week: enemas every 2 days
    • Fourth week: enemas after 3 days.
    • The fifth week and beyond is always: enemas once a week. It is advisable to take garlic in the morning and in the evening (read below about garlic intake)
    And about the treatment of treatment of periodontal disease apparatus Vector read on dr-granov.ru.

    A full cycle of bowel cleansing is repeated 1-2 times a year: before the start of the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

    Additional recommendations for bowel cleansing at home

    Many body health practitioners advise simultaneously with enemas daily for 1-2 weeks, if there are no contraindications to garlic (heart disease, ulcer, etc.), eat a small clove of garlic in the morning on an empty stomach (in its pure form). Chew should be as carefully as possible so that it mixes well with saliva before swallowing. If you chew garlic problematic, you can pound or grate, and then hold it in your mouth. Meal no earlier than an hour!

    In the evening, eat garlic 2 hours after the last meal and do not eat or eat anything. It helps to suppress the putrefactive bacteria in the body, which poison our bodies with the products of their vital activity.

    Attention! After taking garlic, cooked in any way, pain in the stomach may appear. It is not dangerous, but you have to endure it for several days. Do not back down!

    If you suffer from heartburn because of garlic, it can be removed in a simple way: before eating 1-2 times a day, drink 2 tablespoons of fresh potato juice. It neutralizes acidity.

    From the first day of bowel cleansing, review your diet. Otherwise, what’s the point of cleaning the intestines, immediately continuing to litter it with food that is useless for the body?

    Text: Maria Tarasova on the book Maya Gogulan "Say goodbye to disease"

    Slimming, body cleansing, fitness - Walker: complete bowel cleansing

    Walker: complete bowel cleansing - Slimming, body cleansing, fitness

    The most popular method of cleaning the intestines in the human body is an enema by the Walker method. A well-known journalist and connoisseur of body treatment methods, Maya Gogulan, most closely examined this method in her work “Say Goodbye to Diseases”

    This article will focus on how to clean the intestines completely, using the Walker method, as well as the recommendations from the Gogulan books. The first thing to be done is a complete cleaning of the gastrointestinal tract, because without this it is not possible to clean the rest of the human organs.

    Preparation for cleaning the intestines by the method of Walker.

    First you need to prepare 2-3 liters of boiled water. It is best to carry out procedures from five to seven o'clock in the morning, in the absence of such an opportunity, it is allowed to transfer them to the evening time of the day.

    To two liters of boiled water, you must add two tablespoons of vinegar, preferably apple, or lemon juice. Instead of lemon juice, citric acid can be added at the tip of a knife. It is also useful to add garlic water.

    The method of cooking garlic water.

    One clove of garlic must be crushed, then pour the resulting mass with cold water, mix, strain, and pour into the pre-prepared solution with apple cider vinegar. Do not be confused by the resulting acidic solution, it is necessary to eliminate the putrefactive microbes in the human intestine. Garlic water will contribute to the suppression of pathogens.

    For the next step, you will need sunflower oil. In Esmarkh mug you need to pour the previously prepared solution. Dip the hose tip into the oil. For this procedure it is necessary to use only the Esmarkh mug, since the usual enema leads only to a slight laxative effect.

    Cleaning the intestines.

    The next stage of cleaning the intestine is the correct formulation of the enema. When inserting the enema tip, it is necessary to ensure that the Esmarkh circle is at a height at which the hose is not tensioned. The most effective posture is the knee-elbow, for greater convenience, you can use a soft mat. With one hand, the tip is inserted into the anus, while the other remains free.

    The tip should be inserted carefully and slowly. For diseases such as hemorrhoids, consultation with your doctor is necessary. After insertion of the handpiece, it is necessary to raise the pelvis and lower the head for more efficient flow of water from the mug to the intestine. It is necessary to breathe deeply, to draw air into the mouth and exhale it through the mouth. After seven abdominal retracts, you should get some rest. Thanks to this process, water penetrates faster into the cavity of the rectum and the intestines are cleaned.

    In case the fluid does not enter completely, but you experience painful sensations in the abdominal area, it is strongly recommended to clamp the hose tap, stand up and, without removing the tip, produce abdominal mass with light up-and-down motions. Then you need to kneel again and complete the procedure. It is very important to use the entire solution.

    After the water in the mug is over, you need to remove the tip and put a gasket on the anus, which must be prepared in advance. Then you should clamp the muscle of the anus and hold the water inside for seven minutes. If you experience pain in the abdomen, you can make a light stroking, which should eliminate them. If possible, it is recommended to walk a little or lie on your stomach. If you are performing this procedure for the first time, it is quite possible that Walker's gut emptying will be too strong and you will not be able to hold the solution for a long time. This painful sensation can be avoided by first achieving a natural emptying of the body.

    You should not do a cleansing enema if its time is limited. It is better not to even begin the procedure when you are in a hurry, which may lead to the fact that part of the solution may remain in the intestine, suck in its walls, and cause irreparable harm to your health.

    If you did everything right, you will feel lightness in the body and emptiness in the stomach. But if you have a feeling that there are still fecal masses in the intestines, you should once again add water to the Esmarkh mug and carry out the procedure again until the intestines are completely free of residues.

    In chronic intestinal diseases (including constipation) before the main procedure it is strongly recommended to first enter 0.5 liters of boiled water, and, to prepare the rectum for the main stage, immediately release all the water. For the best effect, you can repeat this procedure 2 or even 3 times. Then it is necessary to top up the solution in the Esmarkh mug, and, as described above, put a full enema.

    It is always necessary to prepare a little more water than is required, in order to avoid its premature use at the wrong moment.

    Stages of cleaning the body:

    • Stage I. In the first week, intestinal enemas are placed daily.
    • Stage II. After the second week, enemas are placed in one day.
    • Stage III. After the end of the third week of the enema should be put every two days.
    • Stage IV. In the fourth week, enemas are recommended to be given at intervals of three days.
    • Stage V. At the end of the fifth week, the enema is placed only once a week.

    The full cycle of intestinal cleansing should be repeated up to two times a year - at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons.

    Many people practicing the improvement of the body, advise along with enemas, every day, on an empty stomach, there is one small clove of garlic. It should be chewed as thoroughly as possible, for better mixing with saliva before swallowing. If you chew garlic is problematic, you can loosen it, or grate it on a fine grater, and then hold it a little in your mouth.

    We hope that the described method, which was developed by Walker (complete cleaning of the intestines) will help you cope with this problem. We wish you good health. Until new meetings.

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