Traditional medicine - the main treatment or an auxiliary method?

Demodicosis is a common ailment that affects the skin of the face, ears, and especially the eyelids. A microscopic mite called acne loves to live along the lash line, in the wet environment of the conjunctiva. A sick person notes redness, swelling of the eyelids, a feeling of constant eye strain, photophobia. On the eyelashes are visible small scales, eyelids itch, and all the time it feels as if sand was pouring into the eyes.

Demodecosis is treated very long and difficult, because the tick is extremely tenacious, in addition, the patient is constantly infected again through bed linen and towels, or when itching his eyelids with dirty fingers. The treatment of demodicosis with folk remedies is very important, because it really helps, unlike some pharmaceutical drugs that cause only temporary improvement. Consider the most effective and proven recipes.

Bitter wormwood will help from demodicosis

To prepare a healing broth from wormwood, take a couple of spoons of dry, chopped herb and cover it with a liter of boiling water, then boil for five minutes and leave in a warm place for at least three hours. This folk remedy for demodicosis is taken orally according to a special scheme for six days, without interrupting treatment even at night:

Monday is half a glass every hour

Tuesday - half a glass every couple of hours,

Wednesday-Saturday - half a cup every three hours.

On every day of such a “wormwood marathon” it is necessary to prepare a fresh portion of broth. Sweeten it can be honey. At the time of treatment, you will not only wipe out the hated tick, but also perfectly clean the intestines.

Ointment from homemade demodicosis

Right at home you can prepare a very effective ointment against demodicosis. Both folk remedies and traditional medicines sold in each pharmacy will be useful to you. Their combination often works much better, and homemade ointment costs less than ready-made products.

Here are the best recipes:

Buy in a pharmacy Trichopolum. Every night before bed, rub two tablets in a spoon of castor oil, and carefully apply the ointment to the eyelids affected by the tick. Lightly rub it and leave until morning washing,

A simple folk remedy based on celandine will help eliminate facial skin demodicosis. Pour a glass of fresh roots with the same amount of refined sunflower oil, and leave the jar with this mixture in the sun for a couple of weeks. Then strain, and store the resulting liquid in a vial of dark glass in the refrigerator. Mix it with sour cream and apply on face as an ointment before bedtime. Rub the same oily liquid into the skin of the eyelids and ears, and also bury it in the nose, because the tick lives there,

Prepare natural apple cider vinegar in a concentration of 6%, and use it as a healing ointment. Just keep your eyes tightly closed when you rub your eyelids with vinegar.

Compresses and lotions from eyelid demodicosis

You can cope with the tick with the help of healing compresses and lotions.

To prepare them is very simple, here are the best folk remedies for demodicosis:

Boil a teaspoon of crushed oak bark in a glass of boiling water for about five minutes, and with this warm broth make lotions on the eyes,

Squeeze aloe juice on a sterile bandage and apply to the inflamed eyelids several times a day,

Stock up on plenty of fresh garlic. Scratch the teeth on a fine grater, wrap in a sterile bandage and apply to the eyes for half an hour, changing the lotion every ten minutes.

Face masks against demodicosis

The ill-fated tick causes pink acne on the face, which is very spoiling appearance. More precisely, the rash is not caused by the mite itself, but by the waste of its vital activity. The sebaceous glands from them become inflamed, the pores expand and clog. How to be? Help folk remedies for demodicosis skin:

Any sour juices, whether from berries, fruits or medicinal herbs, thoroughly spoil the mites life, depriving them of the nutrient medium. Prepare masks from lemon, blueberry, currant, celandine, mixing sour treats with egg white, if your face skin is oily, or with yolk, if it is the opposite, dry,

There are herbs that have a calming effect on irritated skin. We all know about them: it is chamomile, sage, calendula, a series. You can prepare decoctions, according to the instructions on the pack, and apply sterile gauze dipped in medicinal liquid on the face affected by demodicosis. These homemade masks are very effective,

Grate a pair of sour apples on a fine grater and half the weight of fresh horseradish. Stir and apply this folk remedy on the face pre-cleaned with lotion. This mask should be held for about fifteen minutes, but if the skin is too hot, remove it earlier. Immediately after the procedure, rinse your face with whey and spread it with Lassar paste, which is easy to find in the pharmacy. In the morning, do not wash with soap, but with special milk or baby shampoo. And then apply on the face of men's after shave cream, preferably domestic production.

Treatment demodekoza ointment

Demodex is a subcutaneous tick, and demodicosis is a disease to them. With this disease, the skin of the face becomes very red. Often, the medicines prescribed by the doctor do not help at all, and then the means of popular treatment, including demodicosis, come to the rescue.

One reader got sick with this disease, and was completely taken aback. I read in the newspaper how to cure demodicosis on my own. Take pure grease, olive oil, birch tar (it is sold in a veterinary pharmacy). Mix all ingredients in equal amounts and wipe the face with this ointment.

After she used this folk remedy, demodicosis passed, and the skin became clean and beautiful, the wrinkles smoothed out.

Demodecosis treatment with gunpowder

For the treatment of demodicosis, use such a folk remedy that a large number of people were treated for fourteen days, and everything went away. Spread 2 tablespoons of smoky black gunpowder into powder, put it in a dish and mix with chopped blue vitriol (one spoon). Take two hundred grams of butter and heat it in a water bath. When it is melted, pour it into the dishes, where the two powders were mixed, and mix everything well.

Lubricate the affected areas with this compound, and put polyethylene on top. Secure the compress with a bandage. This compress is done at night, and in the morning you need to wash everything off with warm water. At night, apply a compress. The course of treatment is fourteen days.

How to cure demodicosis

It is difficult to get rid of demodicosis, but some people know many recipes for the popular treatment of demodicosis, and here is one of them.

You will need a tincture of calendula, which is sold in a pharmacy, and Demalan ointment. When you wake up, wash your face and blot with a towel so that your face is not wet. Then take a calendula and wipe the face with it fifteen minutes after washing. After another five minutes, apply a thin layer of ointment on your face. So leave the ointment until the evening, and then wash it with soap and wipe the face with calendula tincture, only you should not smear it with ointment.

Heal this way for forty days and constantly change the pillow case, while not forgetting to iron it.

Folk ointment for demodicosis

Take a fresh lard, melt it in a water bath. At this time it is necessary to grind sulfur in porcelain dishes. Mix these two ingredients in an enamel pot and add two tablespoons of birch tar. In this case, take one and a half tablespoons of bacon, which has already been melted, and three grams of chopped sulfur. Dishes with this composition should be put on a slow fire and wait until the mixture boils, then boil for another three minutes. Pour the composition into the jar and wait until the ointment hardens.

Use this ointment every day, smearing her face for the night. In the morning, wash the ointment with warm water using baby soap. Every day, do such procedures for three months, and be sure to recover.

Treatment of demodicosis with garlic compresses

Take six cloves of garlic and chop it to the consistency of sour cream, pour it with half a teaspoon of sunflower oil and mix everything. Put this compound on a bandage, which must be sterile and folded in two layers, and apply to the affected skin. Place cellophane on top and secure it with a bandage.

Keep such a compress for half an hour, and then remove and wash the skin with warm water using tar soap. Wipe the skin with a towel.

In conclusion, we want to say that folk remedies against demodicosis, although effective, should not be used without consulting a dermatologist. Actually, the diagnosis of demodicosis is made in the laboratory on the basis of a study of skin scraping or analysis of eyelashes. The physician must prescribe treatment and clarify whether the chosen folk recipes suit you as an adjuvant therapy.

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Skin diseases most often deliver a person only cosmetological discomfort. They rarely carry a serious threat to life. It is to such diseases applies demodicosis. Any parts of the body with sebaceous glands can be affected by this pathology.

Human skin is a complex organ that protects the body from a variety of injuries, takes part in breathing, in the process of thermoregulation, in exchange reactions, etc. The skin of the face is especially vulnerable to external influences, as it most often remains unprotected.

Most experts strongly believe that it is simply impossible to get rid of rosacea without the use of antibacterial drugs. The reasons that can trigger the development of the disease, there are many, ranging from environmental factors and ending.

Scalp itching is a feeling of discomfort that makes you want to scratch an irritated area. This feeling can be both temporary and permanent, it is able to deliver discomfort to a person. Most often the head itches due to exposure to the skin of any external irritant.

Apple cider vinegar helps, but patience is needed. It hurts a lot, but it's worth it. Wipe the face, eyelids, ears, hands once again do not touch the face. The face needs to be cleaned 5 times a day, no less. When it becomes better, somewhere in a month, wipe it in the morning and evening. Horny skin itself does not remove, you need to wait until she starts to roll when washing. During the day, apply cream on the basis of herbs, everything else gives only a temporary effect. But pillowcases need to be changed and ironed every night.
So continue for 3 months, wipe your face with apple cider vinegar and wash with soap or tar soap.

Who has started homedecoz, drink sedatives until you are cured, as it is psychologically difficult to endure. And yet, after wiping with vinegar, wait 5-10 minutes and wipe again, and only then apply the cream or gel bought at the pharmacy. There are many different, for example, I use the cream mantling. Not to say that he treats demodicosis, but it accelerates the healing of wounds and relieves inflammation. I have been under treatment for 2 months now, I can already go out. There was everything and tears and despair, but I do not give up.

My story, how I got rid of demodicosis. He was in my rather complex form. Back in the 11th grade, it began with me, but I simply wrote it off as a teenager, without attaching special significance, saying that it would pass by itself. Then I entered the university. The situation there, I must say, has deteriorated greatly. Now I understand why, but then it all seemed incomprehensible, and I continued to fail in the fight against demodicosis to write off what should go by itself. This continued in the second year. Then I began to think that I just need to improve hygiene - I thought that if I wash my face with soap and water every morning and before bedtime, then everything will be fine with me. I did not even know that my numerous permanent acne on the face, back and chest, is nothing but a disease! Then I believed that just dirt and dust falls on the face and because of this such a picture. In the third year I began to understand that this is a serious problem and something must be solved. First, some friends advised to use Zenerite. Um, some temporary, short-term result, he gives, but no more. More precisely there, it can be used when you have cured demodicosis and simply remove some pimple from the face. And as for the treatment of demodicosis, it is not suitable! When I realized this, I began to google a lot on my problem. For a start, I learned that this disease - demodicosis! Symptoms converged! I tried to do self-medication .. I chose drugs myself .. it was a mistake! So I just wasted 1.5 months in vain. Again, in the beginning there was some improvement, but then everything goes to pieces! A friend persuaded me to go to a dermatologist. I was scraped and confirmed that I had demodemosis. The doctor explained to me everything on the shelves how to treat.
Here are all the points:
1) Do not sleep on a feather pillow! And not even sinteponovoy! I still sleep on foam rubber. This is very important because ticks live in feather pillows, which in many respects provoke the appearance of ticks!
2) During treatment, do not wash your face every day. Water is a favorable environment for demodex mites. I washed every two or three days. And every day I just wiped my face with napkins.
3) Chatterbox. It's the most important! She will be prescribed by a dermatologist, there are different types of them. Im wipe your face twice a day.
4) Tablets metranidazole! I drank them 10 days, 3 tablets per day. They should also be prescribed by a dermatologist.
5) I don’t remember which one, but there was some other ointment. She had to smear her face at lunchtime, she combined it with a talker. She will also be prescribed by a doctor.
6) Do not wipe your face with the same towel for a long time! And best of all, as I did - wipe your face with disposable towels!
7) Pillowcases - change them every 2-4 days!
8) Drink vitamins, eat vegetables and fruits. This is necessary to improve the immunity! This is also extremely important!
9) At least for the duration of treatment, stop drinking and smoking.

The treatment lasts a month and a half. But you literally from the first days will notice significant changes. In the morning you will get up, and over the night on the face there will be no new "surprises"! Within a month and a half, you will be cured of demodicosis itself. If you have acne scars or scars on your skin, they will also need to be treated, so it will take more time. I have already had about a year, but still there are small traces on the skin, although they are already much smaller. By the way, I advise you to use chatterbox after demodecosis treatment. Wipe them once every 2-3 days face at night, for example. If any pimple appears - talker is better means against it! Well, after the treatment of demodicosis daily wash in the morning and before bedtime! Just not ordinary water and soap, and scrub! This will clean your skin of dust and dirt for a day, and remove scars and scars on your skin after demodicosis. And continue to monitor what you wipe your face! Follow my advice, because they really checked on personal experience! I advertise nothing, just sharing my experience!

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Causes of demodicosis

Demodecosis people get sick of any age and gender. Ticks in single quantities are present on the epidermis of any person, without causing symptoms of demodicosis. They belong to conditionally pathogenic organisms and can cause disease only by multiplying strongly.

The disease has a chance when the skin's immunity decreases and at the same time the activity of the sebaceous glands increases. Ticks immediately begin to multiply rapidly and move to a parasitic way of life.

Demodecosis often occurs on the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and hormonal imbalance. In all these cases, the amount and composition of sebum changes.

Symptoms of infection

First of all, the symptoms of demodicosis are localized on the face. In half of the cases simultaneously with the face, the lesion covers the eyelids. It is in these parts of the body that the sebaceous glands work most actively, responding to any changes in hormonal levels and malfunctions in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

In advanced cases, the pathology extends to the head, chest and upper back.

Facial rash

The main sign of demodicosis on the face are rosacea. The patient has a red face in the nasolabial triangle pustules are formed.

Then the entire face is covered with papules - formations, slightly rising above the surface of the skin. The diameter of the papule from 1 mm. Pimples look like small balls. Inside the papules pus accumulates, the skin next to them swells.

In the later stages of the disease, the skin becomes noticeably thickened, spider veins appear. The patient clearly feels itchy, tightness of the face. Changes are accompanied by increased oily skin and pore expansion.

Perennial demodicosis can permanently disfigure the appearance: the nose becomes hypertrophied, the face becomes covered with spider veins that cannot be removed. The skin becomes bumpy, difficult facial expressions.

Eye demodecosis

  • blepharoconjuctivitis - inflammation of the eyeballs,
  • blepharitis - inflammation of the eyelids.

Patients have a feeling of sand in their eyes, eyelids and squirrels turn red, tears stand out, itching begins. Eyelashes become thinner, break and fall out. In the morning on the eyelashes and on the edge of the eyelids appear crusts, scales, sticky plaque.

Folk remedies

I have been engaged in the detection and treatment of parasites for many years. I can say with confidence that almost all of them are infected with parasites. Just most of them are extremely difficult to detect. They can be anywhere - in the blood, intestines, lungs, heart, brain. Parasites literally devour you from the inside, at the same time poisoning the body. As a result, there are numerous health problems, reducing the life of 15-25 years.

The main mistake - dragging out! The sooner you start to infer parasites, the better. If we talk about drugs, then everything is problematic. To date, there is only one really effective anti-parasitic complex, this is Toximin. It destroys and sweeps from the body of all known parasites - from the brain and heart to the liver and intestines. None of the existing drugs are capable of this anymore.

In the framework of the Federal Program, when applying until October 12th. (inclusive) each resident of the Russian Federation and the CIS can receive one package of Toximin IS FREE!

Doctors prescribed to patients with demodicosis, ointments, talkers and pills. Treatment with drugs from pharmacies is not always effective.

There are proven methods to get rid of the tick with simple folk medicine that anyone can use. Tincture of calendula, turns and other medicinal herbs, homeopathy, essential oils are safe for health and often show a good result.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree essential oil is a natural substance, safe for humans, but very unpleasant for ticks. The tool has anti-inflammatory and tick-borne activity. It is a powerful natural antiseptic with wide wound-healing capabilities, so it is successfully used for the treatment of demodicosis.

The components of the oil penetrate deep into the pores and toxically act on ticks, as a result of which Demodex dies. Oil normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and dries the skin, after which the mites are left without food.

For the treatment of demodicosis, ether is added to shampoos, face and eyelid creams, mixed into herbal decoctions, lotions and tonics.

You can make a decoction of the series and tea tree oil. The string acts on the skin as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent. The plant contains flavonoids and other biologically active substances that can inhibit the reproduction of mites.

Grass series is sold in pharmacies, packaged in filter bags or as a placer. Herbal decoction is prepared strictly according to the instructions on the package. Then in 100 ml of liquid add 5-6 drops of essential oil. Face rubbed twice a day.

To get rid of demodicosis prepare a healing decoction of wormwood. Two tablespoons of dry chopped herbs are poured with a liter of boiling water, boiled over low heat for 5 minutes, removed, wrapped and kept for three hours. The broth is taken orally.

Treatment can not be interrupted for a single day, the medicine has to be drunk even at night:

  • first day - drink half a glass every hour,
  • the second day - drink half a glass every 2 hours,
  • the third and subsequent days - drink half a glass every 3 hours.

Apple vinegar

To get rid of demodecosis with apple vinegar, you need to buy 6% liquid in a store and wipe her face, eyelids and ears. When they treat the eyelids, they close their eyes tightly so that the vinegar does not get inside.

Treatments are done 5 times a day. In about a month the condition of the skin will significantly improve. After that, you can reduce wiping to 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. Pillowcases are changed and ironed daily.

A full course of apple cider vinegar treatment is 3 months. During treatment, the face is washed only with household soap or tar soap.

Ticks do not tolerate birch tar. This natural remedy is sold in pharmacies. Tar should not be applied undiluted to the face - it burns, dries and irritates the skin. It is better to make masks based on birch tar:

  • tar - a few drops,
  • zinc paste - a teaspoon,
  • powder Metronidazole.

It should make a greenish paste. It is applied before going to bed on the washed face, held for at least an hour. The effect comes very quickly - the itching passes, new inflammations cease to form, ulcers dry up. The course of treatment is 15 days.

You can get rid of demodicosis as follows: a compress from Dimexide, diluted with water 1: 2, is applied daily to the skin. After 20 minutes, dimexide wash off. After the compress on the affected areas impose applications of tar and zinc paste: a teaspoon of paste and 3 drops of tar. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Tar-zinc mixture - an effective and skin-friendly agent. Dimexide opens the pores, after which the tar acts several times more efficiently. The method is not suitable for people suffering from asthma - they have tar can cause aggravation.

Other methods applicable at home

Lemon juice - an effective and affordable means of skin transformation with signs of demodicosis. Freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice serves as a peeling, tonic and bleach. If the ointment from demodicosis is applied after a course of lemon peels, the regenerating and acaricidal effect of the drug is enhanced.

Video about the national treatment of demodicosis:

It is necessary to squeeze a little juice out of the fruit and apply it on the face with a cotton swab. Citrus juice can be added to the mask.

You can not get too carried away with acid peels. Tonic is applied every evening 5 times in a row, but then be sure to take a break for 2-3 weeks.

After the course of procedures:

  • new signs of acne cease to appear,
  • decreases sebum secretion,
  • face is whitened,
  • spots disappear.

Demodecosis requires an individual approach. The right combination of folk remedies and anti-parasitic drugs will definitely lead to a complete cure.

Birch tar

Birch tar from demodicosis has been used for a long time. In its pure form, it is a liquid with an unpleasant odor. Get the tar by dry distillation from birch bark. Moreover, for the production of the product take only the outer part of the bark. The result is a mixture of phenols, various resinous substances, aromatic hydrocarbons.

In medicine, the product is used to cure skin diseases. Such as fungal infections of the extremities, erysipelas, scaly deprive, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, folliculitis, pediculosis, scabies, vitiligo, trophic non-healing ulcers, pressure sores and others. Apply the tool must be externally on the affected areas.

A special effect is achieved in the treatment of scurvy. The tool remarkably strengthens tissues and nourishes the internal organs. In cosmetology, birch tar is often an excellent tool for the treatment of acne, dandruff, hair loss, dry skin, or vice versa, excessive fat content and other problems that spoil the beauty.

Despite this variety of useful properties, there are contraindications. Prolonged and frequent therapeutic use may cause skin irritation. Exacerbation of the eczematous process is not excluded. Do not use the drug in the folds of the skin.

Exact medical studies of the composition of the product showed that it contains a lot of carcinogenic substances. Therefore, thoughtless and regular use of the drug can lead to harm to health. Inside it is not worth taking tar even in small doses.

Herbs from demodicosis

Herbs from demodicosis are widely used in traditional medicine. There are several recipes that have a really positive effect on the whole process.

Elecampane. You should take 25 grams (one tablespoon) of the root and pour 200 ml of boiling water over it. The resulting mass will need to close the lid and boil for a very low heat for about seven minutes. Then wrap the decoction and let it infuse for at least six hours. The tool, after cooling down, must be drained and used as lotions. Tampons soaked in tincture, applied to the affected places twice a day for no more than twenty minutes. Previously, the places that need to be treated are wiped with calendula or eucalyptus tinctures.

Collection of herbs. It is necessary to take wormwood, plantain, mint, millennial, tansy flower, nettle (all herbs are one tablespoon) and a line (two tablespoons). The listed herbs must be mixed. Take 50 grams (two tablespoons) of raw materials and pour 500 ml of boiling water. This tool should be kept in bundled form for at least 30 minutes. At the expiration of time, the infusion is filtered and taken three times a day half an hour before eating one hundred grams. Treatment should last at least six weeks.

Violet. First you need to prepare a tricolor violet, calendula (flowers) and St. John's wort in one tablespoon of each type. You will also need a sheet of plantain and root devyasila one tablespoon. These herbs are thoroughly mixed, and in a clean dish set aside two tablespoons of the mixture. Picked herbs are poured with boiled water and drawn in wrapped form for thirty minutes. Upon expiration, infusion strain. This tool must be drunk before eating food (30 minutes), one hundred grams. Course duration is six weeks. Treatment of demodicosis in this case is carried out with extreme caution.

Wormwood from demodicosis is no less effective than others capable of. For the preparation of healing broth, you need to take a couple of spoons of grass, but before that, chop it. All this is poured over with a liter of boiling water and boiled for five minutes. Then you should put the broth in a dark place for three hours. Here it will find its main useful properties.

This folk remedy for the disease is taken orally according to a special scheme for six days, without interrupting treatment even at night. On Monday you should drink half a glass every hour. Tuesday - half a cup every couple of hours. From Wednesday to Saturday half a glass every three hours.

On every day of such a “wormwood marathon” it is necessary to prepare a fresh portion of broth. Sweeten it can be honey. During treatment, it will be possible not only to corrode the hated tick, but also to perfectly clean the intestines. Therefore, this tool can be called unique in its own way. Most importantly, this is a completely safe fix for the problem.

Tea tree

Tea tree with demodicosis began to use not so long ago. It has a number of useful properties that are due to a harmless chemical composition. It can claim the primacy among other essential oils, because It contains at least 48 useful organic ingredients.

Tea tree is a strong antiseptic. It is 8 times stronger than carbolic acid and 12 times stronger than phenol. It has a pronounced bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral and immunostimulating action. It is used solely as an external agent, its intake is not recommended. If irritation does not occur, you can use it, with the resulting slight burning and redness of the skin is considered a normal reaction.

For problematic skin, as well as for prevention, it is used as a cleansing agent. On a single part of the cream or lotion add 1 drop of oil. It will be good for 1-2 drops of essential oil of tea tree in the compositions of home masks, designed for oily and problem skin.

Garlic with demodicosis is used as an aid. It has a positive effect on healing. It needs to be well potoloch (in mush), which can then be applied to the skin for about forty minutes.

It is not necessary to make mush, you can just use the tool inside. Both in pure form and with the addition of vegetable oil. Suitable sunflower or flaxseed. In order for the gruel not to run down the face, you need to cover the layer of garlic applied with a layer of sterile bandage or gauze. Top need to cover the areas of the face with a compress with pieces of cellophane.

It is possible to apply this plant both in a pure form, and in complex therapy. But, despite the mass of positive properties, special care should be taken. Garlic can cause severe skin burns. Neglecting such treatment is not worth it. If the skin is sensitive, you should first talk with a dermatologist about further elimination of the problem. The treatment of demodicosis is perfectly achieved through the use of traditional medicine.

Treatment of demodicosis with kerosene

Treatment of demodicosis with kerosene is a very strange, but effective way. Skin damaged by demodex must be treated with kerosene and not rinsed for three days. Thanks to this procedure, an impenetrable film is formed and the mites living in the skin will come out, as they will lack oxygen.

Use this tool if you have already formed ulcers, it is impossible, since kerosene can cause additional irritation. Before using it, you should first test for an allergic reaction. Simply apply the product to the skin and wait 15-30 minutes. If no discomfort has arisen, then it is quite possible to use the “drug”.

If you experience discomfort, this method should be abandoned. Otherwise, it is possible the development of negative adverse reactions. Solving the problem in this case can lead to serious "damage" to the skin.

Tick ​​treatment

Contrary to popular belief, the activity of a tick can be recognized not only by acne. This can be itchy eyelids, eyebrows or eyelashes (ocular demodicosis is a very unpleasant disease, which is often confused with barley), a rash, purulent acne, inflammation of the scalp and loss of curls. Depending on the localization of symptoms, you need to choose a treatment.

A simple old-fashioned way - to treat demodicosis birch tar. It is cheap, cheerful and efficient. You need to buy a pack of resin at a pharmacy, and periodically apply it to a damaged place. Often used to treat chest and back. Naturally, this treatment is intended only to eliminate the subcutaneous tick.

Demodecosis treatment

Next in the ranking of simple and accessible methods - kerosene treatmentAs in the case of tar, this option does not solve the problem of eye demodecosis, but it will certainly help from the tick of hair and head.

Treatment of demodicosis folk remedies involves the use of improvised components. Even the simplest will help us. vinegarbut there are a few but:

  • persistent and very unusual smell,
  • Vinegar brightens the skin, it becomes not white, but with a gray tint,
  • this acid kills all microorganisms on the surface of the dermis, both harmful and beneficial.

You can replace the vinegar hydrogen peroxide, but, unfortunately, again the same question in unnaturally-white complexion.

It is believed that mites are afraid of oily substances, they interrupt the access of insects to oxygen. So you can cure the disease and the usual sunflower oil.

Photo - Demodecosis Tick

Another similar way: grate the tick ambush site juice of celandine or garlic. Cut a clove of a vegetable in half and rub it with a tick, or we break off a leaf of poisonous celandine, on the spot of breaking it appears juice, which we burn out the uninvited guest. A little advice, if you are afraid of experimenting with dangerous plants, use tansy or iron juice in self-treatment.

From rosacea caused by the demodex mite, Turner's help is well spreading or grass Demyana. From it we make a decoction, which we wash several times a day. Another effective herbal medicine is avermectins. These are substances that are extracted in a special way from fungi. On their basis, often make shampoos and tick cream, for example, ovante or intv (used for the treatment and prevention of pets).

To completely non-standard treatment regimens Tibetan system ayuverda, it is quite difficult to perform independently without some preparation. Although in Irkutsk there are special centers where they offer assistance in studying these cultures.

Remember, only skin mites can be treated at home, a doctor from ophthalmology will help you with an eye. Kharkiv, St. Petersburg, Zaporozhye, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Karaganda, Simferopol, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Dnepropetrovsk, Vladivostok, Kazan, Odessa, Ufa, Bishkek, Crimea, Donetsk and Novosibirsk. If you are in Moscow, we highly recommend the doctor to Loshakova (takes at the hospital). In any country, both in Kazakhstan and in Belarus, one can find a good specialist.

Video: personal experience of healing from demodicosis

Pharmaceutical variations

  1. A huge number of finished external drugs can be purchased at pharmacies. Effective treatment of facial demodicosis is provided by sulfur ointment, this is an option according to Malakhov. This drug simply burns a small amount of damaged dermis, and a tick at the same time. After the regeneration process is accelerated and the symptoms go away.
  2. In some situations, they offer to make Botox injections, this is a very risky business, albeit an effective one.
  3. Often, doctors prescribe the treatment of skin demodicosis with trichopolum, this is a wonderful modern medicine that is suitable for combating the disease during pregnancy and lactation. This ointment is simply applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin and nearby.
  4. As already mentioned, oily preparations are of great benefit. This can be clotrimazole and tetracyclines. Moreover, both of them are hypoallergens and are immunostimulants that provoke the skin to resist parasites and fungi.
  5. Photo - Demokedoz on Glaga

If you need treatment in children of demodicosis, we recommend using streptocide. It is a fairly strong drug that kills infections well and is an effective antiparasitic. Pound the tablet on a spoon, dilute with a few drops of water and apply with a match to the place where the tick is located. The child tolerates the treatment well, the pills are hypoallergenic and do not cause skin addiction.

  • Rapid treatment of problem skin and demodicosis is provided by benzyl benzoate. Manufacturers guarantee a cure for 4 days. Approximately the same period is promised by NM ointment. Both drugs are created with sulfur and alcohol that burn out the top layer of the dermis, so desquamation and dry skin are signs of successful treatment.
  • It is said that even homeopathy may be a popular treatment for facial demodicosis. But this requires an integrated approach. This is the use of dietary supplements, treatment of demodicosis in people with various herbs (externally). You can buy such tools in the online store nsp or brt.
  • We advise you to try nasal drops or a paragon. They have a strong antiseptic effect, which is aimed at increasing the body's resistance and the destruction of skin infections.
  • Finally got to the treatment of demodicosis century or chalazion. Blefarogel or Metrogil's more accessible analog will help us in this. Another fairly effective ointment is Demalan.
  • It is necessary to fear not only the tick, but also the infections that it spreads. For their treatment, special medications are used that oppose protozoal diseases. In particular, it is ornidazole, dimexide, dazolik, successful treatment is carried out with rosamet, Prenacid ointment (made in Israel).
  • Other methods

    Drug treatment does not always give the desired result in the described time frame. Often, the recipe does not suit the patient, allergies begin, the person basically refuses to give himself an injection or take antibiotics orally. In this case, techniques will be very useful alternatively.

    For example, treatment of demodicosis with cryotherapy or cold in humans. This aesthetic medetsina appointed in severe cases of the disease. Possible exposure to nitrogen or ice.

    Stock Foto Demodedosis on face.

    In addition, treatment of demodicosis in humans is often carried out by a laser, this technique has very positive feedback. It is imperative that pre-generalized diagnostics be performed on the bioresonance apparatus in order to determine what specific assistance is needed and determine the depth of the tick.

    To remove the upper damaged skin layer and destroy the tick, you can use benzyl or a special solution of germanium. These are not entirely safe methods, although often practiced.

    And the last technique, which is still at the development stage - the treatment of Demodex with the help of ASD. This is the destruction of the tick by heat.

    How much time is required for recovery is determined individually. We hope that our article has helped us begin self-treatment of human Demodicosis, be sure to visit our forum to share your results.

    What is demodicosis

    Demodecosis is an inflammatory process with edema in the upper layers of the skin, caused by active life and reproduction of demodex mite, also called iron ore. This parasite at rest is present in each person, the impetus for its activation are:

    • reduced immunity
    • hormonal disruptions
    • stressful situations
    • problems in the digestive tract,
    • lack of personal hygiene,
    • uncontrolled use of antibiotics
    • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight without protection.

    In most cases, few people dig up before the causes of the disease, each striving to get rid of unpleasant skin rashes as quickly as possible.

    Most often, demodicosis affects the face, in neglected situations, the tick attacks the eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows.

    Cure demodekoz completely succeed when it turns out the original cause of. An accurate diagnosis can only be established by a specialist after conducting a series of studies.


    Before proceeding to treatment, it is necessary to find out what caused the rash, redness, swelling. Demodicosis in most cases manifests itself in certain places:

    • The forehead, the wings of the nose, the area near the mouth, and the collections are signaled first. It is in these places that reddening appears, in some places, ulcers. Gradually, the face begins to swell.
    • Eyebrows and eyelashes, too, will not remain intact, swollen eyelids and glued cilia will be a sign of raging Demodox. Gradually, edema will appear on these parts.

    The above places are the favorite habitat of the tick, which is why the first signs of the disease occur there. But this area of ​​defeat is incomplete, the tick feels rather well on the skin of the chest and back, manifested by inflammation and the occurrence of ulcers.

    Treatment methods

    To treat problems with this type of skin can be medication. After conducting a full set of studies on demodicosis, the attending physician will prescribe an effective method of deliverance, while at the same time eliminating the reasons for the impetus to activate the tick. Everything is quite simple:

    • personal hygiene,
    • established mode of antibiotics,
    • application of therapeutic compounds to problem areas.

    Within two months, there will be no trace of demodicosis, the organs will assume normal size, inflammation and redness will disappear, and ulcers will disappear.

    There is a treatment of demodicosis on the face of folk remedies, most of them are suitable for eliminating the disease on the back and in the chest area. There are many methods of deliverance, the most effective will be discussed further.

    Leafless anabasis

    Medicinal plant anabasis is rare, the grass contains a large number of useful elements. Of particular value are alkaloids, which are widely used in traditional and traditional medicine. Apply leafless anabasis to combat demodox is best in the form of tinctures and decoctions, which wipe problem areas on the body. It is not necessary to buy ready-made tincture at the pharmacy, it is enough to have dry or fresh herbs at home and stock up on some ethanol. It is quite enough these components to prepare infusion independently.

    The tincture is prepared with strict observance of proportions, take:

    • one piece of grass
    • two parts alcohol.
    Anabasis leafless with demodicosis

    Dry matter is poured into the container and poured with alcohol, placed in a cool dark place for four days. After that, filter through gauze and pour into a darkened bottle. Apply the tincture is necessary only externally, wipe problem areas with a cotton pad 1-2 times a day. This will be quite enough; in two weeks the patient will notice a significant improvement in the condition of the skin.

    Apply this plant must be very careful, it contains large quantities of poison.

    Tincture of calendula

    Good results helps to achieve the infusion of flowers marigold or calendula. The plant itself is very common, it is often used to eliminate inflammatory processes of different origin. It removes redness, relieves itching and inflammation of the broth itself, but the tincture has a longer shelf life.

    The tool can be purchased at any pharmacy, it costs a penny, and you can do it yourself. For home use, both dry matter, previously prepared for use, and freshly picked flowers are used. Any selected container is tightly stuffed with calendula flowers, then medical alcohol is poured in there. Place for 48 hours in a dark place, then filter. This infusion is carried out treatment of demodicosis on the head, the scalp will respond normally to wiping.

    It is necessary to treat problem areas several times a day, at the beginning of treatment it is possible 3-4, then just 2 procedures are enough.

    Calendula and wormwood with demodicosis

    Wormwood from demodex mite

    Folk remedies include the use of medicinal herbs, namely wormwood. Eliminate the manifestation and remove the parasite with its help can only be comprehensive. Apply the lotion outwardly, in parallel it is necessary to drink wormwood, then the treatment will be significantly accelerated. Cooking lotion is very simple:

    • the dry grass of the wormwood is ground to dust,
    • two tablespoons of the substance poured 0.5 liters of boiling water,
    • Cover tightly with a lid and infuse for 6 hours,
    • After the time has expired, strain the infusion.

    Wipe problem areas twice a day.

    For internal use, a decoction is made from young shoots of a plant, which is harvested in May-June. Per liter of boiling water will need a couple of spoons of crushed grass. Boil no more than 10 minutes, then insist two hours, strain. Take 3 tbsp. l twice a day before meals.

    Alcohol compress with salt and lemon

    Quickly eliminate the most discomfort with demodicosis, itching and peeling will help compress a simple component. The tool is prepared from the following calculation:

    • half a glass of medical alcohol,
    • a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice,
    • teaspoon kitchen salt.

    Everything mixes well and with a cotton swab is applied to clean skin for no more than 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water, gently get wet from excess moisture, but do not rub. The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease, the procedure is carried out optimally for a week.

    Lemon perfectly cope with the problems of the skin. The tool works great with acne.

    Watch the video: Auxiliary Applications- Bandaging Technique for the HandTraditional Method (January 2020).