Diet 90 days of separate food

Get rid of the hated kilograms finally and irrevocably help a diet that includes 90 days of separate meals. Compared to other ways of losing weight, it is quite long, but it is notable for a large number and variety of products in the menu. Due to this, the body does not lose nutrients, so an additional intake of vitamins and minerals is not necessary. This diet will speed up the metabolism, and the extra weight will take a long time.


With a separate diet each day, only one type of food should be eaten. This will speed up the metabolism, and losing weight will not be stressful for the body.

The principle of the 90-day diet is to repeat the cycle of 4 days. Changing their sequence and making changes is prohibited. All three months it is necessary to use the following types of products:

  • 1st day - protein (meat, fish),
  • 2nd day - starchy (legumes, cereals),
  • 3rd day - carbohydrate (pastries, cereals),
  • 4th day - vitamin (nuts, dried fruits).

After that, the cycle repeats again. If at some point you have to interrupt the diet, then you need to start from the day on which the stop occurred.

General rules for a 90-day diet:

  1. 1. Every 7 cycles (that is, on the 29th day) you need to arrange a fasting day. At this time, allowed to drink only water, about any food is out of the question. There are three such days per course.
  2. 2. It is not recommended to starve and put a rigid framework in food.
  3. 3. Weight should not go abruptly. Gradual and smooth results will continue for a longer period.
  4. 4. The first meal should be before 12 o'clock in the afternoon, the last - until 20 o'clock in the evening. Lunch - after 12 noon.
  5. 5. The main part of the ration is for lunch, dinner consists of half a lunch serving.
  6. 6. After the end of the diet, you must take a break for 90 days, then you can again resort to the power supply system.
  7. 7. For maximum effect, you need to play sports several times a week.

Breakfast every day throughout the period consists of the same set of products, namely: a glass of still water at room temperature with the addition of one teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar. After 30 minutes, you can eat a few fruits or a glass of berries.

It is important to observe the following guidelines for food choices and cooking:

  1. 1. It is necessary to use only the specified products that are combined with each other.
  2. 2. When you have a hunger attack, you can eat an orange or an apple.
  3. 3. It is necessary to drink enough water per calculation: 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. Coffee and tea are allowed without sugar. Another liquid (juice, fresh) is food. The only exception is milk. It is allowed on a protein day.
  4. 4. It is desirable to reduce the salt content in dishes.
  5. 5. It is necessary to prefer the following methods of cooking: boiling, stewing, baking.
  6. 6. It is necessary to completely eliminate alcoholic beverages from the diet.
  7. 7. You must consume a maximum of 1500 calories per day, especially on a carbohydrate day.
  8. 8. Snack is allowed any fruit.

This diet is ideal for people with metabolic disorders or those who have a large excess weight (more than 20 kg) and can not lose it. To adhere to it at first is difficult, so you should consult with your doctor, tune in not only physically, but also psychologically, to avoid depression.

90-day separate dietinvolves not only weight loss, but also the excretion of harmful substances from the body.

90 days diet rating

Total: A 90 day diet provides good, lasting results. Pros: effective, varied in nutrition, easily tolerated. Cons: quite long, there are contraindications.

Want to be slim without feeling hungry? Then separate food is exactly what you need. A diet for 90 days will save you from extra pounds, speed up the metabolism, and, most importantly, the result will remain with you for a long time.

The basic ideas of the diet are outlined in the book, which was published under their authorship "90 Day Diet Separate Diet". In addition to the theoretical foundations of the book contains recipes for both simple daily and more complex. The authors claim that the power system allows reduce weight to 25 kg in three months without a sense of discomfort and limitations. This diet does not apply to fast-acting, but it is quite pleasant and effective.

In addition to nutrition, an important component of success, the authors consider regular physical activity. Choose the sport that will be most enjoyable for you. These can be individual or group lessons. Maybe you will enjoy doing dancing, yoga, or, conversely, working in the gym at the gym. The main thing is that the training should be systematic and regular, at least 2 hour classes per week.

90-day separate diet

Nutritionists and doctors agreed and proved that products belonging to different categories require different times for digestion and assimilation by the body, and therefore they do not combine well with each other and should be consumed separately. The diet of separate nutrition found enormous popularity. Among her fans, many politicians, movie stars and pop stars, who by their own example proved that eating separately can effectively lose weight.

The essence of this power - monodni. That is, every day you should eat only the products shown. Days alternate with each other: protein, starch, carbohydrate, vitamin, and then repeat again. There are no restrictions in the dishes, you can use any dishes to your taste from allowed products. Adhere to such a diet recommended for 90 days, in order to get the body accustomed to a particular food culture.

Fundamental rules

The rules of the diet of separate meals for 90 days are that you should use any food in the menu, but only from the list of allowed foods. Within 3 months there is a cyclical pattern, which consists in alternation: protein, starch, carbohydrate, vitamin days. Once in 29 days it is necessary to arrange a discharge day, which involves the use of exclusively purified water. Fasting day is held after the vitamin menu, and after it is necessary to saturate the body with proteins - protein menu. In case of separate feeding, subsequent food intake is allowed every 4 hours while observing the protein, starch, and carbohydrate menus, as well as every 2 hours during the vitamin ration.

It is necessary to observe drinking regime during the diet. Every day should be consumed at least 2 liters of purified water. In addition, allowed the use of tea, decoction, but without sugar and cream. Fruit juice is considered a meal, and therefore it can be drunk as a snack during the fruit menu. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

An important rule of the diet of separate meals - breakfast should be no later than 12:00, and dinner until 20:00.

Allowed foods on a protein day:

  • Dairy and dairy products,
  • Meat, poultry, fish,
  • Meat broths,
  • Eggs
  • Whole wheat bread,
  • Vegetables (except potatoes).

Mix with each other any kind of protein food can not be!

Products allowed on starch day:

  • Cereals,
  • Legumes,
  • Vegetables,
  • Vegetable broth,
  • Whole wheat bread.

Vegetables can be eaten raw, stewed and boiled.

Permitted foods on carbohydrate day:

  • Flour products,
  • Cereals,
  • No yeast pastries without eggs and milk,
  • Cake,
  • Biscuit.

Be sure to use dark chocolate for lunch or dinner (a few pieces).

Permitted foods in vitamin day:

  • All fruits
  • Berries
  • Fresh juices, berry fruit drinks,
  • Vegetables,

Nuts and seeds are allowed as snacks (100 g).

Dietitian recommendations

Nutritionists recommend eating a separate diet, which lasts 90 days, to eat at least three times a day at regular intervals. Depending on how long it takes for the body to absorb a particular food, the intervals are determined. For example, on a vitamin day you should eat every two hours, and on protein, carbohydrate, or starch after four.

The smallest portion of the daily diet is taken for breakfast, as a rule it is fruits and berries. Lunch with a separate food diet - the main meal. At dinner, you need to eat half a serving of dinner, however, without bread and broth. Snacking can only be allowed on a certain day products (for example, on a protein day - kefir, in vitamin - fruit, in carbohydrate - dry biscuits, and in starch - vegetables or bread).

The separate diet menu allows you to eat all permitted foods in any quantity. Many variations of cooking will allow you to diversify the menu for 90 days. It is important not to starve or overeat. To achieve the maximum effect of losing weight, it is recommended to combine a diet of separate diets with physical activities: sports, exercise, hiking, swimming, jogging.

A diet of 90 days of separate feeding is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the digestive and excretory systems during pregnancy and lactation.

Consider the menu options, which suggests a diet of separate meals for 90 days. It should start with a protein day that alternates with starch, carbohydrate and vitamin.

Menu for a diet of 90 days of separate meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner):

1st day (protein):

  • An Apple. Banana,
  • Bouillon. Boiled chicken fillet. Wholemeal Bread
  • Hard boiled egg,
  • Baked fish. Cheese.

2nd day (starch):

  • Grapefruit. Kiwi,
  • Green lean soup. Bran bread. Cabbage salad,
  • Squash caviar,
  • Lenten pilau. Vegetable stew.

3rd day (carbohydrate):

  • Berries: blueberries, raspberries,
  • Spaghetti with tomato paste,
  • Cracker,
  • Cake. Bitter chocolate.

4th day (fruit):

  • Pear. Orange,
  • Fruit salad with nuts,
  • Berry juice,
  • Oven baked apples.

During the observance of the diet for 90 days, it is important not to try to reduce the daily caloric content less than 1000-1200 kcal. According to the rules of separate nutrition should reduce fat intake to a minimum. Permissible daily rate of consumption of vegetable oil 30 gr.

Correct exit

For 90 days, the human body becomes accustomed to the principles of separate feeding, eating regimens, compliance with the compatibility of products. And yet, the way out of the diet should be gradual, in order not only not to return the past overweight, but also to prevent the development of gastritis and colitis. Ideally, a way out of a separate diet should be at least one month. You should continue to eat fruits and berries for breakfast, reduce the portion of dinner, which should be equal to half the size of the dinner.

For 3 months, the body has become accustomed to using only certain foods in the menu. With the right output is to adhere to the same diet, but not by the day, but by eating. For example, for lunch you can eat only protein foods, and starch for dinner. Periodically, you should arrange fasting days (on the water or only protein, starch, carbohydrate, vitamin).

Regular exercise when leaving the 90-day separate diet will help to be in good shape, increase skin elasticity and elasticity, to avoid sagging and stretch marks. Improved metabolism has a beneficial effect not only on losing weight and maintaining the achieved result, but also on the condition of hair, nails, the work of all internal organs as a whole.


The results of the nutritional diet are simply amazing. Some people managed in 90 days to lose weight at 18-25 kilograms. At the same time there is an improved metabolism, thanks to the alternate menu. With proper exit from the diet, as well as with regular physical exertion, the weight stabilizes and does not return.

Diet 90 days of separate food - results:

The principle of action diet 90 days

All the menus that are offered in the diet for 90 days are divided into 4 components:

On the first day, a person eats only protein products.

On the second day, you need to eat starchy foods.

The menu of the third day is based on carbohydrate foods.

The fourth day is designed to saturate the body with vitamins.

Every 29 day diet should be unloading. At this time, it is only allowed to drink water. The last time you can approach the table no later than 8 pm. Smaller amounts of food should be consumed during breakfast, the lunch portion increased by 2 times, and dinner consists of half lunch. As a snack, you can use fruit (one fruit for one snack).

Diet can be practiced no more than 1 time in six months. To maintain the result, you can eat separately for 15 days every year. Although if you competently make a menu, starting from the principles of a diet for 90 days, then you can stick to it throughout life.

Diet rules for 90 days

To a diet of 90 days allowed to achieve the desired results, you must follow the following rules:

At breakfast you need to eat only fruit.

Lunch should be held no earlier than 12 noon. If before this time there is an acute feeling of hunger, then you can arrange a snack. For this purpose, suitable fruit.

Between lunch and dinner must be at least 3 hours. If we are talking about days with a protein menu, then this break should be increased by another hour.

During fruit days, a break between meals can be equal to 2-3 hours.

After 8 pm it is impossible to approach the table.

The lunch portion during dinner should be reduced by 2 times.

For a diet fit only high-quality food. They should not be sugars, fats, chemical additives, etc.

To fill the salad, you can use vegetable oils: olive, sunflower, corn. Add it in small quantities.

Products can be cooked and stewed, steamed and baked.

Salt in the menu limit. To improve the taste of dishes, you can use spices and herbs.

At least 2 liters of water should be drunk per day. You can also drink tea, coffee and compotes.

The calorie content of food should be monitored. This is especially true for carbohydrate days.

At least 2-3 times a week you need to play sports. This will allow to train the muscles, they will begin to spend energy, even being at rest.

Menu 90-day separate diet for a week

1 day (protein)

Omelette eggs, lettuce, tea

Broth, chicken in the oven, whole grain bread

Baked fish with broccoli

Stewed cabbage, mashed potatoes and tea

Vegetable salad from green vegetables, boiled peas

Pasta with tomato sauce, cabbage salad

Cake, black chocolate and tea

Omelet with spinach, tea

Seafood and Vegetable Salad

Boiled oatmeal with fruit, tea

Vegetable broth, whole grain bread, potato casserole and greens

Vegetable salad and boiled buckwheat

Ice cream with chocolate and berries

Permitted and Denied Products

Foods that can be consumed during protein days:

Any fish and seafood.

Cheese, milk, cottage cheese.

Broth based on meat (0.3 l per day). Broth is eaten only during the main meal (for lunch).

Vegetables with a minimum content of starch.

For lunch you must cook the broth. All other products do not mix, choosing one type of protein dish. The rule of separate feeding must be strictly followed.

On the starchy days on the table I can attend the following products:

Vegetable broth for lunch (not more than 0.3 l).

During carbohydrate days, eat the following foods:

Flour products: crackers, bread, pasta, crackers.

Baking, but without eggs and yeast.

Cereals: millet, barley groats and buckwheat.

Dark chocolate in a volume of 20 g at dinner. It can be replaced with 3 cookies or cake.

All dried fruits and fruits.

Vegetable and fruit juices.

Nuts and seeds, but not more than 25 g per day.

Be sure to drink water. Its daily volume is 2 liters, regardless of the day of the diet. In addition, you can drink unsweetened tea and coffee without diluting them with milk and cream. Although dairy products can be added to tea and coffee during protein days.

On vitamin days I drink infusions based on dried fruit. Vegetable and fruit juices are allowed, but they are regarded as a full meal or snack.

Alcohol at the time of the diet is banned. They slow down the metabolism and inhibit the process of weight loss.

The right combination of products

During the diet you need to properly combine products, focusing on the following recommendations:

Cereals and legumes are eaten with vegetables and herbs. You can add sour cream to the dishes.

Cheese is well combined with vegetable oils.

Vegetables are eaten with fish and meat dishes.

You can add a slice of whole grain bread to the salad.

Seeds are combined with nuts and dried fruits.

Eggs are eaten with vegetables.

There are also forbidden combinations of products.:

Fish are not eaten with meat. Also, these products are not combined with sour cream, cheeses and eggs.

Sugar and milk can not be combined with vegetables.

If a person drinks milk, then from other products in this meal should be abandoned. Otherwise, fermentation processes will be launched in the intestine.

Baked fish (protein day)

To prepare the dish, you will need the following products:

Kilo of fish to choose from: sea bass, pangasius, pollock.

Onion is cut into half rings, fish is cut, cut into portions. Mix the fish with onions and spices, pour sour cream. In this form, leave the workpiece for half an hour (kept in the refrigerator). On a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil, lay out the fish, additionally smear it with sour cream on top. The next layer is laid out tomatoes, cut into slices. Before you put the dish in the oven, sprinkle it with cheese. Prepare fish at 200 degrees for half an hour.

Porridge (carbohydrate day)

The following products are required for cooking:

Corn or millet groats - 0.3 kg. You can mix these two components in equal quantities.

Raisin or dried apricots - 0.1 kg

The croup is washed, boiled in water until it is half cooked. Add milk and dried fruits, boil another 30 minutes. Then cover the pan with a lid and let it brew.

Soup (starch day)

To make soup, you need the following foods:

Bank of canned beans.

Three potato tuber.

Liter of vegetable broth.

The water is brought to a boil, rice and potatoes are added to the pan. Carrots and onions are passaged separately, after which they are fried in broth. Before the end of cooking, add beans and seasoning to the soup. When serving, you can put a spoonful of sour cream in each plate.

Salad (fruit day)

The following products are required for cooking:

Three tablespoons of natural yogurt.

1 banana, apple and orange.

Fruits are cut, passed through a blender, filled with yogurt. Salad ready.

Pros and cons of the diet for 90 days

Pluses of a diet for 90 days:

During a diet, metabolic processes return to normal.

Overall well-being improves.

The body removes harmful substances.

The result is stable in time.

Cons diets 90 days:

The taste of meals with separate meals may seem specific.

At the beginning of the diet can be worried about hunger.

Diet should be strictly followed.


Contraindications to a diet of 90 days:

Pathology of the liver, kidney, endocrine system.

Violations of the nervous system, mental problems.

Pathology of the digestive tract, unstable chair.

You can not stick to a diet for children and adolescents, as well as people professionally involved in sports.

The presence of individual intolerance to the products on which the diet is based.

Breastfeeding, pregnancy.

Recovery period after surgery or injury.

Exacerbation of any chronic diseases.

Reviews and results are thinner

Elena, 28 years old:“Before the birth of my child, I suffered from overweight, and after giving birth, the situation worsened. I tried to lose weight with the help of a protein diet, but I couldn’t withstand any method to the end, all the time I was broken. I also tried to drink diet pills, but they caused severe bowel disorder, and the effect was zero. I decided to try a diet of 90 days, because it allows you to eat almost all the products, but only separately. You can even treat yourself with cakes. For 3 months I lost 21 kg. More than 30 days have passed, the result is holding. Six months later, I repeat this wonderful diet. Plans to lose another 10 kilos. "

Julia, 24 years old:“My girlfriend from my childhood eats wrong and suffers from obesity. I have always been a real model against her background. Once Nastya (this is a friend) found information about a diet for 90 days. In just 3 months, she became slim. And she managed to lose weight by 17 kg! She seeks to keep the form, and I am very proud of her. I think that she will succeed. "

Education: Diploma RSMU them. N. I. Pirogov, specialty "General Medicine" (2004). Residency at the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, diploma in "Endocrinology" (2006).

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Principles of a 90 day separate diet

The specificity of the developed system consists in cyclicity, each cycle consists of 4 days, making changes in which is strictly prohibited.

Repeating the diet is not recommended earlier than three months after completion. To maintain normal weight, you can put into practice the annual separate meals for 15 days. However, the principles of this diet are so balanced and rational that based on them you can build a healthy daily diet and adhere to it throughout life.

It is based on the idea that focusing on one component in the diet with the periodic replacement of this component leads to an acceleration of metabolism in the body. Therefore, weight reduction occurs in a comfortable environment.

Here is the power plan that a split-day diet offers for 90 days:

First day - protein,
The second day - starch,
The third day is carbohydrate,
The fourth day - vitamin.

Then the cycle repeats. Change the order of days is prohibited. After seven cycles, that is, on the 29th day you need to spend a fasting day on the water. You can not take any food on the fasting day.

Every morning on a diet, with the exception of fasting days, should start the same way. You need to drink a glass of drink according to the following recipe: dissolve one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of mineral water heated to a comfortable temperature. Breakfast fruit in the amount of two pieces, for example, 2 apples or oranges. Further nutrition should be built according to the list of recommended foods.

Rules diet for 90 days of separate food:

  • Dinner is no earlier than noon
  • Dinner will have a schedule - 3 hours after lunch, and a protein day - 4 hours. Not later than 20.00!
  • If you feel hungry between meals, you can make a snack of fruit, apple or orange,
  • As for the size of the portions, the dinner should be half of the lunch portion. Do not overeat at night!
  • Do not forget to drink enough water - it also helps the body in the process of losing weight! You need to drink at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight per day. Kofi and tea can be drunk, but without sugar. But juices, fresh juices and smoothies are considered food. Milk can also be drunk, but only on a protein day.
  • Salt and sugar should be excluded from the diet,
  • Meals are best cooked, braised or baked. Forget about frying, as there is used oil, it is better to replace the grill, if possible.
  • Count the calories, it is especially important to do this on a carbohydrate day. Per day you can eat 1200-1500 calories. In order not to engage in the search for calorie foods on the Internet, there are many applications for mobile, which will allow to keep food diary
  • Physical activity has not been canceled - fitness, yoga or Pilates, at least, to do exercises at home or to shake the press time should be found. Half-hour walks in the fresh air are also not less useful.
  • At the time of the diet is better to refrain from alcohol, it slows down the process of losing weight!

Menu 90 day separate food diets

The basis for the menu of this diet is a 4-day repeat cycle. Each day of this cycle contains a specific set or type of foods that can be eaten. Changing days in places and eating foods from other days is strictly prohibited!

During a protein day, you can eat the following foods:

  • Meat (beef, lean pork, rabbit, chicken, turkey, etc.),
  • Fish and seafood,
  • Cheese, cottage cheese, dairy products without additives,
  • 300 ml of broth,
  • Vegetables and greens, with the exception of potatoes,
  • Whole grain loaf for lunch.

The rules of the protein day:

  1. Do not mix protein foods of different types, for example, eggs and fish, eggs and dairy products, meat and cottage cheese, etc.
  2. Broth or soup can be eaten only after ingestion of solid foods.
  3. Bread can be eaten only for lunch and only in the amount of one piece. Examine the calorie content of different types of bread and select the appropriate one.
  4. For the preparation of broth is permissible to use a cube or ready-made concentrate.
  5. You can use aromatic spices and spices in the process of cooking.

Recipes for a protein day. Recipes can be interchanged, modified at its discretion, but so as not to contradict the rules of the diet.

MealDish option
Option 1DinnerSoup on boiled chicken breast with vegetables.
DinnerBaked fish in the oven with aromatic herbs and lemon
Option 2Dinner1-2 fish steam patties. Vegetable Salad
DinnerChicken breast baked with garlic and thyme
Option 3DinnerSalmon steak or baked salmon with tomatoes
DinnerOmelet of 2 eggs with cheese and ham
Option 4DinnerChopped chicken chops in the oven or steam. Vegetable Salad
DinnerA pack of low fat cottage cheese (up to 5%)
Option 5DinnerLazy cabbage rolls with chicken or other stuffing
DinnerCheese cakes with low-fat sour cream or yogurt

The following foods can be consumed during a starch day:

  • Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans and others),
  • Cereals, in particular rice, barley or buckwheat,
  • Various vegetables (including potatoes) and greens,
  • For lunch, 300 ml of vegetable broth and one slice of cereal bread.

MealDish option
Option 1DinnerVegetable stew. For him podoytu both fresh vegetables and frozen
DinnerCauliflower or broccoli puree soup
Option 2DinnerPotato purée. Salad from fresh vegetables and greens
DinnerBoiled rice with vegetables (pepper, corn, peas)
Option 3DinnerPumpkin soup. 1 whole grain loaf
DinnerZucchini or zucchini baked with garlic in the oven
Option 4DinnerLentil soup. Cereal loaf
DinnerBaked potatoes with vegetables in the oven
Option 5DinnerPumpkin porridge with rice
DinnerLight vegetable soup or vegetable salad
The carbohydrate menu of the day can include foods:
  • Flour products (pasta, crackers, whole grain bread),
  • Buckwheat, barley and millet,
  • Unlimited vegetables and tomato sauce,
  • Baking without yeast, milk and eggs, and you can also afford 3-4 slices of chocolate,

Menu options for carbohydrate days 90-day diet:

MealDish option
Option 1DinnerBuckwheat. Fresh Vegetable Salad
DinnerSoup puree of your choice - broccoli, pumpkin, lentils
Option 2DinnerVegetable lasagna.
DinnerLight vegetable soup or vegetable salad
Option 3DinnerPotato and vegetable casserole
DinnerStewed vegetables with tomato sauce
Option 4DinnerLight vegetable soup with pasta
DinnerSalad from vegetables and greens
Option 5DinnerVegetable risotto with zucchini or eggplant
DinnerRice porrige
Vitamin day includes:
  • Fruits without limits, as well as fruit and vegetable juices, better freshly squeezed,
  • Dried fruits,
  • Seeds and nuts - no more than 25 grams,
  • Fresh vegetables,

Variants of dishes for vitamin day. As for dried fruits, you can make excellent compotes from them.

MealDish option
Option 1DinnerApple, Grapefruit and Banana Fruit Salad
DinnerBaked Cinnamon Apples
Option 2DinnerFruit and Berry Smoothie
DinnerLight vegetable soup or vegetable salad

Menu unloading 29th day includes only water. More to drink and eat nothing!

Features diet in the diet for 90 days

A diet of 90 days of separate feeding suggests that the interval between meals should be maintained clearly. On protein days, the interval is 4 hours; on starchy and carbohydrate days, the interval is 3 hours; on vitamin days, the interval can be 2 hours. The last meal is recommended no later than at 20.00. The meal time should be chosen taking into account the cyclical nature of the body:

  • The period from 4 am to 12 am corresponds to the cycle of purification, the body at this time requires the maximum amount of fluid and the minimum amount of food,
  • The period from 12 to 20 corresponds to the nutrition cycle, the body is set to receive and process nutrients,
  • The period from 20 to 4 am corresponds to the digestion cycle, at this time the body needs rest, and food intake is considered undesirable.

The serving size should be half of what you consider comfortable for yourself, but at the same time it should provide a feeling of satiety. For dinner, the portion should be smaller in volume than for lunch. Carbohydrate day will not allow you to feel slighted, thanks to sweets for dinner.

Rules of exit from the diet

It is necessary to leave a diet correctly and gradually. Breakfast is recommended by the authors of the food system to keep it as such. The volumes of portions can be gradually increased, but the system of separate feeding and the mode of food intake are better preserved. A slender figure is first and foremost a set of good habits, you should always remember this. Therefore, a return to the old version of behavior will entail and the return of lost kilograms, and even with the company. Diet is important to perceive not as a short-term restriction, followed by a return to the old way of life, but as a transitional stage to the system of proper nutrition and physical activity. Only such a philosophy will preserve the beauty and harmony for many years.

Pros and cons of separate power

The advantages of this method of losing weight are:

  1. Long term, 90 days of separate food is enough to fix new eating habits and not return to old ones,
  2. Meals are easy to adapt for family members, this means that you do not need to cook separately and the food system will easily fit into your usual lifestyle,
  3. Many dishes can be found in the menu of cafes and restaurants, which means that meetings with friends and holidays will not be spoiled for you,
  4. The diet is built on a variety of products, even sweet and flour dishes are included,
  5. Thanks to a varied diet, there is no effect of addiction and adaptation in the body, so weight loss does not stop,
  6. Fluctuations in the caloric content of the days do not allow the emergency regime, which is characteristic of hard diets, to turn on when the body decides that hunger has set in and postpones everything in reserve,
  7. Fluctuations in the caloric content of the days do not allow the emergency regime, which is characteristic of hard diets, to turn on when the body decides that hunger has set in and postpones everything in reserve,
  8. Vitamin day will take a break from cooking.

As for the shortcomings, they are much smaller. First, it is the presence of contraindications for some groups of people.Secondly, it is a duration, not everyone is able to hold out for such a long time due to lack of willpower.

To create yourself additional motivation, make control measurements of the weight and volume of the waist, hips, before you start a diet. Repeat measurements once a week, keep a diary of your results. Changes in performance will support you on the right track.

The reviews about the diet are the most admired and thankful to the authors from Slovenia. Girls take off the planned number of kilograms and easily tolerate a diet, since there are no restrictions on the amount of food eaten, the menu is varied and even sweets are included.


Nutritionists have developed this diet so that people can pamper themselves with their favorite food. Only junk food is replaced by more useful, for example, instead of pastries - marshmallow or marmalade, instead of vegetable oil - olive.

Start your day with a glass of water, in which you should add a little juice, squeezed from lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Then you can eat your favorite fruit and 150-200 grams of any berries.

Below is a table where you can find out which foods can be combined during a diet, and which ones are not recommended.

Can be combinedCannot be combined
concentrated protein foodsacid and starch
legume food with sour cream and vegetable oilcarbohydrates with kiwi, apples, oranges
butter and potatoes, various cerealsproteins with carbohydrates
bread with butterbread, any cereal, pasta with potatoes, meat, eggs and hard cheese
potatoes with sour cream, butter and vegetablescheese and eggs
fruits with creamcheese with meat
eggs with vegetablesproteins with acid

How to eat

There are several rules about eating, during the diet:

  1. You can not eat liquid during the meal, because the water leaves the stomach after 15 minutes after the food got into it, and if you drink any food with water, it will take a lot of digestive juice. Thus, digestion begins to work poorly, and a person, instead of chewing thoroughly, swallows soaked products, almost completely.
  2. Eat better fresh dishes, so you need to cook at one time, and you can only cook, bake and cook for a couple. No frying.
  3. You need to eat 5-6 times a day, in small portions, strictly up to 18 hours.
  4. Snacking is possible every two hours, because the interval between the intake of proteins and carbohydrates should not be large.
  5. It is better to refuse at all from salt and other seasonings, but if without them it is absolutely unbearable, then you need at least to limit their number.

Weekly menu

The diet is built on daily cycles, and it is forbidden to change them in places.

  • first day diets need to eat only protein foods,
  • on the second day containing starch
  • when it comesthe third day from the beginning of the diet - food should be rich in carbohydrates,
  • and the fourth day should consist of eating vitamin fruits.

Then its sequence is repeated again. It should be added that for every 29 days you should make a fasting day, during which you can not eat anything, but only drink a lot of ordinary mineral water.

AT protein day you need to eat chicken, veal, sea fish, boiled eggs, hard cheese, dairy products. Meals can also consist of vegetables, which should not contain starch, and you can also eat a piece of rye bread for lunch.

AT starch day it is allowed to eat legumes, potatoes, cereals and other vegetables with starch content, you can also eat a piece of bread at lunch.

Carbohydrate day It should consist of eating bread, crackers, vegetable-based pizza, buckwheat, or barley porridge. It is also allowed to season the salad or borscht with tomato, eat muffin of unleavened dough.

Vitamin day It is the use of different fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables and berries for every taste and color. In addition, it is allowed to drink fresh juices, eat seeds, and not be limited in the number of nuts.

Below is a rough menu for each day.

First day

First time for breakfast:

  • oatmeal on milk,
  • kiwi in the amount of two things,
  • tea but not sweet.

The second time we have breakfast:

  • any apple varieties,
  • salad of dill, lettuce, sorrel, seasoned with butter.

  • 250 g boiled meat
  • broccoli,
  • A slice of hard cheese.

Have dinner maximum at 18 o'clock:

  • pea soup based on vegetables
  • steam omelet where mushrooms are present.

Second day

First time for breakfast:

Second time - any apple.

  • boiled or baked fish,
  • raw or stewed vegetables
  • coffee.

We are having lunch pure yogurt.

Have dinner salad of your favorite herbs, seasoned with olive oil.

The third day

First time for breakfast:

  • diluted orange juice 1: 1 with water,
  • semolina with milk,
  • savory tea.

The second time we have breakfast:

  • boiled veal with a small amount of salt
  • raw vegetables.

Sit in the afternoon sunflower seeds or nuts.

Have dinner cauliflower with cheese.

Fourth day

First time for breakfast:

  • any milk porridge,
  • two tangerines,
  • tea without added sugar.

The second time we have breakfast: two apples.

  • boiled or baked fish,
  • salad with herbs with oil.

  • boiled vegetables,
  • steam omelette.

Fifth day

First time for breakfast:

  • oatmeal with fruit,
  • kiwi in the amount of 2 pieces
  • savory tea.

Second time we have breakfast an apple.

  • boiled chicken meat
  • vegetables and greens salad
  • cauliflower or broccoli in boiled form.

Pold man two bananas or one orange.

Have dinner soup made from vegetables.

Sixth day

First time for breakfast:

  • buckwheat cereal without sugar and butter,
  • an orange
  • tea without added sugar.

Second time we have breakfast banana or apple.

  • soup
  • fresh green salad
  • boiled fish.

We are having lunch any nuts in unlimited quantities.

  • stewed vegetables,
  • steam omelet with the addition of mushrooms,
  • fresh green salad.

Seventh day

During the day we eat one and a half kilograms of apples, better than green varieties. Then everything repeats from Monday, and so it should last 90 days.

Vegetable salad

For its preparation, we need:

  • four cucumbers,
  • two chicken or five quail eggs,
  • dill, parsley,
  • one and a half tablespoons of olive oil,
  • some salt.

Boil eggs until cooked, cool them and peel them. We grind eggs (not very finely) and add to them sliced ​​cucumbers. We salt to taste and we fill with oil.

Steamed hake

Such a dish can be prepared if the house has a slow cooker or a double boiler.

  • fillet of sea lean fish,
  • lemon juice,
  • vegetables to your taste (you can take two carrots and as many sweet peppers),
  • salt, some spices,
  • foil.

Put the fish fillet in a bowl, pour with lemon juice, salt and add a small amount of your favorite spices. We roll in foil, and give to marinate for half an hour. In a separate pot, marinate the chopped vegetables, and send all the ingredients to the steamer at once.

For this salad, we need:

  • two large or 4 small potatoes,
  • one beet,
  • 6 cauliflower blossoms,
  • one carrot,
  • 150 g salted cucumbers,
  • refill oil,
  • some salt.

Boil the potatoes, beets and carrots until cooked, and cut into squares. Then cook the cabbage, chop and mix all the vegetables. Pour olive oil, salt and decorate with lettuce and herbs.

  • chicken fillet,
  • a tomato,
  • sweet pepper (paprika),
  • one bulb,
  • garlic to taste
  • olive oil,
  • a teaspoon of paprika,
  • spice.

Fry the sliced ​​onion in butter until golden, pour the coarsely chopped chicken meat in the same place, and fry it all together for another two minutes. We salt, we sprinkle with spices, we add the chopped tomato and sweet pepper, and also water and we extinguish under the closed cover to readiness.

Potato casserole

  • six large potatoes
  • four small tomatoes,
  • a glass of boiled beans,
  • one medium carrot,
  • half a glass of broth,
  • olive oil,
  • parsley or dill,
  • salt and pepper.

Cook potatoes in their skins until cooked, peel and cut into small squares. Lubricate the brazier with oil and spread boiled potatoes, beans on top, then carrots, grated on a fine grater, and the top should be a layer of tomatoes, cut into slices.

Pour over butter, broth, salt and send to an oven preheated to 200 degrees for half an hour. Serving dish, decorated with greens.

Honey Pears

  • pears, in the amount of three pieces,
  • vanilla,
  • ground cinnamon,
  • natural honey
  • any nuts.

Cut pears into strips and simmer a little with water and vanilla. When the mixture has cooled, add some honey and a little ground cinnamon. Stir in order to preserve the integrity of the pear and sprinkle with nuts.

Getting out of the diet and repeating it

Separate nutrition used to cause a lot of controversy about efficiency, but nowadays humanity has understood that you can lose weight without restricting yourself in eating, by way of separate feeding.

At the beginning of the diet, it may seem difficult, since it is unusual to properly combine carbohydrates, fats, proteins. But after a week or two everything will come to a rhythm and it will seem that it always has been. The main thing to remember is that following this diet is followed only 90 days, and then you can go back to the past way of eating. However, fried and large amounts of salt still need to be avoided.

You can repeat the 90 day separate diet only after 3 months. If the desired result is achieved, it is possible to carry out such a diet once a year as a preventive measure, as well as to cleanse the body. For the best effect, you need to combine a diet with massages, jogging, exercise.

Watch the video: Should You Eat Carbs And Protein Seperately? Food Separation Diet (December 2019).