Treatment of nail fungus with varnish: a review of the most effective means

The fight against onychomycosis is complicated by the specifics of the disease. If ringworms are localized in the surface layers of the skin, then with the defeat of the nail plates the fungus penetrates into the deep and solid structures. Potent infectious agent capable of potent drugs with high bioavailability. The group of antimycotic drugs include fungicidal varnishes. They cope with the fungus and return to the nail plate aesthetic appeal.

Antifungal lacquer action

The drug covers the entire surface of the nail, not allowing the infection to spread to healthy tissue. It is necessary to distinguish decorative and medical varnishes. They have a different composition and differ in consistency. Some medicines allow the use of cosmetic varnishes. But it is better not to apply decorative cosmetics, which will increase the effectiveness of anti-mycotic treatment.

Components of antimycotic varnish cause hypoxia of fungal cells and destroy its structure. Alcohol-based drugs literally burn out fungal spores. Oil formulations act differently - evenly covering the affected area and violate cellular respiration. In both cases, the fungus dies.

Overview of drugs for the fungus

When choosing a drug for the treatment of nail infection pay attention to side effects and contraindications. Lucky are not considered universal and can be harmful to health if used incorrectly. Selection criteria are:

  • the degree of penetration of medicinal components
  • activity towards different types of fungal infection,
  • speed and efficiency.

Let's name nine best varnishes for the treatment of nail fungus.

TitlesAction and treatment
Oflomil / Amorolfine-based lacquer — also known as Flamin — causes disturbances in fungal biosynthesis. Active against common and rare fungal agents. Rarely provokes side effects and is easily tolerated even with increased sensitivity. Attracts speed, but is expensive. Suppresses the disease at any stage and inhibits the spread of infection. Recommended for long-term use. Therapy is continued until healthy nails grow fully. Oflomil not used as a preventive measure, it is intended solely for the treatment of the affected nail plates.
Lamisil. The active ingredient is terbinafine. This substance inhibits the ability of the fungus to reproduce and destroys the infection. Varnish creates an airtight film, under which the active interaction of the components of the drug with an infectious agent occurs. Lamisil is effective in the initial stage of mycosis. After the defeat of more than 50% of the nail plate, the use of the drug is impractical. In this case, the therapy is expanded through the use of additional agents with an antimycotic effect, or a more powerful drug is selected. Varnish is not used simultaneously with cosmetics that reduce its therapeutic capabilities.
Loceril. An antimycotic drug that helps to quickly get rid of onychomycosis. An expensive agent from the group of amorolfins. Analogue of the drug - Onyhelp. Both of these funds are in the form of varnish, but the latter will cost 30% less. Loceryl violates the synthesis of fungal sterols. Varnish is used for yeast or mold type fungal infections, dermatophytes. The drug relieves running mycosis and eliminates the need to remove the nail plate. To use a varnish with a lesion of more than 2/3 of the nail area does not make sense. The tool is recommended for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.
Batrafen. Expensive varnish from the company Aventis on the basis of ciclopirox. Doctors call it Loceril's analogue, but the second is cheaper. Batrafen destroys pathogenic microorganisms in all layers of the nail. Not addictive and has a small list of side effects. Destroys the infection within a month, but you should use the lacquer until the full growth of the nail plates. Varnish is not prescribed to children under 10 years of age, as well as pregnant women.
Demicten Formaldehyde based varnish. Demicten eliminates itching in the periungual zone and sanitizes the surface of the nail. Does not conflict with other drugs for outdoor use and is suitable for prophylactic purposes. Independently Demictene is used exclusively for onychomycosis. With simultaneous damage to the foot prescribed other drugs.
Gazebo. Budget lacquer with antibacterial activity. Suitable for antimycotic treatment and disinfection. Shown in the initial stage of mycosis. With the spread of infection, the treatment is supplemented with tablet preparations with antifungal activity. The advantage of the tool is an affordable price. But with long-term use of varnish, the fungus becomes resistant.
Ekzolfinlak. Therapeutic agent based on amorolfine. Exorolfine is considered toxic, therefore it is contraindicated during pregnancy and in childhood. Apply the drug should be no more than 1 time per week. The duration of therapy is 3-6 months. If the growth of the nail plate is slowed down, the doctor may increase the duration of the treatment course. Varnish helps with onychomycosis of any type. Due to the aggressiveness of the drug, it is often replaced with analogues - lacquers Oflomil and Neilekspert.
Mikozan Available in serum form. Relieves peeling, burning and discomfort caused by the fungus of the foot and nails. Means based on rye enzyme filtrate is environmentally friendly and soft action. Mikozan increases the density of the nail plate and prevents the penetration of the fungus inside. Similarly, the drug works Nail Defender. Both remedies do not so much cure onychomycosis, as they create unfavorable conditions for the reproduction of the fungus. However, Nail Defender has decorative functions - colored lacquer hides the errors of the nail plate and gives the feet a well-groomed look.
Domix Green "Stop Fungus". Available lacquer with terbinafine. The drug remains active for up to 7 days after application. Attracts low price, enviable efficiency, ease of use. Domix Green banned in early childhood, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the absence of contraindications, the agent may be recommended as part of a complex therapy for progressive onychomycosis.


Before treatment, the feet are steamed and hygienic pedicures are carried out, and in the treatment of hands - a manicure. Benefit will bring salt baths. They disinfect and prepare the nail plate for subsequent procedures.

Step action:

  1. The skin is wiped dry, and the nails are cut short.
  2. The nails affected with fungus are washed down with a regular nail file. This will allow the drug to penetrate deep into.
  3. Nail plate wipe with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol. This manipulation is necessary for disinfecting and degreasing the nail.
  4. Treat need to those nails that are exposed to the fungus. Some drugs do not use on healthy nails, others, on the contrary, will provide adequate prophylaxis. Details of the use of medical varnishes are specified in the instructions.

Jeanne: I did not immediately find a nail fungus, and this was the problem of further treatment. When the plate is severely affected, the lacquers act poorly, but they still do. Almost half a year used "Lotseril". It helped.

Irina: For the first time used a decorative varnish to eliminate fungal manifestations. Nail Defender is a tool that allows you to stay beautiful and treats mycosis.

Galina: After I burned my nails with iodine, when I treated the fungus, I decided not to experiment with unknown means, but to buy varnish at the pharmacy. Yes, there are such means decently, but to save on health is stupid. Pharmacist advised Lamisil. I smear his second month. The fungus symptoms have already disappeared, but I continue the treatment until the victorious final.

What kind of nail fungus disease?

Fungus - pathogenic microflora that can accumulate under the nail plate or on the surface. This is a frequent problem for people who abuse the sauna, solarium, swimming pool - crowded places with large concentrations of viruses and bacteria.

Fungus or onychomycosis is a viral disease, therefore it requires treatment with drugs consisting of antiviral, antibacterial components.

How to determine the need for treatment and choose varnish?

Determine easy. Treatment with antifungal drugs should be passed if the nails begin to flake off, produce an unpleasant smell, and the plates become loose, swollen, and deformed.

Antifungal nail polish will help with local application and ability:

  • eliminate the roughness, brittleness of the nail plates,
  • have a disinfectant, antiviral effect,
  • inhibit the pathogenic flora of viruses, bacteria,
  • remove mass accumulations of fungi from under the nail cuticles,
  • remove itching, burning, pain in the part of the nail roll.

The choice of varnish should be made individually. Self-medication is excluded. It is important to have a maximum therapeutic effect on the nail plates affected by mycosis.

It is necessary to choose only safe varnishes with a small number of contraindications. As well as quickly penetrating the nail plate and acting in relation to any types of fungus.

How does antifungal lacquer work?

Antifungal lacquer is able to quickly suppress the infection, prevent its manifestations, eliminate fungal spores due to the rapid penetration of the composition deep into the nail plates with the subsequent burning of the pathogenic microflora in full.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  • Penetration into the nail plate,
  • Immediately enveloping the cavity, due to the liquid state,
  • Quick drying with the formation of an impermeable layer that prevents the access of oxygen to the infection, leading to a violation of the viability of the fungus, the destruction of spores,
  • Revitalization of the nail plate later.

The lacquer contains active chemical components. It is easy to apply. It is enough to regularly handle the nail plate with a special spatula.

Duration of effect - 26-48 hours.

Antifungal varnishes can be applied to the nails for prevention in order to avoid the activation of bacteria and viruses. The main thing is not to neglect the instructions for use.

Colored antifungal varnishes are not available. It is important to know to patients not to get a fake.

Review of nail polish varnish

To find the right antifungal lacquer, it is important to know the characteristics of the particular agent.

Antifungal antibacterial drug that actively suppresses many types of gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria, such as dermatomycetes and mold fungi.

Indications for use:

  • Mycosis,
  • Prevention of fungal diseases.


  • Hypersensitivity to active ingredients
  • Children under 10 years old
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects:

  • Burning,
  • Itching
  • Sensitization
  • Peeling,
  • Hyperemia,
  • Allergic reactions on the skin.

The course of treatment is 3-4 months. The duration depends on the severity of the damage to the nail plates. At the time of treatment is not recommended to combine with the usual varnish.

Average cost - 2200 rubles for 1 bottle.

Antifungal agent with active ingredient - amorolfine.

Form release - a solution with a fungistatic, fungicidal effect.

The tool quickly acts on specific mycosis proteins, leading to a blockage of the synthesis of fungal structures.

The drug penetrates completely into the nail plate, keeping the concentration of useful components up to 10 days from the moment of the first application.

Indications for use:

  • Onychomycosis,
  • Damage to yeast (mold) mushrooms,
  • Dermatophyte
  • Prevention of fungal nail disease.


  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug,
  • Age 18 years,
  • Pregnancy.

The course of treatment is from 6 months to a year, up to the complete regeneration of the nail plate.

Average cost - 1200 rubles .

Antifungal nail polish antimycotic group with the ability to quickly inhibit the activity of the fungus.

Increases local immunity, prevents re-infection.

In the composition - the active ingredient - amorolfine.

Additional agents, such as copolymers, butyl acetate, ethanol, ethyl acetate.

Recommended for use with:

  • Onychomycosis,
  • Damage to the nail plate caused by yeast, mold fungi,
  • Burning, itching, stratification, nail crumble.


  • Age 18 years,
  • Pregnancy, lactation,
  • Individual intolerance of active ingredients,
  • Running form of onychomycosis, mycosis.

Side effects:

  • Warping, changing the color of the nail plate,
  • Development of contact dermatitis in the case of prolonged use of the composition.

The course of treatment is up to 6 months, until a healthy nail grows.

average price 900 rubles for 1 bottle.

Antifungal agent with fungicidal, antistatic effect.

Quickly damages cellular fungal membranes, disrupts sterol synthesis.

Shows activity to yeast fungi, such as spirochetes, dermatophytes, actinomycetes.

The use of the composition is unacceptable:

  • Women during pregnancy
  • Children under 5 years old
  • With excessive sensitivity to amorolfine.

The course of therapy is 2 times a week and up to 8-12 months in a row.

Cost of from 860 rubles .


Antifungal drug with an effect on yeast, mold fungi.

Indications for use:

  • Fungal lesion of the nail plates by deratophytes,
  • Preventive goals.


  • Excessive sensitivity to active ingredients
  • Children under 18 years old.

Side effects are rare:

  • brittle nails,
  • itch
  • burning,
  • blistering of the skin.

The preparation contains ethanol. Regular use can cause dry skin near the nail plates. At the time of treatment is to abandon the pedicure nails.

average cost 930 rubles .

Antimycotic drug with fungicidal properties.

Able to create a thin transparent film on the nails, a protective barrier to prevent secondary damage by the pathogenic microflora.

Indications for use:

  • Onychomycosis,
  • Red, pink lichen,
  • Candidiasis,
  • Mycosis,
  • Fungal infections.

It consists of 3 active components at once, such as formic aldehyde, polyvinyl acetate and enzyme proteins, which prevent splitting, brittle nails, yellowness and deformation.

Demicten quickly eliminates signs of mycosis, increases local immunity. Feature of the composition - the destruction of pathogenic microflora only, without affecting the normal.


  • Individual intolerance,
  • Gestation period, lactation,
  • Children under 7 years old.

No overdose cases have been identified. There are no side effects, although prolonged use can lead to unsightly scarring.

The course of treatment is 4 months.

average cost 380 rubles .

The peculiarity of the composition is the destruction of exclusively pathogenic microflora, without affecting the friendly (normal) one. Although prolonged use can lead to unsightly scarring.

Stop fungus

Antimicrobial medicinal product with the release form - varnish, gel, lotion-spray.

It consists of terbinafine hydrochloride with a fungicidal, fungistatic effect.

Produced by DOMIX GREEN.

It prevents the growth of infection, leads to destruction and loss of viability of pathogenic cells at a deep level in the horn plates.

Stop fungus dries quickly, perfectly blocks the reproduction of the infection as it absorbs into the horny plates and affects the matrix epithelial cells.

Feature of varnish - reliable, long-term fixation on the nails. For the purposes of prophylaxis, you can additionally use the spray by spraying hard-to-reach areas in the shoes to prevent reinfection if the feet are exposed to the fungus.

Contraindications - individual intolerance, pregnancy, lactation.

average cost 380 rubles.

Wartner Neil Expert

Varnish in tubes, more suitable for the prevention of nail fungus.

Excellent restores and regenerates the nail plate.

The principle of the means - the deprivation of fungi nutrients by creating an impermeable silicone film.

Indications for use:


  • Hypersensitivity
  • Age 18 years,
  • Pregnancy.

Side effects can be an allergic reaction and hypersensitivity.

The duration of the course varies from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the individual growth rate of the nail.

The pack contains 400 applications, intended solely for single use.

average cost 480 rubles .

Nail defender

Varnish perfectly eliminates spores of the fungus, strengthens the affected areas of the nail plates, increases their growth rate.

The drug has the following advantages:

  • Creates a reinforcing coating on the nails,
  • Prevents cracking
  • Provides smooth application,
  • Suitable for use in combination with decorative varnish.

Indications for use are many strains of fungal infection.

Contraindications - excessive sensitivity to active ingredients.

Average cost - 90 rubles .

Means for stopping the growth, reproduction of harmful bacteria and destruction of cell membranes of fungal spores.

Indications for use:

  • Candidiasis,
  • Ringworm,
  • Groin athlete ,,
  • Onychomycosis.


  • Individual intolerance,
  • Infants up to 1 year
  • Pregnancy, feeding period.

At the time of treatment it is worth refusing to apply cosmetic varnishes, false nails. Before re-applying the composition is important to thoroughly wash the nails with the addition of soap, lightly drying with a napkin.

Amorolfin's portability is good. There are side effects in the form of itching, burning and flushing of the skin.

The course of therapy may be 3 months.

average cost 900 rubles .

Medicament Biopokrov is a drug with a double anti-fungal effect.

Prevents further growth and development of infection with rapid application and drying.

It is a colorless transparent varnish, unable to leave marks on clothes.

Indications for use:

  • Mold yeast fungi of the genus Candida,
  • Dermatophytes.

The course of treatment is 1 month. In the second month, apply 2 times a week, in the third month - once a week, until the signs of fungal infection completely disappear.

average cost 700 rubles .

Drugs that are often referred to as antifungal lacquers

Antifungal medication for external use.

Able to create an impenetrable film on the nail, actively penetrate into the deeper layers, increasing the density of the plates and reducing their porosity.

The release form is not a varnish. But such a tool is often referred to such a group. Be careful.

Indications for use:

  • Mycosis,
  • Prevention of secondary development of fungal diseases,
  • Feeding, strengthening the nail plate.


  • Children under 4 years old
  • Gestation period
  • Intolerance to individual components.

Rarely, but a side effect is irritation, rashes and itching on the skin.

In the process of treatment it is important to keep your hands and feet dry, and rub well between your fingers after taking a shower.

The tool is intended solely for individual use in order to avoid spreading the infection. You can not give an open line to use other people. Each nail file should be used one-time, then - throw.

Drug cost from 850 rubles .

The drug with the active component in the composition - terbinafine hydrochloride. It is a colorless and transparent agent with antifungal effect.

Indications for use:

  • Onychomycosis,
  • Fungal infection of the foot,
  • Ringworm of the leg, trunk,
  • Candida fungi,
  • Prevention of mycosis by mold fungi, multi-colored lichen.


  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys,
  • Hypersensitivity to active ingredients.

average cost 500 rubles .

Benefits of antifungal paints

Antifungal varnishes perfectly eliminate the signs of onychomycosis, have many advantages over other antimycotics - analogues.


  • Full penetration inside the nail structures, destruction of the mycelium in the deeper layers of the keratin layer,
  • Protection of the nail from the destruction of the fungus,
  • Active destruction of cell membrane enzymes of fungal pathogens,
  • Providing a listening effect,
  • Quick drying on the nail plate,
  • Creating an impermeable film that prevents the proliferation of disease-causing agents,
  • Prevention of possible relapse in the future.

Preparation for the procedure

Before applying antifungal varnishes it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory actions:

  • Pour into the tub hot water, adding vinegar, soda, alcohol (a few drops),
  • Wash hands and feet with soap and water with alkali to wash the fungus from the surface of the nails,
  • To steam the exfoliated parts of the nail plates, having sustained up to 15 minutes,
  • Dry your nails with a napkin,
  • Remove flaking, fungal-affected areas using a disposable nail file to avoid secondary infection in healthy areas,
  • Degrease the surface with a cotton swab dipped in iodine (water) solution,
  • After that, apply the composition in a thin layer, leaving for 5-7 minutes to dry.
Preparatory procedures

Many antifungal agents are absolutely safe and can be used with long courses, also for prevention.

The main thing is to follow simple rules of hygiene, instructions for use. We must not forget that the fungus on the nails is contagious.

Recommendations for applying antifungal varnish

Antifungal varnishes quickly penetrate the fabric without creating a moist environment. Prevent the growth of infection by creating a protective film on the nails.

Antimycotic compounds will help to suppress the fungal flora at an early stage, to return to the nails the same healthy appearance, if you follow the recommendations for application:

  • Apply the composition point-wise using pedicure spatulas - spatulas separately for healthy and diseased nail plates,
  • Dip the spatula in a bottle with varnish, without removing the excess composition on the neck of the bottle,
  • To carry out procedures with each sick nail separately,
  • Close the bottle tightly
  • Let the varnish dry.

Additional measures and tips

The use of antifungal formulations implies the observance of additional precautions and recommendations:

  • For prevention, you can use Belvedere varnish - protects against infection with a fungus, gives a well-groomed look and prevents delamination of the nail plate.
  • It is better to start working out the plates at an early stage.when the mycelium has not penetrated deep into the tissue,
  • When doing homework it is better to wear rubber gloves., to prevent the contact of nail files with a fungal infection,
  • Do not allow hit varnish in the eyes, mouth. If, nevertheless, there is a contact with plenty of flush mucous membranes with clean water
  • It is not recommended to wear false nails at the time of therapy. in order to avoid reduction of oxygen in the affected areas of the nails. The imposition of artificial manicure can contain chemicals that can cause even more damage, reduce the effectiveness of antifungal varnish.

The difference antifungal varnishes from other drugs

Antifungal varnishes, unlike other local antimycotics, are able to penetrate deep into the nail plate, destroying the fungus throughout the depth of the keratin layer. That is why after applying the varnish against the fungus, the destruction of the nail plate is stopped, and the probability of a relapse of the disease is minimal.

The effectiveness of therapeutic varnish for fungal nail infections:

The liquid texture of the antifungal lacquer contributes to its penetration deep into the nail plate through microcracks on its surface, and in the deep layers of keratin the preparation continues its effect.

The active ingredients of the lacquer have a destructive effect on the cell membranes of infectious agents, and also destroy the enzymes of microorganisms, which damage the nail plate. Other components - alcohols and oil extracts - dry the nail plate, which violates the habitat habitat for fungi.

After drying, the lacquer forms a thin, moisture-proof film on the nail, which prevents the entry of infectious agents into the inside and does not allow the air necessary for the fungus to reproduce.

To increase the effectiveness of a local drug, it is recommended to use nail polish varnish as part of a complex treatment, including systemic antimycotics.

Review and comparison of nail polish varnishes

Anti-mycotic nail polishes are a fairly common form of drugs, they are produced by many pharmaceutical companies, both foreign and domestic. Below is a brief comparative description of the most popular nail polishes in the form of a table.

Recommendations for use

Possesses unobtrusive pleasant aroma and anti-inflammatory action. It is prescribed for the treatment of a running fungal infection with signs of inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Treatment of oncomycosis, prevention of fungal infection of the nail plate.

Antifungal agent for the treatment of oncomycosis with extensive lesions of the nail plates of the hands and feet.

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of fungal infections, depriving the nails.

Varnish from the fungus used in the treatment of oncomycosis of the nails of the hands and feet.

Recommended for use in combination therapy with other local means - cream and solution.

Appointed at the late stage of the fungus in severe cases of damage to the nail plate and the spread of infection.

The tool not only successfully fights fungal infection, but also relieves signs of inflammation, itching and discomfort that appear in severe cases of oncomycosis. It has anti-inflammatory and cooling effect on the skin.

Means for disinfecting the surface of the skin and nail plate in the treatment of oncomycosis. It is used in the early and final stages of treatment.

It is prescribed for fungal infections that are accompanied by skin inflammation and unpleasant smell. When used early, it stops the spread of infection.

An effective remedy for oncomycosis caused by yeast-like fungi.

Helps to slow down the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and stop the spread of infection.

Despite the fact that nail polish varnish is easy to apply at home and can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is not recommended to do this without consulting a doctor. An incorrectly chosen drug not only reduces the effectiveness of the treatment, but can also lead to a complication of the infection, the further spread of the fungus, in which therapy with local drugs will not work. In total, there are about 500 species of fungus that can act as a causative agent of infection, therefore, it is possible to prescribe a drug by scraping with a dermatologist and microscopic examination.

Lac Oflomil is a powerful antifungal drug that has fungistatic and fungicidal action.

Due to the liquid structure of the lacquer, the active ingredients penetrate well into the nail, killing the fungus.

On the surface of the nail lacquer forms a protective film. As a result, the fungus loses its ability to multiply and the disease does not progress.

The process of regeneration of the nail is accelerated.

Varnish can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of fungal infections. This is especially true for people who often visit places where the risk of infection remains high. For example, a gym, saunas, baths, swimming pools.

Varnish dries quickly.

Since the drug is used topically, an overdose is impossible.

The therapeutic effect after a single application lasts for two weeks.

The high cost of the varnish Oflomil (from 800 to 1200 rubles).

The presence of toxic compounds in varnish, although in small quantities.

If the varnish gets on the skin, the risk of allergic reactions and irritation increases.

The presence of contraindications to the use of the drug, including:

The ban on the use of varnish ofilomil with other antifungal drugs,

The impossibility of applying over a medical varnish, decorative lacquer,

Age up to 5 years.

Loceryl - one of the most popular varnishes for the treatment of nail fungus. It is destructive for all strains of mycotic organisms.

It has a wide range of actions, so it allows you to get rid of all types of nail fungus.

Complete with varnish attached special discs and nail files for the treatment of the affected nail.

The drug is impossible to overdose, it is convenient to apply.

Fast drying time (5 to 7 minutes).

Possibility of applying over varnish Loceryl decorative varnish.

Prolonged therapeutic effects (up to 14 days after a single application).

The possibility of using varnish for prophylactic purposes. To do this, it is enough to apply it on the nails 1 time per month.

Lack of analogues. This is a patented drug and it is impossible to find its 100% equivalent.

The high price of varnish (from 1,700 to 2,700 rubles).

The duration of treatment. Therapy should be continued until such time as a healthy nail plate grows. For hands, a full course can be up to six months, and for legs - 9 months.

You may experience a burning sensation in the treated areas, as well as in contact with varnish on the skin.

The presence of contraindications, including:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding,

Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Batrafen - varnish with a wide spectrum of action. It is effective against more than 50 types of fungi that affect the nail plate.

In addition to the antifungal effect, lacquer has an antibacterial effect.

The liquid form allows the main active ingredient to penetrate deep into the nail, preventing the growth of fungi.

There is no need to cover the entire surface of the nail with lacquer, if during the period between the application a chip has formed somewhere. Enough to cover only the area of ​​the nail, which remained unprotected.

Treatment only with the use of varnish Batrafen is possible only in the early stages of the disease. Otherwise, you will need to take systemic drugs. You will also need to take antimycotics inside, if the affected area exceeds 2/3 of the nail.

During treatment, nails should not be covered with decorative varnish.

It is impossible to get rid of nail fungus with the help of Batrafen lacquer provided that the skin around the nail is damaged or the matrix is ​​damaged.

The high cost of varnish (from 1700 rubles and above).

Possible development of side effects, including:

Burning, redness and peeling of the skin around the affected nail,

Lamisil - nail polish with high antimycotic activity.

You can buy varnish of various colors, which allows you to maintain the aesthetic appearance of a sick nail during treatment.

As part of the package with varnish, you can find alcohol-coated tampons and nail files, which makes the treatment process very convenient and hygienic.

Ease of use and storage.

The almost complete absence of contraindications. Do not use the varnish only for the treatment of pregnant and lactating women, as well as children.

Varnish will have to be applied at least 2 times a week.

The course of treatment lasts about six months or more for fingernails and about a year for toenails.

The high price of the drug.

The inability to use false nails or coating the nail plate with decorative varnish.

Aflubin - nail polish varnish, which has a high antimycotic activity.

The varnish reliably “seals” the fungus inside the nail, blocking the access of oxygen to it, which leads to its quick death.

Varnish can be used not only for medical purposes, but also as a preventive measure.

The concentration of the drug inside the nail with each application is becoming higher. This allows you to 100% destroy the fungus, even with its deep penetration.

Varnish has an antibacterial effect.

If a large area of ​​the nail plate is affected, then it will not be possible to get rid of the fungus only with the help of varnish. It will take medication inside.

The varnish contains alcohol, so it can not be used to treat children, adolescents and pregnant women. Aflubin varnish is used with caution in people with epilepsy and alcoholism.

Perhaps the appearance of irritation, itching and peeling of the skin next to the treated nail.

Mikozan - is a comprehensive tool to get rid of nail fungus.

The drug helps to accelerate the growth of the nail plate.

The drug can be used for prophylactic purposes, as it forms a film on the surface of the nail that prevents infection.

The use of Mikosan allows you to narrow the pores of the nail, make it more dense. This has a positive effect on the appearance and condition of the nail plate.

The drug nourishes the nails, prevents their delamination, eliminates increased fragility.

Included with the preparation are disposable files with small and large abrasive, which makes the procedure more convenient and improves its hygiene.

The drug completely blocks the further spread of the fungus on the nail, which allows to get rid of the disease qualitatively.

The drying time of the drug is reduced to 2 minutes.

The effect can be felt after a few weeks from the start of use of the drug.

There are almost no contraindications to the use of the drug. Do not use the tool only for the treatment of children under 4 years.

The drug does not provoke the development of allergic reactions.

Mikozan absolutely invisible on the surface of the nail.

The only drawback of the drug is its relatively high cost (from 800 to 1,200 rubles).

Mizol gel

Mizol gel is a drug for the treatment of nail fungus based on Naftifine.

The drug has not only antifungal, but also antibacterial and antiseptic action.

An invisible film is preserved on the surface of the nail, which prevents the penetration of the fungus into the plate from the outside.

The drug dries quickly, does not stick and does not get dirty.

Included are disposable nail files, which makes the treatment process hygienic.

Gel is convenient to apply.

The price of the drug is not high (about 500 rubles).

The drug helps not only to eliminate the fungus, but also improves the condition of the nails.

Mizol gel refers to cosmetics, not drugs. It is possible that using only Mizol gel will not completely eliminate the fungus. You may need to take systemic drugs, especially when the fungal infection is running.

The presence of contraindications, including individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Neil Expert

Neil Expert - means for applying to the nail plate during fungal infection.

The drug is not only struggling with the fungus, but is also a means to prevent the disease.

The first result can be assessed after 2-3 weeks.

The drug accelerates the process of growth and regeneration of the nail.

Fragility of nails decreases, their appearance improves, they become smoother.

No side effects.

The drug must be applied to the nails every day.

Application technique must be followed perfectly.

You cannot use the Neil Expert in combination with other external products.

The drug must be applied in two layers.

The presence of contraindications: age under 18 years, abrasions and other injuries on the skin in the treatment area.

Cheap nail polish varnishes

Demicten (cost - 350 rubles). Nail polish for the treatment of nail fungus containing formic aldehyde. This component acts as a disinfector. Varnish must be applied daily. After processing the nail Dimektenom, it can be applied decorative varnish.

Mikostop, nail lotion (cost - 250 rubles). The lotion contains tetranyl. It is a derivative of undecylenic acid, which is a powerful antifungal agent. The composition of the lotion also includes components that accelerate the regeneration of the nail (vitamin PP and nicotinic acid). The drug is applied to the affected nail plate daily, a course of treatment for 1-3 months or more.

Biopag-D Stop Fungus (cost 180 rubles). This disinfectant has antifungal and antibacterial effect. It is used to process shoes and linen. The drug is available in 5 g sachets. The duration of the drug after treatment is 30 days.

Belvedere varnish (cost from 100 rubles). This is a therapeutic cosmetic product that allows you to strengthen the nail plate, reduce stratification of nails and get rid of fragility. The varnish contains vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, vegetable ceramides. Depending on the goal pursued, you can choose the varnish, the most suitable in composition.

Pros and cons of nail polish varnish

Nail polishes have a liquid structure that allows them to penetrate into the very depths of the nail plate and more effectively fight infection. A protective film is formed on the surface of the nail. It prevents the entry of oxygen from the outside, which is detrimental to mycotic microorganisms. In addition, thanks to this film, the concentration of medicinal substances inside the nail remains high.

Most nail polish varnishes not only fight against the disease, but also help to improve the condition of the plates. Nails become stronger, healthier and stronger.

Most often, lacquers are allowed to use in order to prevent fungal infections. They are invisible, so they can be used when visiting pools, baths, gyms and other public places where the risk of infection is increased.

The main disadvantages of nail polish varnish:

Nail polishes for the treatment of nail fungus are expensive. In addition, they all have contraindications.

Some varnishes contain toxic compounds in their composition, so they are not recommended for use in the treatment of children and pregnant women.

In general, nail polish for the treatment of nail fungus is an effective tool that allows you to get rid of the disease qualitatively.

What is antifungal nail polishes

Onychomycosis has a diverse clinical picture, since each type of fungal infection manifests itself in its own way. The common signs of pathology include white or yellow spots on the nail bed, which eventually grow, deformation, compaction, delamination of the plate. If the bacterial infection is in an advanced form, then the affected nail will eventually completely erode. The cause of the disease can be infection from another person, a drop in immunity due to an unhealthy lifestyle, and concomitant disease.

Specially developed liquid antifungal coating will help to quickly get rid of onychomycosis on the fingers or toes. This is the most convenient and practical medicine for local therapy, because, unlike drug preparations with a gel or cream structure, it is not wiped on clothes after drying. Inexpensive and effective varnishes from nail fungus can be prescribed both as part of complex treatment and for self-treatment of onychomycosis.

At what stage of the disease are effective

To choose a suitable nail polish against the fungus today is difficult, because it is sold in a wide range. Before you buy this medicine, you need to know whether it will be effective. Depending on the stage of development of onychomycosis, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment. Inexpensive and effective varnishes from nail fungus in monotherapy are prescribed for the first degree of the disease.

Preparations of external action give a positive result with a small focus of infection, when mycosis is localized on one or several nail plates. If the pathology has spread to the surrounding tissues or the affected area is rapidly expanding, then combination therapy (tablets, capsules, ointments, gels, solutions) is needed. The doctor prescribes inexpensive and effective varnishes for nail fungus in the following cases:

  1. The depth of the lesion. To use the lacquer coating is optimal for surface lesions. The skin does not affect the deep layers of the skin.
  2. The extent of the disease. When the nail bed is affected by a fungal infection no more than 1/3 of the part. With extensive foci, the drug will not give a therapeutic effect.
  3. Pills are contraindicated. In this case, the use of external antibacterial agents is justified.

For prophylactic purposes, they also use antifungal lacquer after complete recovery. Since the medicament acquires a hard structure after drying, it is not washed off with water, cannot be erased, protects the nails from reinfection with a fungal infection. Most of these remedies are allowed to be coated on top with decorative lacquers.

Mechanism of action

Treatment-and-prophylactic antimycotics has a liquid structure, so after application it even falls into inconspicuous microcracks. This helps to maximize the effect on the infected nail plate, unlike other local means. Nail polish on the nails acts based on its characteristics:

  • if the composition of the medicinal product includes extracts of vegetable oils and alcohol, it has a drying effect,
  • the liquid form of the active components of the antifungal agent penetrates deep into the nail through microscopic cracks,
  • when the lacquer coating dries on the nail plate, the exposure to air completely stops, therefore, all types of fungi stop developing, multiply,
  • the ingredients have a damaging effect on the fungal membrane and the enzymes produced by the fungi,
  • after the anti-fungal coating has dried, a thin protective film remains on the nail plate, which prevents the entry of moisture, and with it other pathogens.


The pharmaceutical industry is developing all the time, trying to combine the ease of use of medicines and a powerful therapeutic effect. In the fight against onychomycosis, doctors managed to combine these two components, so the varnish against the nail fungus on the legs and arms is now very popular. This medicine is advertised everywhere - on radio, television, in magazines, on medical sites.

The only drawback of this tool is the high price. If other anti-fungal drugs of external action (gels, ointments) can be bought at a pharmacy from 50 to 100 rubles, then the most inexpensive and effective nail polish varnishes will cost several times more expensive. The use of these medications justifies its cost. Benefits:

  1. Efficiency. The liquid structure helps the drug to penetrate deeply, completely destroying pathogenic fungal spores.
  2. Protection. After drying, the lacquer coating creates an air- and moisture-proof film. When for dermatophytes, yeast-like, moldy and other strains of fungi, oxygen is blocked, their activity is terminated.
  3. Security. Antifungal means of liquid consistency have a minimum of side effects, so it is often allowed to use them during pregnancy, while breastfeeding.
  4. Prolonged action. Most lacquers are applied 1-2 times / week, so you can not worry if one procedure is missed. The effectiveness of the treatment will not change.
  5. Versatility. Inexpensive and effective nail polish varnish is used to treat onychomycosis and prevent it. Many mycologists prescribe the drug to people who are at risk: excessive sweating, foot dermatofiti, professional activities and so on.

How to choose the healing varnish

Fungal spores are tenacious microorganisms that quickly adapt to both environmental conditions and medications. Choosing cheap and effective nail polish varnishes, you need to stay at one. If several brands are used simultaneously, the therapeutic efficacy of the drug is reduced, after which the parasites form resistance to many antifungal active substances.

You should choose a drug only after consulting a doctor based on the results of the tests obtained. The dermatologist will prescribe treatment in accordance with the type of fungal infection, advise the brand of lacquer coating and the duration of therapy. When choosing a tool you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • purchase products only from proven brands that have already proven their effectiveness,
  • the concentration of the drug must correspond to the neglect of the disease: the deeper the infection, the more medicinal substances must be in the preparation,
  • With the rapid progression of nail mycosis, choose a product with an 8% active substance content,
  • To facilitate the application, choose a bottle of medicinal product, which is sold with accessories (disposable nail file, spatula, antiseptic applicator, alcohol degreaser and others),
  • analyze prices, because the lacquer coating from a well-known brand will not be sold for less than 1000 rubles, and you can buy a fake for 700 rubles.


Funds for onychomycosis are prescribed to the patient in the first two stages of the development of a fungal infection. To prevent relapse after treatment, they also prescribe this drug. As the main drug inexpensive and effective nail polish from nail fungus is used:

  • if the area of ​​fungal infection is not more than 60% of the entire size of the nail surface,
  • if you keep healthy on one limb, at least 2 nails,
  • after surgical removal of the nail to block the development of the remaining pathogenic bacteria.

Antifungal lacquers are sold in different concentrations of active substances. For the prevention of onychomycosis, you should choose a drug with a small content of the main component (5-8%). The deeper the bacterial infection, the greater the percentage of the active substance must be in the drug. If onychomycosis is in the second stage of the disease, when the disease progresses, it is necessary to buy drugs in a concentration of 10% and above.

Review of inexpensive and effective antifungal varnishes

When choosing antimycotic medications, it is necessary to pay attention to the general therapeutic effect and feedback from people who have used these medicines.Many foreign and domestic pharmaceutical companies produce inexpensive and effective nail polish varnishes, so it’s easy to get lost in them. To facilitate the selection, a comparative table is presented, which shows the characteristics of the most popular preparations of liquid consistency from onychomycosis.

Can an antimicrobial varnish be colored?

Antifungal varnish can not be colored, because such options are not available from manufacturers. Medical varnish should have a whitish or transparent shade.

It is acceptable to apply colored varnish on top of the antifungal composition, but keeping the intervals between procedures for at least 2-3 hours.

But some decorative types of cosmetics are not suitable for combination with therapeutic compositions, because they contain chemical components, fragrances, dyes in the composition.

Antimicrobial varnish rating

Top 5 best and effective antifungal paints:

Budget lacquers

Inexpensive varnishes are more suitable for carrying out monotherapy at the initial stage, with the depth of the lesion of the nail lesion no more than 1/3, although no less effective.

Top 3 budget and effective drugs:

  1. Demicten - 300 rubles ,
  2. Nail Defender - 120 rubles ,
  3. Stop fungus - 380 rubles .

Cheap medicinal formulations generally have a narrow focus. It is recommended to use only as a preventive measure to create a dense structure on the nail bed and obstacles from the possible penetration of a fungal infection.

Reviews of antifungal lacquers:


Nail fungus - onychomycosis caused by mycelium as a result of penetration deep into the plates and even the body. The treatment is often long, because it is not easy to completely suppress pathogens.

Antifungal lacquer - these weapons that come into the fight against the fungus immediately after penetration into the nail structure.

It is the liquid formulations that are not only convenient to use, but also practical for local therapy, spot treatment of the affected areas. Lucky dry quickly and unlike creams and gels will not begin to flow and will not lead to leaving marks on clothes

The principle of action of antifungal varnishes

Anti-fungal varnish with systematic use prevents the spread of infection. The tool has a liquid composition, penetrates into small cracks, dries quickly, firmly holds, does not wash off and is not washed off in water.

The principle of action depends on the composition:

  • Active substances lead to hypoxia of fungal cells and destroy their structure.
  • Alcohol varnishes burn out spores and inhibit their growth.
  • Oil agents cause another effect - covering the infected area, violate the respiration of cells and lead to the death of the fungus.

In difficult cases, the lacquer is used as part of complex therapy along with tablets, creams, gels and solutions, and hardware treatment.

The drug has the desired effect with minor mycotic lesions, when the nail plate is destroyed by no more than two-thirds.

How to apply healing varnish and prepare nails

Varnish must be chosen according to the specific type of pathogen, otherwise the treatment will be ineffective. The tool is allowed to be applied under a decorative lacquer. From this, their action does not deteriorate. The course of treatment depends on how quickly the new nail grows. Therapy lasts until the plate restores its original healthy appearance.

Fungicidal varnishes help to cure nail mycosis and avoid relapses while observing the rules of processing and application:

  • Wash feet thoroughly with soap and warm water, wipe with a clean cloth and wait until completely dry.
  • Steam in a hot bath.
  • Degrease the affected areas with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol solution.
  • Cut off sick nails as much as possible, remove peeling fragments. To do this, it is desirable to use a separate nail file. All manipulations must be done carefully, avoiding cuts and wounds.
  • Apply the agent in one layer and wait until it is completely dry (up to 3-5 minutes).
After treating diseased nails, the instruments used must be thoroughly disinfected.

Most antifungal paints applied to the surface of infected nails twice a week. In this case, the standard preparation procedure is performed each time. As the aching nail grows, it is necessary to constantly cut it off.

Onychomycosis varnish rating

All antifungal varnishes are available in the form of a clear or whitish liquid. Color preparations for onychomycosis are not made. Properly chosen tool begins to act on the second day after application. Redness of the affected area is reduced - this indicates that the fungi began to die. The use of varnishes is also justified as a preventive measure.

Most antifungal varnishes are contraindicated:

  • under the age of 6 years
  • in the period of childbearing and lactation,
  • with individual susceptibility to the components.

Varnish from the fungus with the main component of amorolfine, which accumulates in the stratum corneum, actively destroys harmful spores and mycelium:

  • indicated for the treatment of various infections (yeast, dermatophytes, etc.),
  • interferes with the synthesis of organic compounds of fungi and leads to their death,
  • inhibits the development of infection.

This is the best varnish, while relatively expensive. The cost of the course reaches 2500 rubles. The drug even copes with running infection and avoids the removal of the plate. It has no toxic effect on the body, because it is not absorbed into the blood. The composition is applied to the plate with a special spatula from the kit.

Loceryl antifungal is applied 2-3 times a week. With the emergence of positive dynamics means applied 1 p. / Week. to complete the nail update.

This is the most effective drug with rye enzyme in the composition. It purposefully acts on the site of infection, interferes with the growth and development of many fungi. The natural component has a mild effect. It is environmentally friendly and safe for the body.

Available in the form of serum, after application to the nail turns into a thin film.

Varnish gives several effects at once:

  • relieves peeling and burning,
  • increases the density of the nail,
  • prevents the penetration of fungal spores into the deeper layers,
  • strengthens the plate, prevents delamination and breakage.

Serum is applied to the nails every 12 hours. As a rule, a healthy plate grows after 3-4 months. For prophylactic purposes, Mikosan is used once a day.

For pregnant and lactating women, this drug is safe. Cost - from 900 rubles.

The varnish against the fungus Batrafen acts in several directions. The active substance ciclopirox has disinfecting and fungicidal properties in relation to various types of fungi. Dries quickly and forms a dense protective coating, kills pathogenic spores in all structures of the horn plate.

Its cost is 2000 rubles. The first month the affected areas are treated once in two days, the second month - 2 times a week, then up to six months - once a week. Fungi under the influence of Batrafen are destroyed in the first month, but the therapy is continued until the nail plate is completely renewed.

This is a healing nail polish from a fungus with the active ingredient amorolfin, causing a violation of the biosynthesis of cells of mycosis spores. First, the growth of the fungus stops, and then comes its death.

It is a cheaper analog of Lotseril. The average price is 850 rubles.

The drug suppresses the disease in the early stages of the lesion, inhibits the growth of the fungus. The course lasts from 2 to 6 months. The drug does not provoke adverse reactions and is suitable even with hypersensitivity.

This is an effective nail polish varnish with natural ingredients. The main substance is paraform (formic aldehyde). It is a powerful natural antiseptic that inhibits the growth of fungi. It has no contraindications and does not cause adverse reactions. The only condition for stopping therapy is individual sensitivity. This is an inexpensive drug - the cost of 400 rubles. It prevents the development of mycosis, relieves itching and disinfects.

Demicten applied to the surface of the nail with an applicator. The varnish dries quickly and forms a thin protective film with healing properties.

It quickly helps in the treatment of onychomycosis if a small part of the plate is affected.

This nail polish varnish is used after full recovery from onychomycosis in order to avoid relapses.

The drug has antiseptic properties. Thanks to the dense film, it protects against fungus during visits to the pool, sauna, water park, etc.

The varnish is also suitable for preventing mycosis on the nails of the hands. It can be applied under the usual decorative varnish. For prophylaxis it is used several times a week.

The average price is 180 rubles. There are no contraindications.

Combination varnish for the treatment of nail fungus:

  • disinfects
  • suppresses the inflammatory process,
  • promotes the speedy regeneration of the affected tissues.

This is a relatively cheap tool - 100-360 rubles.

The drug should be regularly lubricated infected areas 1 time per day, until it grows a new nail.

Fungicidal nail polish on hands and feet is effective in antifungal therapy and relapse prevention. The drug destroys the cells of the fungus, inhibits its further spread.

Treatment of onychomycosis on the hands lasts six months, on the legs - 1 year. Varnish is applied to the infected areas 1-2 times a week, until the signs of the disease disappear and complete recovery of the diseased nail occurs. Cost - up to 1200 rubles.

The drug helps with small foci of infection. With an old fungus, one varnish will not cope; a systematic approach is needed.

The maximum effectiveness of the drug is noted in the initial stages of mycosis. A special compound with terbinafine coats the stratum corneum and blocks the respiration of microorganisms. In such conditions, the fungi lose their ability to reproduce.

Medical nail polish is used 1-2 times a week after careful treatment.

Lamisil costs around 1000-1200 rubles. Active substances do not cause toxic reactions.

It is acceptable to use it when carrying a child, but only after consulting a doctor.

Other available drugs

A doctor can prescribe varnishes from this list:

  • Ekzolfinlak. Amorolfine is applied twice a week. Completely eliminates infection, accelerates the growth of healthy cells, restores the original relief, stops the reproduction of the fungus.
  • Cyclopoli The active ingredient is ciclopirox. It has an antibacterial effect, penetrates into the cells of fungi and destroys the cell membrane. It is recommended to apply 1-2 times a day.
  • Nail Defender. Cheap varnish with different shades, shown to prevent and suppress infections in the initial stages. Causes the rapid death of pathogenic flora, strengthens the plate, restores the elasticity and elasticity of tissues. The affected area is treated 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.
  • Stop Fungus. It has fungicidal (destruction of disease cells) and fungistatic properties (suppressing the growth of infection). Varnish is applied 1-2 times a week until complete cure.
  • Neil Expert. The coating for nails inhibits the development of yeast, restores the damaged areas of the stratum corneum, strengthens and moisturizes the nails with D-panthenol and glycerin.

How to speed up the treatment of fungus

For a quick cure for onychomycosis, one varnish is not enough. Important rules must be followed:

  • during treatment, do not visit swimming pools, city beaches, bathhouses and other public places,
  • wear cotton socks that do not interfere with airflow,
  • prefer high-quality leather shoes so that your feet do not sweat,
  • keep your feet dry (if your socks or shoes are wet, you should change them),
  • do not wear someone else's shoes
  • constantly care for your nails with nail accessories, and after each treatment, disinfect the tools, for example, in alcohol.

Antimycotic drugs are selected depending on the type of fungal infection. The necessary tool is prescribed by a mycologist or dermatologist after examination and laboratory diagnosis.

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